Tuesday, April 15, 2008

WW: The "So Much For Spring Break!" Edition

After a month of balmy breezes and ankle-deep drifts of pollen from all of the blooming azaleas, Mother Nature decided to backtrack towards winter this morning. My locale is scheduled to get down to 37 degrees tonight. Now, I know some of you are scoffing at my piddly little 37 degrees, but lemmee 'splain. It was 87 two days ago. That's quite a difference.

Spring Break has come and gone. (Sigh.) And, I spent most of that time with a cold. Which I then gave to my (unwilling and unappreciative) husband. Now, Offspring says she feels a tickle in her throat. Just in time for standardized testing! Which she cannot miss! Hooray! Once again, the Devil farts in my face.

The one measly consolation is that it's Wednesday somewhere, and we can crank up the pity party and whine to our heart's content! Let fly, pixies!


liz said...

"Once again, the Devil farts in my face." Too bad the host doesn't get to get the ERoM award.

kathy a. said...

mouth is still sore from dental last week. waaah! i'm such a wimp.

my real whine is for a friend. her daughter's boyfriend attempted suicide this weekend. the night before the anniversary of my friend's husband's suicide. she is one of the strongest women i know, and she feels like she is falling to pieces.

antiwhine: moms' weekend at daughter's college is in just a couple weeks! and we are picking up an extra or two, whose moms can't come!

Redzils said...

I have a paper due Monday. Not just any paper either - it's my "preliminary exam" that will determine whether or not I get to try for the Ph.D. I will merely say I am somewhat underwhelmed by the process and somewhat overwhelmed by the paper. And, if the paper passes I get to take the oral exam component two weeks later.

I have lesser, snotty whines as well, but will set them aside to say: tomorrow is the one year anniversary of The Bad Thing at my school. You will probably see us on the news - there is already media everywhere.

I am thinking of how this community helped me deal with that last year, but listening. Thank you.

Diane said...

Kathy - I feel more sorry for you than I do for my husband who also had dental surgery.
I do not feel bad about this.
Should that be a whine? That my husband evokes no sympathy from me?
Yeah....I'm not too worried about it. I'm sure he'll survive.

So this isn't a whine it's more of an angry vent. Some old lady told me I need to watch my child better. Because she ran from me in a store. 20 feet max. And I ran after her (and I am very obviously wearing maternity clothes - so I should definetly get points for that), called her name obscenely loud, and she came running back to me. Apparently I offended this woman so bad that she had to come after me into the parking lot. I told her in not so nice terms that she must be very lucky to have not had any of her children ever run from her. Bitch.

Hope everyone is well!

kathy a. said...

hugs to redzils. that was a tragedy beyond words. xoxoxo

and calling for a Cluestick, STAT, for diane's meddling lady in the parking lot! ribbon for valor, doing the child-wrangling and meddler-twist in maternity clothes.

ccw said...

I really thought I could not beat last week's whine of involuntary commitment.

Alas, the gods of the wednesday whine are smiling upon me: Husband Fired.

What's that you say? Mortgage, car payment, medical bills out the house, 3 kids, cats, and a crazy woman??

I'm almost to the point of hyena like laughter it's so damn funny.

kathy a. said...

(((((((( ccw )))))))))))

Sarah at ratatat said...

Oh Kathy A, what a terrible thing for your friend to go through.

And kudos to Diane.

And many hugs to CCW.

My whines are for having a terrible headache. From crying last night at 2am. Because the children both woke up. My mom lives with us and she offers, now that I am pregnant, to keep an ear out for the kids so I can sleep. Which is sweet, but I am beginning to think she should check her hearing. I felt like they were crying for a long time when I decided to get up. And by the time I walked to them, they were both crying (they are sharing a room right now) and I felt so conflicted about who to go to first. And I yelled to wake up my husband (and really my mom). And they both think they got there pretty quickly. And I did not think so. And when I went back to bed after the kids were both asleep, I could not stop crying. And I didn't want to hash it out with my husband and I didn't appreciate that now he was awake enough to notice.

This seriously ruined my night. And the headache all day has been no treat at all. But when I was calm enough to hash it out with my mom today, she thinks I am (in a more polite phrasing) crazy. That they weren't crying very long and I was dreaming.

The pregnancy hormones (woo 2nd trimester!) are ever-present. But I am torn...I regularly hear the children minutes before my mom or my husband. So don't think I am crazy,. But oh, those hormones are kicking.

