Monday, February 24, 2014

Anybody ready for Spring?

We don't have snow, but I'm ready for the longer days.  And maybe some good spring storms!  Some are rumored for later in the week.

Yesterday was the celebration of life for my dear friend S.  It was  really lovely, and well-attended; lots of memories and laughs and stories and photos and hugs.  I got kind of leaky at the end, with a video clip of her thanking everyone at her retirement party last year, and then telling a story about "lift as you climb," which pretty much summed up how she approached everything.  Something about hearing her voice again...

Senior Diva Cat is still perky and eating well, but really showing her "diva" -- I keep having to fortify the barricade of objects in front of my computer screen, because that is where she wants to be.  Think, homing pigeon crossed with bulldog and Miss Piggy.  The current barricade includes a box, a phone, a rolodex, a tape dispenser, a legal pad, a pen holder.  We're all about lookin' professional here at the home office... ;)

What's the news up your way?


Liz said...

Am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel on this horrid, putrid, stinky, filthy, fetid 180 page document.

It now has (among other readability fixes): tables and figures that conform to a standard; numbers that are in numeric order (yes! it's true! Ordered lists no longer are numbered 1, 2, 95!); no typos or grammatical errors; and every acronym is defined on first use and never again.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

(((kathy a))) I really am sorry about the loss of your friend, and S's celebration sounds like it was lovely.

W: I'm fireplacing sick AGAIN! I just can't with this winter anymore. How on earth am I supposed to get any work done, when I keep getting sick like this? (And I've become paranoid, watching E for signs of this cold, because the only thing worse than me getting sick is E getting sick.)

W: the maintenance guys are testing the smoke detectors in our building today, and apparently part of their process of testing the fire alarm was letting the alarm run in the whole building for 10-15 minutes!

AW: at least it happened at lunchtime, about five minutes after my mother took E away. If it had happened a half hour earlier, E would have awaken from her nap to the sound of a blaring alarm in her bedroom. (We have speakers for the fire alarm in each bedroom.)

AW: child-free afternoon! Now I must force myself to work, and have to stop taking naps.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Liz, well done. I hope they have more work for you, and it's not in the form of filthy, fetid 180 page documents.

Sue said...

kathy a - I'm glad the celebration of your friend's life went well.

Liz - yay for the impending finale to the filthy, stinky, 180 page document!

QWP - ugh. Feel better soon. We have the fire-alarm test monthly here but it's only 2-3 minutes long. Still, LOUD.

AW: day off today AND I'm taking tomorrow off to use some overtime hours (fingers and toes crossed that it works out).

W: As (surprisingly) great as the chunky meeting was on the weekend, I was reminded of how hyper-sensitive a group we are. It's so hard to be "real" in a space where you can't celebrate anyone's good fortune because someone else may be hurt if they are not so blessed. It's exhausting.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Sue: so, everyone has "mourn with those who mourn" down, but not the first half of Romans 12:15? That's would really be tiring, not to be able to celebrate good fortune.

I'm keeping everything crossed for your day off. The posse's here, ready to protect your personal time!

kathy a. said...

Liz! Bringing order where none has gone before.

QWP -- ack, bug be gone! And alarm be gone! Kudos on an afternoon of charging forward in academia! OK, so maybe one afternoon doesn't feel like a charge, but it all adds up.

Sue, yay for some time off!

Miranda said...

Sue - that, oh my. I've been there with the Tender Feelings Flock and I hate feeling like a bull in a china shop of their feelings just for opening my mouth to share an experience.

QWP - What kind of nonsense is midday fire alarm testing? Sounds awful but at least E wasn't there.

Liz - I'm creating some documents that I don't like one bit. Would you make them better for me? Can it extend your job? I do work for the gubmint, does that help?

W: Family Member with Legal Issues now has upgraded legal issues that mean the case is being handled by a different venue.

AW: The attorney thinks it's a ploy to get a better plea deal. The attorney is committed to a vigorous defense.

