Thursday, August 21, 2008


Hot on the heels of her Old Skool Award last week, Amy wins a coveted Elevated Risk of Mullet Award for her followup whine: receiving no commitment from Le Spouse on the condiment issue, she put the stuff away. Ten minutes later, he yells from the kitchen, "I can't find the stuff I'm supposed to put away!"

Honorable Mention in the Mullet department to Klee, who laments that "Some weeks, it doesn't pay to gnaw through the straps at the home." Klee also wins the Old Skool Award this week, for returning from a fabulous vacation with the bonus of a small pocketful of money left, only to have the microwave die a sudden death.

Style Award to Madeleine, for inventing the term "familio-blogular" to describe that particular pain arising from pressure to read a family blog, when reading said blog confirms the beauty of not having to hear that relative’s voice every day.

With thanks to PK for her nomination, the Most Concise Whine/Antiwhine Award goes to Liz. Hope MM is feeling better, and hooray for the bloggy lunch date!

The Password Challenge Award to Miranda, who spent her second day at the new job shuffling around begging for help, and complained: "Who the fireplace came up with the idea that we should have thirty different passwords with different rules that also can't all be the same?" To which all the Pixies say, "Amen, sister!"

Tech Solutions Award to Amy, who notes that most people ensure the security of their 30 different passwords by pasting sticky-notes all over the monitor. Thanks to all the Pixies offering sympathy and suggestions on this burning issue, including JenR, Amy, and Margalit.

ATM Achievement Awards to Sarah’s husband, the tech guy who can never remember his pin, and Amy, who remembered the pin but was trying it on a credit card.

Hand Over That Remote, the Olympics Are On Award to Elizabeth, who is at least consoled by the cute little foster baby kittens.

New! Pet! Awards to Margalit, who has a new kitty, and Purple Kangaroo, who is getting ready for a new dog. Yay!

Many hugs to Purple Kangaroo, who has been having pain and fatigue flare-ups, and worries about her kids.

Congratulations to Margalit, for a double-header victory: school problems worked out, and a new job! Crossing fingers that things get worked out with the landlady.

Miracle of Life Awards to Sarah, who is sort of tired of being pregnant (but whose baby moves all the time!); Amy, who has "placenta brain" as well as stretch marks and the diet of mental doom; and JenR, who is missing her baby, and stuck with the job for now since they gave her maternity benefits.

Thanks to everyone for playing this week! See you next week, when the Whiner's Ball will be hosted by Redzils!


Madeleine said...

Great awards, kathy. I hope the airborne porcines have made their appearance by now.

I'll be scarce for the next two weeks, but I'll come rarin' back to host on the 10th, promise!

kathy a. said...

Well, it was a good week in whining, plenty of good-enough news and -- have I ever mentioned how much I like this community? I do.

But the pigs, they were a-flying at my house last night, as daughter helped me organize and move some of those stubborn files I've been ignoring. Not to mention, we achieved a 2-family peaceful solution to a journey she and her best friend want to take.

Madeleine said...

Yay for flying pigs! Have a marvelous weekend.