Saturday, May 31, 2014

Valuable Prizes!

Passing the pizza and some chocolate mint ice cream, because why not?

Andy earned the respect of Pixies and adoration of his clients, and therefore wins the Minor League Major Outing Award, for arranging a great trip AND for the skies to dry up so it could happen!   Andy also wins the coveted Elevated Risk of Mullet Award for the lawn mowing story.

Esperanza wins the Florence Nightingale Award, with a Mother Theresa sash, for tending to the medical needs of one Baboo, then a second Baboo, and (the worst) a post-surgical husband.  We wish Mr. E all the best and a swift return to work.  Still giggling in anticipation of the Moment of Truth, when the ladiez discover it was not that kind of surgery.

The Celebrate Everything Award goes to Sue, whose family had a lovely evening doing just that!  Let's dance! 

Queen of West Procrastination wins the Good Housekeeping Trophy, going so far as to polish the toilet at the old place.  Take that, evil landlord!  Hoping Lil E is settling in, and the teething moves along promptly.  Hooray for the grandparentals, also!

Liz once again wins Accolades for good advice and great friendship.

The Employee of the Week Award goes to Perky Bank Guy, who actually got the problem fixed.  The perkiness sounds a little annoying, but can't argue with the results.  :)

Hugs to those struggling with the fireplacing cancer, increasingly frail elders, and the parade of germs.


Queen of West Procrastination said...

So, it turned out that the landlords weren't actually that particular! The move out list was written by the owners of the parent company, and the rental company just rolls their eyes at the more ridiculous items on the list. Said the property manager: "This place looks amazing!" Full damage deposit returned!

kathy a. said...

Landlords probably see a lot from renters -- and I don't mean toilet polishing. Glad you got the deposit back!

esperanza said...

Yay, QWP! Adios, old place!

Sue said...

Hooray QWP!! You will be legendary in the landlord's future dealings with renters. "What do you mean you didn't polish the toilet?? The fabulous woman who lived here before you? SHE knew how to clean!"