AW: Some of my work friends picked me up from home to take me out last Friday after I found out. After we finished at place 1, they drove me to place 2 where they knew I had other friends. We closed the place singing karaoke and then they drove me home. I live no where near these guys. I love them.

I have family related whines and church service related whines but I am going to keep those on the side of unbloggable.

Oh yeah, and work is already in lunatic mode this week. Or putting me in lunatic mode. It is often hard to discern which is which.

Sue said...

Miranda, I'm so sorry to hear about the new development with your family members's case. How lovely of your friends to take you out on Friday for some fun!

Liz said...

Miranda, I'm happy to help with your docs, since I can't help with your other issues. Email me.

Sue said...

W: My beloved father-in-law is in the hospital with a heart blockage. I'm heading up to see him now. My MIL is holding up fairly well, but really, he's the strong healthy one in that relationship.

AW: We slept in a bit. The cat alarm went off in my face in the form of cat breath and howling, but not until a reasonable time. Yay!

kathy a. said...

Sue, that must be hard, not being able to share the joyful times. Don't really get the reasoning...

((( Sue ))) So sorry about your FIL. Sending love and good thoughts. xoxo

Miranda, sure you could do without this "upgrade." Crossing fingers. Glad your friends are there for you!

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Miranda, I'm sending you all of the hugs, and I'm so glad that you have supportive friends.

(((Sue and family))) I'm thinking about your FIL today. I'm glad that you got to sleep in a little, even though the cat put an end to that.

W: E is taking full advantage of the fact that I'm moving me slowly while sick. Before her morning nap today she: a.) pulled her entire (thankfully small and light) toy shelf in top of herself while I was in the bathroom, b.) got into the diaper disposal, and tried to push bottle parts until the messy diapers, and c.) ate stuff (stale bread and dryer fluff) from her bedroom garbage can.

I don't know how many more times today I'm going to turn and corner, gasp, and ask "You're doing WHAT?!"

AW: out of the options in her garbage can, at least it was just stale bread and dryer fluff.

W: Mr. Q is now coming down with this awful cold, as well. And I heard E coughing in her crib at the beginning of her nap.

AW: if he really is coming down with a cold, then I'm going to force him to take a sick day this week. If he's going to be all predantic about sick days being only for when he's sick, and not for when E or I ate sick, then I'm forcing him to stay home when he actually is sick.

kathy a. said...

My! E is hitting all kinds of developmental milestones! ;)

The increased mobility and strength is one of those blessing/curse things. It sounds like time to re-think toddler-proofing -- get bad things out of reach, secure things that might fall, etc. I remember moving everything breakable above 2.5 feet, putting all diapers and garbage in a sturdy tall lidded kitchen can, keeping anything potentially toxic in high places the kidlets could not possibly get to even if they climbed, etc.

Hope the entire Q household is feeling better soon.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Considering that E is usually fixated on the tall, listed kitchen garbage, I thought we were safe because she ignored the boring little pail in her room. So much for that. I'm wracking my brain, trying to come up with ways to further toddler-proof our apartment, because we lack high-up spaces, and we've been avoiding attaching anything to the walls (our security deposit contract is unreal).

I'm torn between biting the bullet and using anchors to secure her little toy shelf, and reassuring myself that it turns out that it is small and light enough that it can't hurt her! (The garbage situation is another story, although her failure to get the bottle parts through the chompers on her Diaper G3n1e makes me wonder if we should use it for all the garbage in her room.)


liz said...

(((Sue))) thinking of your FIL.

QWP: Is it okay that I'm laughing at your (perfectly normal) adventurous toddler? And can I comfort you with the fact that this level of curiousity surely indicates a high level of intelligence?

And yeah, I vote using the diaper genie as a trash can.

kathy a. said...

Miranda, my cluestick is itching to speak with that prosecutor. For shame, using the old "upgrade" trick to pressure. Their job is to seek justice, not "wins" by any means.

