Saturday, May 10, 2014

Abbreviated Awards Show

Sweet has pulled every toy off her shelf and dumped it on the floor. I'm in the process of sweet-talking convincing bribing threatening her to clean it up.

Hugs to everyone dealing with unbloggable things, including human stupidity.

Hugs to our nonnie mouses this week, as well as other pixies, dealing with kid stuff and parental angst. See above: I get you.

Hugs to people who keep getting sick and who get rid of headaches only to get a cold.

And because this cracked me right up, despite her misfortune, QWP gets an Elevated Risk of Mullet Award for "... the burnt area immediately below the Remembering What They're All Abouts."

Kittens and supper fairies and dish fairies and working fax machines for everyone! 

1 comment:

kathy a. said...

Thank you, Esperanza! And here's hoping something worked with the toy cleanup.