Thursday, April 17, 2008

Awards: The "Stop This Week, I Want OFF!" Edition

I got nuthin' particularly pithy to say, so it's on to the awards!

This week, In the "Whine of Substance" category: kathy a.'s friend who is dealing with an attempted suicide on top of an anniversary of a suicide. I'm so sorry, sweetie. Sending them all our thoughts and prayers.


to CCW, whose husband just got pink-slipped by the assholes he no longer works for. CCW, please let us know if there's anything at all we can do. Besides firebomb them, that is. Ooops! I've given away too much already!

"Style Award" goes to Liz's lovely ode on people who choose not to clutter up their lives with complicated matters such as, oh, spell check, punctuation, and making sense. And, set to an Adam Ant song, too! You rock, Liz. Literally *and* figuratively! (Even with a miniscule typo.)

And in the "Old Skool" category: Redzils has that whole "actually wanting to graduate" thing going with a major exam looming, not to mention the determination whether a Ph.D is in the offing -- no pressure there.... Literally Old SKOOL.


Elizabeth, who is too tired to finish a Passover gift so the second child doesn't feel slighted. I know it's the thought that counts, but what if you buy a "small" gift, and make a certificate saying the blanket is nearing completion, but not quite done. That way, the recipient knows what you really intended, but the child gets a gift that they can have for the immediate gratification. Or am I talking out of my ass again? (That happens way too often for my taste, it seems...)

The "Work Sucks! Everything Sucks! You People ALL Suck!!!" Awards go out to: Sarah at ratatat for the pregnancy/headache/no sleep/nightmare terror breakdown. So sorry that it was all so traumatic for you, but I think you only get so many breakdown points per month, and if you don't use them, you lose them. There is no rollover plan on "tired" and "at my wit's end." We all get that way sometimes. No need to feel bad about it. Being a mom is hard enough without having to throw pregnancy and headache and all that other stuff in there, too. And, fell better.


Margalit, who is just SO OVER Passover. It's draining her, in more ways than one. You need a spa vacation, baby! Not to mention the PMSing daughter, and being overdrawn at the bank, being behind at work, and being addicted to the internet....


Ramblin' Red who, apparently, is a bitch because she's not pirouetting with joy that her mother is taking her fourth walk down the aisle *AND* who is also getting cornered at a homeless shelter function by people who can't seem to let go and move on. Not much "appreciation" going on there, huh?

The "Cluesticks At the Ready" Awards go out to:
Diane's dive-bombing by a parking lot asshat. Why do people think they have the right to go off half-cocked on things like this? If it looks like it's NONE OF YOUR DAMN BUSINESS, chances are IT ISN'T.


Sue, for everyone making her feel guilty for needing some recuperation time that requires Medical Leave. Sue, you do what you need to do to rest and rejuvenate -- don't worry about whether you "look" okay or not. The people who matter know why you're on leave, and know you deserve it with all you've dealt with. Don't let nosy, but well-meaning people, make ordinary, everyday tasks into something you need the Medical Leave for.

and to

Esperanza, whose hubby is being guilted and/or pressured into taking a position six hours away, necessitating change of venue for the Sweet Baboo AND, you know -- packing and actually moving. Boo, hiss! How come church people can be so downright mean and vindictive sometimes?

The coveted "Elevated Risk of Mullet" award this week g
oes to Madeleine for her totally Old Skool, minimalist entry: "I dropped the soap on my big toe! It hurt! Ouch!" Indeed.

Well, pixies (why do I have stupid fingers that always want to spell that "piskies"?!?).... That's all I have the energy for! Stay tuned when next week's hostess with the mostess is the incomparable kathy a!


esperanza said...

oops. I made my whine worse than it is. The newest "suggestion" is only 1 hour away. A change of venue, but at least no a change of doctors. Major difference. Still could use an application of the cluestick, just a smaller size.

Ramblin' Red said...

Oh, Validation....feels good!

kathy a. said...

thanks for the good wishes for my friend. very nice awards, klee!

ccw said...

Thanks for making the awards so great!

I might take you up on that firebombing idea :) They really are serious assholes. Nothing like being completely blindsided to start the week.

After winning awards the past two weeks for involuntary commitment and hubby getting the ax, I am keeping my fingers crossed that next week I will have to whine about the parade of butterflies flittering behind me.

Madeleine said...

ccw -- I'm sending you a bunny with a plate of cookies. (A la the Horton movie.)

My big toe says "Thanks for the award! I feel much better now!"