Thursday, July 10, 2008

Awards! Racing to pack for Vermont Edition

MM and I are taking Amtrak tomorrow morning to see my sister! 10 hours on the train each way! But for only $270 total roundtrip for the two of us! Woot!

So...onto the awards, Speedy Gonzales fashion

Old Skool: Goes to Magpie whose husband is losing his shit over dust. Dust!

The Whining Works Award: Goes to Esperanza who whined about referrallessness (sp?) and got a referral!

Bringing the Bodily Fluids: Madeleine's daughter gifted her with "two duffles full of damp, sandy, urine-scented clothes and bedding. Even the stuff that was folded-unworn was wet, sandy, and smelly." It doesn't get much more fluidy than that.

Runner up in this category: KLee! Whose baby daughter just started her period! Yipes!

The Dear Universe: WTF Award: with oakleaf clusters (named, naturally, by Gary) goes to Sue. Bad reactions to medications leading to hospitalization leading to lack of birthday-gift shopping opportunities and a GP who has decided his ego is more important than his patient's pain management. Oh! And a troll. I'm glad that you are going to see your 26 year old baby boy. We are all sending love and pain-free wishes to you.

The Inigo Montoya Award for Best Summation of a Whine: Goes to Andy. "My cat has been discovered. I've got until the end of the month to move or get rid of him. Gyah."

This week we have a tie for Elevated Risk of Mullet:

Kathy A. for "mom's docs are hopeful they can avoid surgery with the judicious use of nuclear laxatives. (wonder if they would consider off-label use for sue's bunch?)"

Madeleine: re: Sue's GP "And shouldn't your two doctors be out back with a ruler deciding who wins, instead of putting you through agonizing experiments? Or could they at least talk on the phone?)"

The They Didn't Cover that Commandment in Sunday School Award: Goes to Madeleine for "Thou Shalt Not Cook with Red Sauce Immediately After Paying Someone to Clean the House."

We need to bring out the Cluestick Posse for Amy, whose husband still doesn't know where the four-year-old's dishes go; for Sarah at Ratatat whose son's daycamp counselor is a flake of titanic proportions; and for Margalit's client who will get a visit from DSS if she doesn't cut the shit. Margalit's son could use a clue-by-four upside the head too.

And that's it for this week! Tune in next time when our host will be....Kathy A.!


Madeleine said...

Liz! You do fantastic work under pressure! Thanks for all the sparkly awards.

Would you like to spend part of your long train ride rewriting the grant proposal we are hoping to resubmit? As if writing it the first time wasn't annoying enough.

Oh, wait. Thursday. Silver lining. We're getting a second chance at the funding! Yippee!

esperanza said...

Well, it took yet another conversation: "we don't accept faxed referrals." And me saying, "please call me when you've done that." Are these people in junior high?

But, the squeaky wheel got the referral. Finally.

Sue said...

Yay esperanza for the referral!

Thanks for the awards and pixie luvin' - I SO needed it this week.

kathy a. said...

a mullet! definitely the highlight of the week. thanks!

Rev Dr Mom said...

I've taken that train to VT--have a great trip!

Magpie said...

Oh thank you - dust be damned.