Monday, March 24, 2014

Wednesday Whining: Had my fill of DRAMA for the sake of DRAMA

A friend of mine just tried to get me to believe that the WORLD is COMING TO AN END because a large local multi-governmental infrastructure project is <GASP> delayed in delivery due to some less-than-stellar safety tests. And that we'll NEVER get the next phase of the project because of this delay.

I pointed out that these projects almost never get delivered on time, and she's gone off in a huff. Which is my fault for using the words, "hard to take you seriously".

But peeps, it's really fireplacing hard to take her seriously. Her husband is an @rchi+ec+. She works on The Hill. Delays happen. Dial it back.

Meanwhile, I'm loving my new job.

What's up with you?


kathy a. said...

New job!! Yay!!

May I go to the no-drama room, too? There was this pretty upsetting, not very bloggable DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA with someone the other day, and sheesh.

AW: Anniversary tomorrow!

AW: Daughter wants to foster some kittens. I think they will make our current cat population happy, too. Instant anti-depressant.

kathy a. said...

W: Junior the WonderDog escaped this morning -- dashed out the gate when daughter went to pet her. All part of her scheme to spend the day in the house. It isn't 60 degrees yet; she might freeze to death outside.

esperanza said...

New job? Do tell.

kathy, I'm not sure I could foster anything without adopting it in the end.

Happy anniversary!

W, Old Skool: slept so hard (AW, and minor miracle) the other night that my ear (the outside part) hurt the next morning. Which led me to the idea of detachable ears. It would solve so many of my minor irritations.

AW: this funky bump in my mouth is just scar tissue from a poke or burn, says the oral surgeon. Come back in a month, if it looks the same, he can "excise" the tip of it. (If he were to excise the whole thing, there would be nerve damage, which would lead to me burning myself worse the next time because I couldn't feel it, etc). Now feeling justified in not telling my parents about it.

kathy a. said...

Mullet! Esperanza's got mullet, with "detachable ears."

Yeepers, I hate things in/around the mouth, but benign things are way better than the other kind. Also, it all heals fast, if you go that way.

I ended up adopting the last batch so they would not have to go to some feral colony, but we did 8 batches of kittens before that. Daughter is very good at making babies adoptable.

Liz said...

Am currently at my desk at my new job wearing a bathrobe. My job is doing admin for my husband's company, so as to free up his time to do more billables and marketing.

kathy a. said...

My sibs got me a bathrobe when I began at the home office! ("Here's your new wardrobe!") It was very popular with the foster kittens.

Liz said...

I love it.

However, Husband and I have agreed that actually we'll get showered and dressed as though we were going to see people other than ourselves and Muffin Man every day.

Today was special because of issues related to "mild" Indian food and my stupid colon.


kathy a. said...

I mostly hung that bathrobe on a low hook -- used it for the occasional delivery when I was not quite decent -- and the kittens just shredded the heck out of its lower portions. Not so much the intended use, but it served. ;)

Hope things, ahem, settle down.

Miranda said...

Maybe this isn't a good week to talk about the thing that is getting me riled up (not connected with the unfloggable whine of last week which does fit in this week)?

You see, I have finished my term on this thing. I indicated I would do it again and may have indicated that I would consider another position if needed to the one in charge of filling the things.

I'm now kind of making myself neurotic for the following reasons:

1 - They don't like me. They don't want me back. Matter of fact, I have embarrassed myself the entire time I have been on the thing or associated with the bigger thing. I should move to Antarctica and change my name.

2 - They want me to do a Bigger Thing and just assumed I would do it. But I don't know if I have time to do a Bigger Thing. What if I do a bad job? What if I embarrass myself? What if I have to move to Antarctica and change my name because everyone hates me?

My head can be a scary place at times.

kathy a. said...

((( Miranda ))) This isn't about you. Sounds to me like they're messing with you, to get you to do something else, something more draining. Ralph is at attention. xoxo

esperanza said...

Oh, Miranda. It says more about them than you.

W: someday I will stop making the same dumb sewing mistake over and over and over again.

W: In related news, I hate the seam ripper.

Sue said...

"Detachable ears" - love!

I'm glad the new job is working out Liz! I bet the coffee is good too.

Kathy a - I would have a hard time fostering as well. It would mark the beginning of my CCW days, no doubt.

