Thursday, July 31, 2008

Awards: The "How Can I be Planning for Fall when the Heat Index is 95º" Edition

I am so sorry these are so late. See title and last bit of whining for insight into my day.   But let us all remember what it is all about and award some prizes.  

A great big Mazel Tov to Liz for finding her own Shiny! New! Job!!  

Plenty of hugs and tissues to Kathy A for surviving her mother's funeral.  

Margalit came round to say that the Cluestick Brigade has made progress with respect to her daughter's education.  

Redzils gets lots of wine as she works to establish a workable relationship with her boyfriend and to supplicate the Gods of The IRB with.  

KLee gets lots of yogurt because with any luck, her doc has her on some good antibiotics for that awful earache.  

Sarah at Ratatat and Diane get time machines to speed/slow their baboos' impending arrivals as needed.   Best wishes on the rest of your pregnancies!

Sue gets her own personal masseuse fairy because if she can't have opiates for her head pain, she ought to be getting lots and lots of body work.  I hope this time passes quickly for you.

Uccellina also gets use of the Time/Space Vortex machine so she can both earn the bacon for her family and still have time to help care for her twins when Papa needs a break.

JenR is this weeks recipient of the Cluestick Brigade's services.  We are here to whack any and everyone who feels the need to tell you that you don't "need" to work.   Like your financial system is up for a vote or something...sheesh!

Hugs and chocolate for everyone else as this week's brigadoon sails into the ether.   The marvelous Madeleine will return next week to host the Whiner's Ball.  Have a lovely week!

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kathy a. said...

hugs, crossed fingers on working out the scheduling, and a prize for juggling to MIRANDA!

i'm so impressed with the power of the cluesticks, friends. have some choclate!