Thursday, April 24, 2008


Congratulations to Esperanza and her Sweet Baboo! Baboo is doing an experiment in weaning off oxygen, and all good Pixie thoughts are with you!

Cheering for That Mommy, who has finished her thesis defense and is nearing the end of all that. But who is feeling unwell and ze malaise.

Many hugs and a Style Award for succinctness to Amy, for her classic whine: "OMG, am crying over meaningless stuff. thanks, pregnancy!" Sing it, sister!

More hugs to Sarah, who suffers not only the sleeplessness of a child, but the pregnancy moodiness, too. And some fireplacing jerks are not being real supportive. If it wouldn’t be unfair to the animals, we would vote to put restless baby animals in their beds, and see how cheerful they are in the morning. Maybe they need Furbies?

Hugs, avocados, and gourmet ice cream to Turtlebella, who needs to be gaining not losing during gestation. We’ll all just join in for moral support, and send a few batches over to Amy and Sarah.

Much love to Sue, as well.

We have some very special awards this week: the Jeopardy Awards! In addition to the prizes noted below, the Cluestick Posse is saddling up.

Miranda gets a trophy (with ribbons for originality and "OMG, they did what?")
for her entry about contact highs at the family Seder. At which the children
were present.

Quinn wins another trophy, for her story of a student masturbating in
class. Her class. Not without notice by other students. Big round of "EWWWWW!"
We won’t comment [very loudly] on the need for a full-on investigation, exploring
the options, or whether jock-itch is an acceptable defense. As a matter of fact, Quinn wins a Lifetime Achievement Award for the screen-spitting glory of this special report.

Cluestick Posse also to a certain church hierarchy, which (after suggesting the impossible) led Esperanza’s beloved down the golden path only to dump him almost immediately after an official interview was scheduled. HUH? Friends, this is not nice behavior.

Elevated Risk of Mullet, for funniest line in a whine, goes to Liz for her ode to delish home-made pesto: "Never-ending Garlic Breath of Doom."

Old Skool Awards to Genevieve, whose husband helpfully bought 1/3 the needed amount of Passover cereal; and to Sue, whose cat brings the bodily fluids this week.

Condolences and refreshments of choice to all the Pixies suffering from: lost opportunities; witnessing spousal self-beratement; kitchen renovation; limited Passover food options; relatives who don’t seem to be following the Haggadah; nausea; yucky sensations even thinking about Quinn’s extracurricular annoyances; needing to wake up way too early; overscheduled weekends; zero appetite; extreme pain; creepy doctors, and the memories of them; moodiness; bad family sleep cycles; ill-fitting clothes; migraines; weight gain and/or loss; noxious co-workers; sprained ankles that, thank you very much, take time to heal; summer seeming impossibly distant; slave labor and corporate oppression; committees (of one’s own, or otherwise); interviews, and the poundage associated therewith; allergies, sickness, pollen; children with bad friends; schools that are not coming through; Mean Girls on ze internets; guys who pick divorce-worthy fights during Seder; pregnancies that threaten to last for approximately ever; and all of the other woes encountered this week.

Thanks to everyone for playing, and hope the next days are good. See you next week, when the fabulous Elizabeth will be the host!


Miranda said...

Brava, Kathy A! What a great award ceremony, as always.

Genevieve said...

Terrific award ceremony, Kathy A.!

purple_kangaroo said...

Lovely ceremony! Hugs to all. Sorry I missed the whining.