Saturday, March 8, 2014


Let's give this week a hearty farewell, shall we?  Passing cute little appetizers and chocolate of choice.

By popular consent, the Old Skool Award goes to Andy, for his excellent rant WITH  CAPS on the demise of his local soda fountain and [unwelcome] introduction of newfangled beverage choices.  How dare they!?

Esperanza wins the Bravery in Action Award, Shower Division for tackling a Texas-sized mess of hard water and soap scum.  Thanks also for the important architectural update on "country" facilities to prevent cow pie tracks throughout the house.

The Grammar Patrol Award goes to Liz, who reports that this week's hunk o' junk features half-sentences.  Impressive!

Sue wins the "They Did What?" Award, for the bounced check from the bereaved family that is busy fighting over the estate.  Keep it classy, folks.

The Success at Mordor Award goes to Miranda, who has now safely returned from the mothership.

Queen of West Procrastination wins the Ministering to Germs Award, Week 498 of This Winter Season.  Wishing the little one a swift recovery, and wishing you some springtime already.

Hugs to Neighbor Lady for her no good very bad week.

Congratulations to Sue's sweetie, for the end of Icky Procedures!  And to Sweet Baboo, for excellent poster work!


kathy a. said...

Thanks to all for your kindness this week, too.

esperanza said...

Thanks for hostessing under Adverse Conditions!

Sue said...

Thanks's been such a tough week for you. This is above and beyond the call of pixie duty.

kathy a. said...

AW: Son and his dad are off -- son has found a used truck to buy and a way to pay for it, and he wants his dad's help. So, knock wood, sounds like his transportation needs and his relationship with his dad are working out despite the Bad Thing.