Pixies, I'm a little obsessive. (Probably not news.) That memorial for S was so emotional; quite a few people spoke with me about the annual do-good fundraising thing that S always arranged, and I always helped with. And so I spent a lot of the last couple days talking with people about how to make it happen again this December. It is normally hard to plan tomorrow (and hey, I have something biggish going on tomorrow!), so this is just a smidge on the crazy side. Oh, well.

kathy a. said...

QWP -- Whatever works! And I agree with Liz's assessment of toddler intelligence.

The light toy shelf doesn't sound like real trouble. (My son once pulled over a small 1980's TV on a low table at my sister's place; thankfully, it only grazed him.)

Should anyone have need of this information, nailholes in a rental place or dorm (painted white) can easily be disguised with white toothpaste.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

I really like the concept of all this curiosity being a sign of intelligence. I've been dealing with a LOT of "well, my kids never did that" from just about everyone. (Really, Mom and MIL? None of us ever climbed anything or got into garbage?) The only friend of mine who will admit that her kids have done stuff like this - - my friend with twins - - warns me that getting into garbage caused one twin to get food poisoning, and climbing caused her other twin to be hospitalized with a concussion!

Kathy a: I really do understand why you would want to carry on S's legacy. Are there others who want to do the same, and could be delegated to help?

liz said...

Definitely use wall anchors. Then invest in some spackle and paint.

kathy a. said...

LOL! Some parents use selective amnesia as a coping mechanism. My personal toddler repertoire reportedly included climbing a baby gate and falling down the stairs (baby's first ER visit); eating charcoal dog biscuits; and using dad's typewriter as a potty chair. My dad loved the typewriter story so much that he told all the other parents when I moved to the college dorm.

Yes, there are lots of other people who will help with the thing. A lot approached me at the ceremony, which was really moving.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Well, if a lot of people really are willing to help, maybe there is a way to honour S's memory without overloading yourself!

(And typewriter as potty chair! That's up there with Mr. Q using his home's heating vents as urinals, when he was being potty trained.)

Oh, and Liz: it is very much okay to laugh. I may have posted about her shenanigans partially for everyone's amusement.

esperanza said...

I also have had good luck with Command Hooks made by 3M. They have different ratings for different weights. I ended up just removing the trash can from our kids' rooms and walking the trash to a less accessible can. Tedious, but better than flossing dryer lint from your kid's teeth. And, yes, she is perfectly normal and perfectly intelligent. Just trying to figure out her world and how it all goes together.

W: My dad went to the ER last night, and my mom didn't call till this morning to tell me. She has express instructions not to delay bad news calls. For this very reason: she called in the midst of getting the Baboos off to school and answering the door and the other telephone. I could have paid more attention and dealt with it better had she called me at midnight when it first occurred. We will deal with that later.

AW: They think he's ok. Partial small intestine blockage (a "kink"). Surgeon thinks with rest, it will work itself out.

AW: Dad called me himself later this morning, thus proving his (dubious) sense of humor is intact: "Help! I'm being held prisoner and they're starving me!"

Last week I was bored. This week, not so much.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

(((esperanza))) I'm glad that they think your dad will be okay, but that's really scary, and really frustrating that your mom didn't tell you until the next day.

Btw, the command hooks idea is brilliant!

kathy a. said...

((( Esperanza ))) I'll use a gentle cluestick for the parents, but Not Acceptable! Although if I'm reading Dad correctly, he's doing a good fake of on the mend already. xoxo

kathy a. said...

Oh, the command hooks reminded me of some other possible non-damaging solutions! We still use hooks that fit over a door, to keep things handy but off of surfaces. There are over-door shoe racks with lots of pockets. Plastic bins are good for containing toys [especially when E starts having multi-part toys]. Tension rods are another non-damaging idea -- we used some japanese tension rod shelves way back when (like, wall to wall inside a closet), but I can't find any just at the moment...

Sue said...

QWP - E sounds like she's doing all the right toddler kinds of exploration. Definitely some selective memory happening on the part of Mom and MIL. :)

(((esperanza))) I hope your dad is feeling much better really soon.

kathy a. said...

It appears a person cannot have a few low-salt potato chips around here without a feline general strike for early afternoon tea. Or second lunch. It is hard to tell what they call it.