(((((Miranda))))) what the others have said - it's about them, not you.

I can't help you with any sewing related whines esperanza, sorry. I'm glad the mouth growth was benign. Those are so worrisome.

Liz said...

It. Is. Snowing.

Sue said...

*head desk* Noooooooo!!!!

Winter. Dead to me.

That is all.

kathy a. said...

How is snow even possible? It's supposed to be cherry blossom season.

W: All the family stress of the last week finally erupted (in a predictable fashion) with a good old fashioned argument about the dishwasher, and human deficiencies in the dishwashing arena. AW: All is well! It was the stress talking, and there was a diplomatic resolution.

W: Daughter came home in tears yesterday, because her boss dumped all over her for something that wasn't her fault. She hasn't been trained well; the job has changed several times in the weeks since she did the thing she was blamed for; several people have quit or given notice in the past couple weeks. I'm diagnosing boss from hell. AW: There were big choc chip cookies at hand. She left this morning with the upbeat thought that today cannot possibly be worse than yesterday.

AW: Romantic anniversary dinner tonight. :)

Sue said...

kathy, I'm sorry to hear about all the family stress arriving at the dishwasher. Thankfully, you both know what it's really about. Diplomacy is good! Have a great romantic dinner - you both deserve it!

Sorry too about daughter's job troubles. :(

W: Unbloggable Chunky politics.

kathy a. said...

Esperanza -- I, too, hate the seam ripper. Most often, my date with it is because of a right/wrong side error, which is totally a rookie mistake.

Sue -- sending the Posse.

esperanza said...

That is precisely the error I made. Wrong side sewed to right side, stretching the fabric out of shape so that after I ripped out the seam, it no longer fit together correctly. "Rookie" is a nice way to describe it. I said something more like dumb@ss.

Chunky politics, bah humbug.

kathy a. said...

A little steaming with the iron can help get the fabric in better shape. (but you knew that.) The sewing motto should be -- and it's truthful! -- nobody else will notice that little glitch.

esperanza said...

I just wish I would learn from the MANY iterations of this same mistake. Duh.

kathy a. said...

The News and Bloviations are making me grumpy. Here's a PSA on "religious freedom" -- it doesn't mean you (and/or your snazzy corporation) get to impose yours on someone else.

kathy a. said...

Dinner was lovely!

It is 4:15 a.m. My SIL has called 3 times in the past half hour, to find out when her brother is coming to pick her up for the Big Hospital appointment. Gah. The phone is really loud in the night!

Sue said...

I'm glad the dinner went so well kathy, but I'm sure sorry to hear about the middle of the night phone calls. Yes, the phone rings much more loudly in the quiet of the night. :(

I'm thinking of all the folks on the east coast today. That's a big storm. Stay warm, stay safe.

W: My office admin just reminded me that I've already done more weddings, funerals and baptisms in the first three months of this year than I did ALL LAST YEAR. Sheesh. No wonder I'm a bit over the whelmed.

esperanza said...

I was just about to whine about my 5:30 AM Baboo wakeup, when kathy a made that seem completely civilized! Ugh. No bueno.

The "extras" do add up, Sue.

kathy a. said...

SIL's been calling several times a day about this appointment -- and I thought that was great, because she wasn't calling to find out "what time" her brother was coming because she needs to go to an apartment. A new obsession!

I think she is struggling to have some order in her mind, but she cannot track time or dates at all, and can't remember that she just called. 4 a.m. is an exciting new development, though.

Sue, no wonder you feel tired!

esperanza said...

Why are joyful, playful little girl voices also so shrill? Asking for a friend.

kathy a. said...

Yes, they are piercing! If it helps your friend, at least you can tell where they are, and they aren't smashing things as boys sometimes are more prone to do. Not that I'd know personally...

Andy said...

Ears detach. It's getting them to reattach that is the tricky part.

W: Seriously sick. Left work at lunch yesterday, took today off.

W: Today was a Big Patient Event that I missed. Calling in on these "all hands on deck" days is frowned upon.

W: But I really really am sick. And I can't seem to shake it.

kathy a. said...

Andy, sending some soup, tea, a tv tray above Diesel level, and a "get out of work" pass. On the up side, your people will cheer you when you get back!

esperanza said...

