Saturday, May 3, 2014

Awards: Kittens For All

In honor of Kathy A becoming a kitten foster grandma, we present kittens prizes for all.

Tabby kittens for Queen of West Procrastination as she helps E rest her tummy from multiple bark incidents.

Black kittens for Sue as she struggles with migraines and meetings.

Orange kittens for Kathy A as she plans her fun reunion and continues her good fight.

Calico kittens to all of those dealing with difficult family members, difficult colleagues,  and non-seasonal weather. 

The Posse is saddled up to Cluestick medical offices that still depend on fax machines for communication.  What year is it?  1995?  No.

See you next week as Esperanza hosts our lovely ceremony.


kathy a. said...

SQUEEEE! Baby Kittens!!!!!

Sue said...

Kitten awards! Yay!!!

I'm off to see the Pain Wizard this week. I'll check in with y'all later in the week to see what's up.