Anonymous said...

W: Dear friend of mine (and mother of my daughter's dear friends) with fireplacing cancer that is proving hard to get rid of. Thoughts and prayers appreciated.

--Neighbor Lady

kathy a. said...

Many good thoughts headed the way of your dear friend, NL. xoxoxo

esperanza said...

re: over the door hooks, they can scratch the paint of the door (which, as I recall, brand new, right QWP?). So something between hook and door would save you some trouble (like a washcloth or something).

NL, so sorry.

Baboos both acting up...why? who knows. I had been planning to take them with me to my own chunky meeting, but have decided downtime is more important. Thus, staying home with Daddy.

Sue said...

((((((NL))))) So sorry about your friend. Sending good healing thoughts...

esperanza, a quiet night at home sounds like a good idea. I hope your chunky meeting goes well.

FIL back home. He is going to have some kind of angio procedure in the next few weeks but the doc didn't think it was urgent to have it done today. He was so appreciative of my visit this afternoon and the ride home earlier this evening. Seriously, my in-laws have been so good to us a ride home doesn't seem like much. I'm just glad he's okay for now.

esperanza said...

Thanks. Chunky meeting isn't till Friday-Saturday. I'm pre-emptively deciding they need downtime.

Good news about your FiL.

Dad is still at hospital. "Food" (aka broth and Jello) isn't progressing correctly, so he'll be there for at least another day.

kathy a. said...

Hoping Dad gets out soon.

Sue, go FIL!

kathy a. said...

Last week it was Tee Vee Guy'd; this week's prize effort to scam my SIL with dementia is from L1f3 L1n3, an outfit that wants to do scans of SIL's arteries (not covered by insurance), because YOUR RISK OF SUFFERING A STROKE IS HIGH. They sent an "Appointment Card" for a particular date and place! And the place is a religious organization that apparently specializes in speaking in tongues -- meaning no disrespect, but that doesn't sound like much of a medically oriented situation. /end rant/

AW: Rain! We'll have several days of it!

Sue said...

Oh my goodness kathy a!! Is that even legal? I suppose you would be the one who knows that, right? :) It's worrisome to think of families who don't know better than to toss it in the garbage.

Yay for rain!!!!

The weather here? Well, since you asked... it was -35 this morning. Again. First we get the Mountain O Snow, then we get the Big Fireplacing Cold Blast. Lather, rinse, repeat. All. Winter. Long.

Little cabin fever going on here.

esperanza said...

oh, Sue, it is "cold" here today. I won't tell you the number. But it is also raining (half-heartedly), so we won't complain. We really need the rain.

kathy a, that is really obnoxious. On many levels. Thanks a lot, charlatans, for making the rest of us religious folks look bad. To the shredder it goes.

No news from the hospital today. I'm fairly certain Type A man is getting bored.

esperanza said...

Wow. Texas judge just ruled same-sex marriage ban unconstitutional. Stayed for inevitable appeal, but wow. Texas.

kathy a. said...


esperanza said...

I predict some partying in Austin tonight.

kathy a. said...

Think I can hear the corks popping from here. ;)

liz said...


Sue said...

Wow. TEXAS!!!!

AW: Stopped by the office supply store on the way home. It's a bit like a spa experience for me - very relaxing.

Does that make me sad or just organized?

esperanza said...

The office supply store is my happy place. I can spend hours in there, just looking. Next to the library, it's heaven.

Anonymous said...

I totally <3 you guys---office supply store and library--my two happy places!!!

esperanza said...

Dad report: no real change. Mom brought his laptop, and the hospital has wifi, so the boredom factor is improved.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Oh, that's so frustrating, esperanza. I hope your dad's health gets sorted out really soon.

Texas! So, let me get this straight: did a bunch of red states accidentally legalize gay marriage by passing unconstitutional bans? Is THIS a correct usage of the word "irony"?

Office supply stores: my very favourite, and absolutely a relaxing experience for me. I worked in a small, local store for a year, and if was just the best (when I didn't have to worth with customers or the non-Saturday coworkers).