Hmm, you're right, Andy. Perhaps I need to refine my invention a bit.

Hope you're better soon.

Sue said...

Feel better soon Andy. While calling in sick may be frowned upon, I'm sure showing up at work with a virus to share wouldn't be popular either, right?

AW: I have a new understanding of bears and hibernation. I think they actually wake up at key points in the winter, look outside, then go back to the warmth of their bed after saying "Fireplace it, wake me up when I can see green grass."

Or perhaps that's me projecting my own stuff onto the bears. One can never know for sure....

kathy a. said...

Bears. :)

Whole series of frantic phone calls last night from MIL's sister and best friend, because MIL was again feeling poorly. "You have to come down here and do something" was the friend's sentiment -- MIL is 2.5 hours away; SIL has her Big Teaching Hospital appointment today; and besides, my beloved was there last weekend, he called the ambulance, and his mom refused to go. He doesn't have any legal authority to force her. Well, a little while later, the friend talked MIL into going. Yay!

Think my beloved will be going back down this weekend.

Sue said...

Oh my goodness kathy, you've got a lot going on. Thinking of you today at the appointment for SIL.

kathy a. said...

My aunt-in-law was complaining that MIL's friend is "pushy." I know the friend is just scared, and she wishes someone had a magic wand. In the normal course, we'd be more involved despite the distance; the SIL situation has taken a lot of our attention.

SIL kept calling until 9:30 last night, each time asking when her brother is coming. Sigh.

kathy a. said...

TMI -- it's UTI, very close to Liz's guess last week.

Liz said...


Queen of West Procrastination said...

(((kathy a)))

Andy, I'm glad that you took a sick day, even if it was an inconvenient day to do so. I'm absolutely sure that they'd be more annoyed if you made everyone sick there, instead.

W: I've been too busy to whine! This fireplacing chapter. I'm so close to being done, and it's still going to take a little while. It's four weeks overdue, at this point, and that is taking time away from the other writing that still has to happen.

Also W: I couldn't figure out why I was so exhausted, and then realised that I hadn't had any caffeine today!

AW: Took an accidental nap in a chair, and that helped for a while.

Also AW: E's gone for the afternoon, playing with kids! My cousin came and took her to see some friends who are visiting from out of town. So many people are stepping up to take her off my hands, so that I can finish. This community is why we moved home.

kathy a. said...

QWP, you can do it! So wonderful having that supportive community. Go, team! Go, you! Sending coffee!

Team MIL: It appears that MIL's best friend has gotten overwhelmed because MIL needs a lot more help than she can handle. The fab aunt-in-law is lining up meal deliveries once MIL is home -- she found the place, and they already deliver to nearby seniors. I'm trying to scope out home help (with my cousin's local assistance), because MIL really needs some on a regular basis. A start, anyway.

Team SIL: Someone must have locked her phone in a drawer or something, because no calls today! My sweetie is off to shuttle her to/from the appointment; she will enjoy the drive and the attention at the appointment.

esperanza said...

I do believe Liz has a higher accuracy percentage for online diagnoses than Dr. Google.

W: Planning on taking the Baboos to the zoo tomorrow. I may just leave them there to learn manners from the monkeys.

kathy a. said...


Queen of West Procrastination said...

Esperanza: ha!

W: E just got home from playing with kids. (My friends had 3 kids in 3 years plus a month, and so there's a boy who is almost 4 1/2, a girl who is 3-ish, and a toddler who was born the week after E.) The report is that they were all miserable together, and E and the middle girl had an epic throwdown. But here's the thing: the fight happened because the kids wanted to play with the Beloved Sticks that E brought for comfort (she has a lot of random objects that she takes for comfort: today, it was a glow stick and a long magnetic stick, which she took so that she could tap them together in the car. Yesterday, it was a large plastic popsicle stick, and often it's a spoon). My cousin told the kids that they couldn't take E's sticks unless she set them down, and so when she momentarily forgot about them, the kids took her sticks and taunted her by holding them over her head! Which led to a fight between E and a 3-ish-year-old.

I know not to expect maturity out of 3 and 4-year-olds, but I'm a little frustrated that this happened. (E plays with kids that age all the time, and they've all been gentle with her, particularly the ones who have little siblings her age.) I'm now dealing with a stressed-out toddler, who needs an afternoon nap, but is freaking out.

kathy a. said...