And my refusal to fight with mu husband while I am upset at 2am is just weird and untrue to me.

So I am all off-balance.

The anti-whine is that the pregnancy seems fine. I am freed from the telling embargo. I am showing. My children are excited. I just wish I knew how crazy I am right now.

Elizabeth said...

lots of serious whines already tonight. Hugs to all.

My whine is just that I'm so tired, and that I'm nowhere near done with the baby blanket that I need to finish before I go to NYC for Passover this weekend. Because as a youngest child myself, it's important to *me* that I have a handmade present for my new nephew, since I had one for his big brother...

Oh, and that our rebate check goes to the exterminators because we had termites swarming in our living room last Thursday. And I don't want to tell my parents because I don't want to deal with their freakouts and/or second guessing of what we should have done...

margalit said...

Diane's parking lot fan needs a cluestick up her nether regions. Wow, people like that make me nuts.

Let's daughter is being a royal PMS bitch and she's about to find out one more use for duct tape...right across her mouth. JK, sorta.

I'm obscenely overdrawn at the bank due to Passover, the holiday that never stops costing more more more.

I've got a serious case of the Holiday Blues, which I get every pre-Passover when I realize that the work is just way too much and my children are lazy asshats that will only help if guilted or threatened. And that even when threatened, my daughter is useless and resents being asked to do anything. She's so not on my top five list this week.

I'm terribly behind in my work and need to read 6 books asap to review. I am behind because I'm depressed and exhausted all the time and can barely get out of bed.

I am also addicted to the freaking internet and am trying to cut back, which is giving me withdrawal symptoms. Really. Twitter, I have to quit you. planning free weekend in Chicago from Ford Motor Co for my whole family, which will be a definite blogging perq par excellance.

We are also considering going to Niagra Falls this summer to a blogging get-together. If I can stand being in a tiny car with my children for 8 hours each way. Ugh.

When do the rebate checks come? I need that money so badly.

In summary, Passover is killing me financially, spiritually, and emotionally. Whee! Holidays suck!

Sue said...

Hugs for all the whining pixies today.

Whine: After a full week on medical leave, I'm still hanging on to a bunch of guilt. Guilt about not being at the office. Guilt when people see me in the grocery store and say "But you look fine!"

Honestly, sometimes I wish I had a broken arm or blood spurting from my neck - maybe then people wouldn't make assumptions about my health based on how I "look". Really, I've felt like crap for three years. Of course I'm good at keeping it to myself!

I'm on medical leave, not quarantine! Besides, we need groceries and I'm the only one in our home who is capable of getting them.

Anti-whine: Group therapy. Yesterday was our second session of eight. It's a good group.

Whine: Tired down to my last exhausted cell.

Anti-whine: Painters (sorry, Pigment Reassignment Specialists) are here today putting delicious colours on the back bedroom and office. Yay for not having to do it myself!

liz said...


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kathy a. said...

ooooh, liz for style!

big fat hugs for sue and margalit.

liz said...

I can't believe I wrote "toon" instead of "tune" in a whine about someone else misspelling everything.


That Mommy said...

((((Pixies)))) Some serious whines already indeed.

Whine: Kid3 continues to wake painfully early in the day.

Anti-whine: This week, for the first time, she got up, got herself a bowl of cereal, and watched some tv until we woke up, instead of asking for permission or help for every. little. thing. That extra 45 minutes of sleep does wonders for my sanity. Hooray for slightly more independent children.

esperanza said...

Votes and hugs for ccw and Sue and everyone else, too.

Perhaps the pixies will remember a whine from a couple of weeks ago, that required a cluestick to certain church hierarchy officials, for "suggesting" that we move to a city six hours away? I'll give you a minutes. Well, pixies, break out the cluestick AGAIN. Same officials, "suggesting" we move. We (um, husband, that is) will probably say yes, for several reasons. One of which is that it would not require a change of doctors for the baboo. But there is still the packing and the moving of the oxygen tank and the change of address forms...can you tell I hate moving?

Antiwhine: grandma's visit was the perfect length--long enough to be quite helpful in several arenas, not so long that I got tired of her. Let us remember: Wednesday through Sunday is a nice time.

kathy a. said...

yay, that mommy!

(((( esperanza )))) holy cow. i hate moving, too, but have never had to do it with such considerations. xoxox

esperanza said...