Kathy a: i think the posse needs to pay a visit to anyone who tries to take advantage of people with dementia. Ridiculous.

Ridiculous AW: so, do you guys remember me whining about E refusing to let me cut her nails? Well, for some reason, today it was the most fun game in the world! Voluntarily offered up her fingernails. No idea what was different, but I'll take it.

W: the millionth sickness of this endless winter is progressing through my home, and today E has a cough and a site throat.

esperanza said...

I'm no legal expert, QWP, but...sort of. I think "unintentionally forced the issue" is more like it. Voters passed a state constitutional amendment banning same sex marriage, so there was something to file suit against. If there hadn't been a ban, then...

So, yes, irony.

kathy a. said...

Ain't the law grand (sometimes)? It really is delicious to see these unkind jurisdictions falling one by one, because the judges are compelled by US Supreme Court precedent to reach the conclusion that "this here stinks." Makes me even happier than the office supply store!

Fingers crossed for dad, Esperanza, but wifi's gotta help a little with the restlessness and boredom.

Oh, friends -- I'm just fried after this big long meeting, prep for meeting, reliving certain events of the thing the meeting was about, rain, and some "police action" that made all the trains stop and the stations overflow at rush hour.

Sue said...

kathy a - that sounds like a long stressful day. Hope you got some rest last night and can relax and catch your breath today.

In related news: GAH!!!! I have a funeral on Saturday (one sermon), worship Sunday (two sermons), and now.... another funeral Sunday afternoon (that would be sermon #three). Seriously Universe, I am done. 'kay?

(Yes, I know it's not about me. The whole reason I took the Sunday funeral is that the surviving family are from out of town and feeling kind of at a loss on what to do for their dad.)

kathy a. said...

This year's been handing you some doozy weeks, Sue.

Sue said...

Update: I haven't heard back from the family re: most recent funeral request. Hm. I suspect they may have sought out another church.

Now (of course) I'm obsessing about whether I may have offended the caller. I don't think so, but I probably inconvenienced them. I have precious little time for planning the service with them, so I gave them two time slots avaiable - today or Saturday morning (before funeral 1). I guess that didn't work for them.

kathy a. said...

Sue, I find it hard to believe you offended them. They may not understand that this is not like making dinner reservations. Plus, people are not at their best in these times. xoxo

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Sue, Kathy a has good advice. I really doubt that you offended them. Maybe they made a couple of inquiries at once, and something else opened up. Or maybe they are still on for Sunday, but are overwhelmed and haven't been returning calls. It's not great that they haven't gotten back to you, but this isn't your fault. You are wonderful and helpful.

W: sick toddler, who is having trouble sleeping. And whenever she does have energy, she focuses it all on creating chaos. It's so hard keeping up with her, taking care of her, and getting any of my work done. I'm just so sick. Please send reinforcements.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

AW: I have a friend who has a sinus infection, and we had an extended FB conversation, rhapsodizing about how steam feels in our sinuses. It was lovely, funny and helpful.

kathy a. said...

Steam is good!

esperanza said...

Still no real change with Dad. They did one test today and will do one tomorrow (really? we can only do one diagnostic test per day?). He seems in relatively good spirits. Mom seems to be being reasonable about going home and sleeping, etc.

Off to my "chunky" meeting tomorrow.

Sue said...

(((esperanza))) Thinking of you and your family. I hope your Dad feels better soon. Have a good chunky meeting!!

AW: Nice visit with my sisters today. Chemo-sis is doing really well. A few shaky days immediately after treatment, but otherwise pretty good.

KLee said...

Pixies, it has been an eventful week in Casa KLee....

A week ago tomorrow, I was on my way to Opening Night of my show. Shortly before the school day ended, I spoke with my mother who informed me that she had been coming to see the show, but was having gall bladder attacks, and was contemplating going to the ER instead. Then, she drops the little family bomb that my cousin (the one who actually seemed to have herself together) had decided she no longer wanted to be a wife and mother, completely out of the blue. She had been admitted to the state mental ward, and her husband had taken the kids and filed for a separation. I was really worried about my mom, and very concerned about my cousin, but neither of these were anything I could do anything about at the time.

