Thursday, July 24, 2008


Somehow Kathy's mother dying and her sister being utterly clueless that hospice = impending bad news didn't leave her in the mood to be clever and witty. So I'm pinch hitting on the awards. I'm afraid they're not going to be very witty in any case. Kathy, I'm so sorry. Please know that you're in all of our thoughts, and prayers for those who pray. And wishing you an easy time as you deal with the aftermath...

Old skool whine award for Miranda and her mosquito bites.

Mullet award for Liz and "the best thing about the amount of public nudity involved in childbirth is that it totally destroys any qualms you might have had about people walking in on you while you're pumping at work." (Although I'm not sure it's true -- there's something different about being seen with bits hanging out by someone you work with every day vs. someone you're never going to see again).

Hugs and a flyswatter for Margalit, who is still dealing with illness, lying school administrators, slothful kids, lack of money and *shudder* maggots.

A cluestick and their missing sense of perspective to Jenevieve's parents for kicking her (and her 10 month old!) out without any notice. Good luck sorting things out.

Wishes of no needles for Amy, and of cool days to all who are big with child this summer.

Yay for klee and her anti-whines, and congrats to sue for selling her house, and the possibility of having her head not hurt.

And the "funnier when you read it without enough sleep award" to Diane, whose "I still don't think my first or last choice for a job would be to stick a catheter in but hey - everyone is different, right?" I read as "I still don't think my first or last choice for a job would be to stick a catheter in butts."

Have a good week, stay cool, stay dry and we'll be back next week.

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kathy a. said...

(((( Pixies )))) thank you all for your good wishes and kindness.