Yeah. I'm getting tired of being in the running for a Whine of Substance every single week. Maybe I'm getting too good at this?

Madeleine said...

I dropped the soap on my big toe! It hurt! Ouch!

Madeleine said...

And hugs to everyone . . . so many good whines this week.

Sue, your grocery story reminds me of my MIL, who was a school principal and drove a very long commute because she didn't want to run into parents at the grocery store. I'm sorry that anyone was that insensitive to you.

Extra votes to Liz for teh spelling error in the spelling whine . . . Did I ever tell you about the time I misspelled my OWN NAME on a "speeling test"? Second grade, I think. My mom still likes to tease me about it. (Thanks for the inferiority complex, Mom!)

Margalit, this week we whine about how expensive Passover foods are, and next week we whine about what they are doing to our intestines, right?

Virtual caffeine to Elizabeth, from one neglected second child to another! Good for you, trying to finish that blanket. Maybe you can offer to fill in his baby book for a page or two, too.

Hugs to Sarah and hopes for some relief from the pregnancy hormones and the night-time crying (you and the kids, both). Would you consider ear plugs? Or are you worried the so-called caretakers will leave them screaming too long?

kathy a. said...

i'm thinking something along the lines of a cattle-prod for sarah's near and dear. but, i'm in a mood.

Sue said...

((((esperanza))) What a crappy way to make a move to another church. Sometimes the church really does eat its young, doesn't it? I'll never understand it.

In the Getting Back on that Horse department - I walked over to the store again this afternoon. It's a nice walk and I needed a few things. I was pretty anxious going in, but I didn't see anyone I knew. Yay!

JenR said...

Whine... first day back at work & I'm missing my baby.

Whine #2... big annoying project that was supposed to be done in my absence was held off until my return, so now I've got it back (yuck!).

kathy a. said...

((( jenr ))) it is 20+ years since my first day back after my first babe, and i remember spending quite a lot of time calling to find out if he was ok, and more time crying because i missed him. while maintaining a professional appearance, of course. oy.

yay, sue! xoxo

Ramblin' Red said...

LOL Liz at the tune and then the toon/tune comment.

Ok, lots of whines, hence my censored post.

My mother is getting married. For the third time. And I mean no offense to anyone who's been down the aisle multiple times, but how many times do you have the big shin-dig? Also - she's lived with him for the past 4 1/2 years, so it isn't like they're going to be doing anything new - it's a formality and I'm just a bitch because I'm not enthralled with every detail.

I got invited to an appreciation dinner for a local homeless sheltering effort, in the guise of :gasp: appreciation for sticking my freaking neck out REPEATEDLY for the past two years, and so I went. Instead I was put on the spot as to why the City wouldn't let them use the same building (said decision was so 4 months ago, btw) after this year for a shelter. First of all, not why I came. Second of all, I am THE lowest rung on the city ladder, folks, not like I can do anything about it, nor am I likely to know. Do what I keep telling you and talk to your councilor! Oh, but that's work, huh? Lastly...4 months AGO....get over it and MOVE ON.

And to that effing bastard at Rutgers...Asshole. Oh and probably a plagiarist asshole at that given recent e-mails.

Elizabeth said...

cramps. and being inside today.

liz said...

So many people to vote for, I don't know where to start.

Hugs to you all. And I'm up for joining clue stick posses for everyone who needs one.


amy said...

My thoughts to everybody this week. Lots of heavy stuff goin' on.

This is for Diane, though:
I think I'm friends with that woman who accosted you. Not literally, of course. A week and a half ago, I went to the zoo with That Friend (who is childless and just getting ready to get married for the first time at 35 but because she's a high school teacher, she thinks she knows everything). She managed to offend me twice in a half-day's visit.

1. While we stood in line for the tram, a couple with two little ones were struggling to comfort the youngest - a baby about 8 months old - who was crying medium hard. It didn't even register on my radar because I saw the parents addressing it. That Friend, on the other hand, kept giving them the stink eye and then turning to me to complain - suggesting they weren't doing anything to "shut the baby up."

2. Later, at the zoo playground, That Friend told me that she has no problem correcting a small child in public and if the "offense" is great enough, tracking down the parent to tell them how they're in the wrong, too.

Diane, I'm That Friend's friend and much of the time since having my daughter I'm convinced I don't really like her. If it helps, try to imagine what the friends of this woman who accosted you think about her. If nothing else, it should help you blow her off as a complete crackpot.