Thursday, April 3, 2008


Many hugs to Esperanza, whose baboo needs to see the geneticist next month. We are all thinking of you and rooting for ze babe, who is making good progress.

More hugs to That Mommy, whose fabulous parenting of her special needs kids produces no whines, only a "heavy sigh" about the debt and never sleeping again.

Much love to Purple Kangaroo, a great mama with 3 terrific girls. PK's doctor has earned a visit from the ClueStick Posse with uninformed and mean-spirited advice, which also happens to be outside the expertise of said doc. We'll throw in a couple quarts of Bedside Manner, since doc is running low.

Parenting Perils Award to Margalit, whose daughter wanted to stay alone while she is out of town -- HA! It is not yet so chilly in the hallways of hell, and no porcine aviation has been spotted in the vicinity of Margalit's home.

Congratulations to Sue and her boy, who just landed a fabulous new job!

Remembering What It's All About, as well as a Style Prize (poetry division) for Uccellina:
I shouldn't complain, my babies are fine,
but woe! for these oversucked nipples of mine!
They're red and they're aching and ouchy times nine.

Style Prize (prose division) goes to Klee for her minimalist tale of woes: "Oy. Bad situation at work. Friend in crisis. Still fat."

Elevated Risk of Mullet to Esperanza, for generously sharing a local news report about a "six titty tour," and to Diane, whose boss "is such a moron that he thinks that when he asks for the moon on a silver platter you just call the moon store and order one up."

Condolances (and your choice of treats from Cheap Candy Day) to all Pixies who are suffering this week from: papers and projects due that aren't exactly started yet; weather; teenagers; city hall disputes; income woes; busy busy busy-ness; medical procedures; spouse moving; uncertain future; stomach bugs; inoperable kitchens; being so very over this week already; students departing for a less expensive and far less wonderful exercise option; doctors who won't make appropriate referrals; not enough sleep; head/heart dilemmas; lack of appreciation at work; debt-bondage; the prospect of never sleeping through the night again; and etc.

The kindness, thoughtfulness, and good cheer of this group make me very happy to know you. Hope you have a great week! See you next time, when the Brigadoon will be hosted by our good friend Liz.

Edited to Add: PK's doc is already getting all the attention she deserves, so The Hat [pictured below] is hereby awarded to Diane's Boss.


Sue said...

*applause applause*

Great ceremony kathya!!

turtlebella said...

heh. I *love* the Style Awards with poetry and prose divisions. Quite styley in and of themselves.

esperanza said...

Wow, thanks for all the hugs and awards. I feel positively famous. We'll be ok, it just gnaws at you in the background, ya know? Thanks for all of the "we've been there too"s--they really do help.

A better week to all...

purple_kangaroo said...

Here, here! Awards all around!

Thanks for the clue stick posse and the love.

purple_kangaroo said...
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Miranda said...

I love that hat, Kathy A. I've been coveting that hat since you posted it.

Great awards!

kathy a. said...

Miranda, dear -- if you want the Hat, you can have one! You just need to promise not to wear it when you collect the diploma and prizes. Wouldn't want to give potential references apoplexy, after all. :)

Uccellina said...

My MFA has finally been put to good use.

kathy a. said...

LOL, Uccellina! xoxo

KLee said...

Thank you for the award. It really helped. :)

That Mommy said...

Lovely ceremony! Thanks muchly for the award!

If anyone has the schedule for the six titty tour, I am hoping it is coming to our area!