Saturday, May 17, 2014

V. Brief Awards

Esperanza wins the My Little Scorpion Award, for her horrifying tale of a live one next to a Baboo.  ~ shudder ~  This week's Posse features scorpions, which we figure will get all the miscreants in line.

Liz wins the What Was Lost is Found Award, for actually finding the safe deposit box key; with a bonus bouquet for persuading the evil stoopid bankers to waive their intended fees.  Brava!  Congrats also on a good meeting with the Forces of Alienation.

QWP wins the Moving a Mountain Award, and well wishes on all the packing!  This prize comes with complementary boxes.

ETA, because I wasn't kidding about fuzzy brain:  Sue wins the Monumental Misfiling Award, for the auto shop that could not find her regular (non-Arctic) tires while she waited for about 400 years.  Those people definitely get scorpions.

Kittens and chocolate for everyone!


esperanza said...

Um, thanks, I think? My Little Scorpion...sounds so cuddly.

kathy a. said...

Well, you know the universal reaction to scorpion is EEEK HELP KILL IT! I got a little fond of the guy, but only as a cluestick enhancement (not allowed indoors or near children).

Liz said...

Thank you!!!

Sue said...

Thanks kathy!

Liz said...

Oh! Wook at the widdle kitties! Especially the wee one!