Saturday, March 1, 2014

Thankfully, it's cookie season

Hope the girls are out today, because we have zero left from the 10 boxes purchased a couple weeks ago.  Zero!  And there is an urgent need for thin mints.

First, sending love and wishing speedy recoveries to Esperanza's dad and Sue's father-in-law, both of whom landed in the hospital this week.   Much love and many good thoughts also to Neighbor Lady's friend, who has the fireplacing cancer.

Congratulations to Texas, for being the latest state to acquire a shiny federal court opinion declaring its anti-gay laws unconsitutional! 

The Happy Place of the Week is the office supply store.  ;)

Liz wins the Order Out of Chaos Award for fixing up this "this horrid, putrid, stinky, filthy, fetid 180 page document." 

The Chunky Politics Award goes to Sue, in two divisions:  [1] hyper-sensitive meeting practices, such that nothing can be celebrated for fear someone might feel less fortunate, and [2] choir drama.

Miranda wins the Lunatic Developments Award, with upgraded legal trouble for a family member AND work-splosions.  However, this prize comes with a BFF sash, since her pals also treated her to a fabulous night on the town, away from both problem areas.  Friends, indeed.

The Academic Brilliance Award goes to Queen of West Procrastination, whose long chapter earned praise!   Lil E wins the Developmental Milestones Nobody Tells You About Award, for antics including but not limited to her stealth raid of the trash can in her room, which we expect has already been relocated to a less convenient spot in the next town.

KLee wins the Mama Bear Award, for stepping up to stop the bullying.

Birthday Felicitations to Neighbor Boy!

The Cluestick Posse is riding to visit:  people who write horrid, fetid, messy documents;  germs;  maintenance guys who run mid-day fire drills;  anyone engaged in coersive tactics meant to disadvantage another;  parents who don't call when one of them goes to the ER;  scammers;  the weather gods;  people who line up a service and then disappear;  the fireplacing cancer;  nasty hurtful gossipy people;  bosses who don't have your back;  bullies; drama queens; and deserving others.


Sue said...

Great awards kathy!!! I especially liked Miranda's BFF sash. We could all use friends like that. Lovely!!

kathy a. said...

QWP, I can't tell what the fireplace is happening in Ukraine, except it looks very unsettled and pretty darned scary. Hoping your relatives stay safe. xoxo

esperanza said...

Great awards!

Dad update: he's trying semi-real food today. Hopefully headed home tonight or tomorrow.

Cluesticks to the doctor, who arrived at 11 PM and awoke the sleeping patient to discuss this plan.

kathy a. said...

11 p.m.??? Oh, yeah -- Ralph's on top of that one. But yay, Dad!