I decided to just go ahead and try to get to the theater early to have some time to process it all. I went into the bathroom attached to our staff break room/mail room, and while I was in there, I heard two co-workers discussing how they wouldn't be going to my little play, and what an embarrassment I was, and how unattractive. I heard the whole thing. They were gone when I managed to collect myself and exit the bathroom. I was floored. Maybe on a "normal" day when nothing else had happened,s it would not have bothered me quite so much, but I was just devastated. I think I know who it was, but I'll never be able to prove it.

I told the story on FB, and many people came out of the woodwork to support me and say such wonderful things. It was very moving to know I have such a large group of people who are willing to stand up alongside of me, and who have helped me through what was a hurtful event.

One of my co-workers was so incensed that she complained to our principal about the matter. He is the master of handing you a lump of excrement and telling you that it's a fabulous diamond, so when he pulled me into an office and told me that he would not allow that sort of behavior at our school, and that he would address it, I just nodded. Well, faculty meeting day came and went, with not even a merest sparkle of a glimmer of a mention.

I'm so tired of being shined on by my boss. I am hurt, and irascible, and just deeply sad this week.

Then, to make the week even more lovely, my daughter said something incredibly shallow to someone who was counting on her, and I had to have one of THOSE talsk with her about honoring your commitments, and how selfish it was for her to bail on someone who has worked their tails off for her.

During the whole rant-cum-Mom lecture, it comes out that she's stressed because of a myriad of things -- deadlines, college, scholarships, Girl Scout Gold Award, and to top it off, a teacher/advisor who is in charge of her Odyssey of the Mind and One Act Play teams has been bullying her ALL YEAR LONG. She is so rady to snap, it's not even funny.

Now, I will take a lot of bullshit from people, but I will NOT allow you to bully my daughter, for fuck's sake! (sorry for the language, but it's been an incredibly awful week.)

I have sent this advisor a very polite but extremely angry email that I will not tolerate his behavior any longer, and it he persists, then I will take him to the Board of Education so fast that his head will spin. I am deadly serious. You can trump all over my feelings with no nailed boots, but I will be damned if you will do it to my daughter.

I have to go break something now.


esperanza said...

Oh, KLee. I'm so sorry.

I recommend printing out photos of the jerks in question, and then shredding them. Very therapeutic.

kathy a. said...

((( KLee ))) Boy, howdy. The Posse has some things to address. I'm so sorry this was such a terrible no good very bad week in several ways, any one of which would have been plenty, thank you. xoxo

Esperanza, glad dad's in decent spirits; hope they spring him soon.

Sue -- yay for sister time! So glad your sis is doing OK despite the fireplacing chemo.

Sending everyone vitual chocolate, GS cookies, guac and chips, small delicious warm appetizers, a good fun book, beverages of choice, happy music, and/or a break. Also, Spottie the junior cat says "mrrroowww."

kathy a. said...

Along the lines of Esperanza's suggestion, a voodoo doll or reasonable substitute can be therapeutic as well. Especially if you have a creative mind when it comes to virtual afflictions.

Anonymous said...

((((Klee)))) I'm so sorry this week is so awful!!!!
I hate bullying.
Hate. it.
Glad your daughter was able to talk to you about it. It speaks volumes about the relationship you have built.
Hope the weekend is a respite from the storm.

--Neighbor Lady

Sue said...

((((KLee)))) ((((KLee's daughter)))

I'm so sorry you've had such a bad time. Be gentle with yourself. Also, while I totally understand that standing up for your daughter comes first (it's a parent thing) - it's not okay that your principal seems to have blown off the abuse you were subjected to by those horrible coworkers. Your feelings matter. The posse is on the way and if needed, Ralph will bring along extra cluestick-wielding riders.

W: Two words..... Choir politics.

For this I have two university degrees? Actually the music director is handling it well, I'm mostly supporting her through the drama. And oh, the drama.

kathy a. said...

