Thursday, August 28, 2008

Still raining.

Welcome to the "Still Raining" edition of awards.

This week the Elevated Risk of Mullet Award goes to kathy a. for her description of the newly shorn “uglee” nature area behind her house.

Our Old Skool award belongs to The History Enthusiast, who had to define the words “Agriculture” and “Lecture” in a college lecture.

This week the Pixie Cluestick Brigade will be marching on KLee’s complaining coworkers and suspect “friends;” micro-managing bosses; Sarah at ratatat’s brother and his wife, and the people who sent Miranda her travel card but will not help her get paid.

Esperanza wins (can we say "wins" and "plugged ducts" in the same sentence?) the Bodily Fluids Award for having to “suck snot multiple times per hour” AND cope with plugged ducts.

Much pixie joy and gentle hugs to Sue, whose latest treatment banished Teh Headache. Sue, we are so happy for you and join you in hoping this lasts forever!

Elizabeth gets the Whine of Substance Award for: “Whine: Terrified for the future of our country.” Me too, Elizabeth.

And finally, JenR gets the Pixie Prompt Trophy of the week, for inspiring us all to list the ways to drain a medical spending account. They really should cover tattoo removal, dontcha think?

As for me, it’s still raining and plane tickets home are running $1200 bucks, so I see plenty of whining in my future. See you next week, when Elizabeth will be hosting the party.


KLee said...

One of these days, I really hope NOT to win a WW award, you know? It might be really nice not to have anything to whine about....

Sue said...

Thanks Redzils!

Still no headache as we approach the weekend. Monday will make it two full weeks without pain.

I saw my massage therapist today, showed her where the trigger points are so that she can work those areas especially well. I came home feeling even better.

kathy a. said...

lovely ceremony, redzils!

sue, that is just such great news!

Miranda said...

Very nice, Redzils! My supervisor was so apologetic this morning when I explained the situation.