Thursday, April 10, 2008


The Whiplash Award for fastest Whine-to-Antiwhine turnaround goes to Esperanza who whined pre-emptively to good effect. Hooray for the sleeping baboo and the excellent results of the hearing test!!!

The Perils Of Popularity Award goes to Miranda on behalf of her daughter who needs to keep the motivation behind the impulsive invitations and lose the impulsive part.

The It's a Good Thing I Love Him Award goes to DevilMacDawg whose husband went off to an extra-curricular activity and left DMD home to take care of three kids while sick with a contagious illness and a 102 degree fever. Nice.

Please note that PK does NOT win this award this week, since her husband is truly terrific.

Also, Amy is not getting this award either, because she's the proud recipient of...

The 27 Whiners Agree Her Husband is Wrong Award! With Doctor Approved Clusters and a Hands Off Our Daughter's Issues ribbon. And I think Elevated Risk of Mullet for "She wrote back late last night to tell me how incredibly right I am."

The Cluestick Posse will be sent out to:
  • Miranda's friend who asked for honesty and was offended when he got what he asked for. At ten o'clock on a Sunday night. When Miranda had a host of other things to do.

  • Margalit's daughter's school administration. We may not put that cluestick where it'll do the most good, Margalit, but we'd like to.

The Bringing the Bodily Fluids Award goes to That Mommy. "Leaky G-tube button." Need I say more?

Honorable mention in this category goes to Amy who is bleeding where the sun don't shine.

The Not Quite Bringing the Bodily Fluids Award goes to Turtlebella for Persistant Pregnant Poots.

The Largest Whine in Fewest Words Award goes to CCW, who compressed her whine into 17 words, "Involuntary commitment. Lithium shakes that make it appear as if I am experiences DT shakes. Enough said."

The Does Amy's Daughter's Very Responsive Doctor Live in My Neighborhood Award goes to PK who's primary care doctor doesn't seem to get the "care" part. Can you switch to the other doctor in that practice, PK?

Sue gets many hugs from us and The Who Am I if I'm Not Who I Am Award for these words: "Not sure who I am when I'm not someone's minister. This is harder than I thought it would be."

Elizabeth gets the extra special Thousand Words Award for her whine in pictures. Oops! But the cabinets look Mahvelous.

Hugs to Elizabeth's N who needs a nice sleep and to Spot who hates Kathy A's guts, but who sings it sweetly.

That's it for this week!'ll be Klee hosting next week!!! (I misread the list the first time, sorry KLee!)


kathy a. said...

Fabulous awards, Liz!

liz said...

Thanks Kathy A!

I just realized I didn't put in a whine of substance award. So I'm putting it out to you folks to award.

kathy a. said...

many substantive whines this week. but i think you covered them with awards by different names. major hugs to amy, PK, sue, that mommy, margalit, miranda, and DMD. and everyone else who needs a hug. xoxox

p.s. -- spot doesn't hate me any more! [but he doesn't realize there are more vet visits in his future.]

liz said...

I'm glad he's over his spite at you and hope that he will graduate to resigned apathy about vet visits (ha! like THAT could ever happen!)

kathy a. said...

i'll tell ya, when it comes to vet visits, you are better off with a dog. they think it is just fab to Ride in the Car! and Sniff Everyone's Butt in the Vet Office!

you can't help who you love, though. spotty's a sweetie to me.

Sue said...

Kathya - you are so right. Cats and cars are not a good fit. There is much howling.

Great awards Liz.

ccw said...

Wonderful awards!

Hopefully my next win will be for something less dramatic.

kathy a. said...

omg! (((( ccw )))) i totally did not mean to leave you out on the whines of substance. xoxoxoxo

purple_kangaroo said...

Thank you, and hugs to everyone. DH would be most gratified to know he didn't make the "it's a good thing I love him" award this time.

I do plan to find a different doctor. At the moment my plan is to start attending a local FMS/CFS support group and get recommendations there.