KLee, hope your mom is feeling better. What a shock about your cousin. As NL said, it is really good that your daughter could talk it out.

Choir politics! You would think that choir, at least, could be a drama-free zone! Ralph is feeling the need to sing a little something harmonious.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

((((KLee))) Actually, I think you need more hugs than that (KLee). I'm so sorry about this rough week: that number of things is ridiculous for you to handle, and it really is not okay that your principal hasn't dealt with the behaviour of your coworkers. The posse is very much ready to ride on your behalf.

(I once gave in to the temptation to shout "I'm RIGHT HERE! I CAN HEAR YOU!" in a similar situation. It was a little bit satisfying, but also made things pretty awkward after that.)

So many hugs about the situation with your cousin. And I'm proud of you for sticking up for your daughter. I agree with NL that your daughter opening up to you about it speaks well to your parenting.

Sue: choir politics! So much sympathy about the drama.

AW: my supervisor just got back to me about the last chapter I submitted (that massive one that took me two years), and used the words "I'm pleased with it." I can't tell you what a relief it was to read those words. (I was paranoid that he would use diplomatic language about needing to "step back" and "figure out what I'm really saying in this chapter," all of which is supervisor-speak for "Try again.")

Sue said...

Yes Klee, so sorry also about your mom and your cousin.

QWP - yay about the supervisor's comment!! Good work!

Choirs are cesspools of drama. This one is happening in the soprano section. *cough* surprise! *cough*

Miranda said...

Oh Sue. I'm thinking of my own poor minister right now who is dealing with the the most asinine drama in the world. It's tangentially related to some earlier whines about some church committee work. I have been trying to keep my annoyance to myself but I've slipped and shared my concerns with two people. Due to stuff and reasons, my poor dear minister is working directly with this person. This person has worn out multiple other people (including me).

I've learned a lot about how my "denomination" works. (We are part of an association that voted not to join the denomination so there is a refrain of, "...and that's why we are congregationists, not demonimationists" but because there is no hierarchical structure, things can get messy.

Next week: Mordor! And the youth retreat which is at my church and, oh my, there are issues that I am praying don't ever become apparent to our guests which also feeds into my general displeasure with how the youth program is treated generally by the congregation.

Let me add to the GS cookie pile while I attempt to calm down here. Lots of hugs to everyone this week. xoxoxo

kathy a. said...

QWP! Woooot!!! And doesn't that make the rest seem really do-able?

About nasty things people say (I've been in positions where they said some to my face) -- my old standby is what I said to my kids in full meltdown: "I'm sorry you feel that way." Then you decline to engage at that moment and scoot gracefully away, head held high. Freaks the haters right out.

Sue, I forgot about teh diva section.

Sue said...

With apologies to any pixie sopranos of course!

Anonymous said...

W: Daughter's migraine cancelled son's birthday sleepover.

AW: Husband took son to gu1t@r center to pick out a birthday present, so the evening was saved from son's point of view and hopefully friend will come tomorrow

w: aunt flo. 'nuf said. owie

aw: accomplishment by one student today made all the rest of it all worth it.

--Neighbor Lady

kathy a. said...

Aw, NL. Yay that NB's evening is saved! Hope NG is feeling better tomorrow, and that the celebration rocks! That is so great about the student!!

Sue, being a soprano only means an "elevated risk" of playing crash-cars in the choir loft. I'm sure pixies would never do that.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Sue, I may have laughed with recognition about the soprano drama comment (I'm mezzanine, and alternate between soprano and alto sections). I also said "of course" about choir drama concept in general: my mom is on the board for a big- deal choir here. For a few years, their general meetings were...spirited.

W: reading news about Ukraine and worrying. (I have an uncle who lives in a Russian-speaking area of Ukraine. Not Crimea, but just too close.)

Sue said...

Hugs to the Neighbor family. I hope NG feels much better soon. So young for that much hurt.... I'm glad NB's birthday was saved. And yay about your student!!


(((((Miranda)))) I hope the GS cookies helped!