The bigger kids are old enough to know the concept of "sharing," and E was not sharing. E stood up for herself, and she also got the sticks back. There are some teachable moments in there someplace.... xoxo

Sue said...

Yay Liz - excellent diagnostic work!

kathy a - i'm glad the meal delivery is set up. I'm sure it will make a big difference.

QWP - I hope the last chapter is on its way to being done. Boo about the stressed out toddler - poor thing.

I'm all for learning monkey manners. Just sayin'...

Queen of West Procrastination said...

I really should have told B to do what I normally do: when I get to a place with other kids, I hide her comfort items in the diaper bag. Because she'll share all the rest of her toys happily, except for whatever she's designated to be her comfort item. Basically, she gave up using a soother, and replaced it with spoons and things. I don't push E to share her spoons etc, because no one else expects toddlers to share pacifiers.

It's just a good thing that if had the presence of mind not to let her take Bunny along. She's fine with other kids playing with Bunny, but if anyone were to purposely keep Bunny from her and taunt her with that, it would break her brain.

kathy a. said...

The diaper bag safety zone sounds great. Spoons etc. just aren't so readily identifiable as comfies.

Liz is teh diagnostic queen!

kathy a. said...

OK. Daughter and I are off for an early dinner with SIL and my beloved. At the very same place where one week ago, I met an entirely different person who -- unbloggable. But they have nice food and pastries.

kathy a. said...

Big chocolate chip cookies for everyone! Or curly fries, if that helps.

Daughter and I scoped out a new make and/or paint your own pottery shop after dinner. Among other selections, it has several TTfTE items, which made me cheerful.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Oh, I will take those cookies and curly fries, thank you very much.

AW: since Mr. Q has been gone all evening for his school's science fair, my whole family came over and brought supper. Both E and I needed that.

W: so. tired. Still a few more pages to write, and I'm just so tired.

I've figured out why I was so bothered this afternoon: it's the first time E has been teased by anyone, and I wasn't there to help her. The idea of bigger kids taunting her by purposely keeping her lovies out of reach brought out my inner Mama Bear. She's fine now (even though she wouldn't nap after that, she went to bed early, and a visit with my parents mellowed her out), and so I need to remember that toddlers are more resilient than I give them credit.

kathy a. said...

Big AW: 8:47 p.m., a few hours after SIL's Big Teaching Hospital eval, we got this fabulous long helpful detailed note from the neurologist, with various recommendations and offers of additional help. Who does that?

W: SIL says (x infinity, every 2 minutes) this "therapist" did not help her at all, because the doctor said she can't move to an apartment.

Did I mention that I love this doctor so much? I do. We just got very lucky that someone who knows this weird dementia and also cares about families and the practical stuff ended up being on SIL's case.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Oh wow, what a good specialist, kathy a. That is so helpful. So thankful you have someone like that on your side.

Liz said...

Yay Kathy!!

Keep whining everybody. Awards will come when they come.

Sue said...

Yay for families who bring dinner on science fair night QWP!! That's wonderful!

Yay Kathy!!! Your specialist has knowledge and compassion - a great combination in any field!

W: You remember a few weeks back when my friends went out on a night I couldn't make it? Well, the deal was they would plan for a dinner out tonight.

Yesterday the Planner of the group contacted us via email to say she is too sick to go with us, but encouraged us to go anyway. I responded by saying I was sorry she was ill and added that the three of us would make plans. The others also replied to her.

Then I emailed the other two to ask where they would like to go.


This is 14 hours later. WTFireplace????? I have seen these women TWICE since September. I can't think of a single way in which I might have offended them, unless they're annoyed that I skipped our last outing.

Hello high school, I guess I didn't leave you behind entirely.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

W: Caffeine, please. Toddler woke up at 5:30 and somehow managed to wiggle out of her diaper. Now we're both overtired. She spent part of the morning purposely trying to do dangerous things. (Seriously, she was running back and forth between pulling towels off a high shelf, so that she could climb to that shelf, trying to pry the covers off electrical sockets, and jumping up on the couch to reach stuff she's not supposed to have, or dive head-first off of it. I finally have her mellowed out and cuddly.)

AW: TV. Kids' shows have stopped the destructive streak.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Sue: that really is some bad behaviour in your friends' behalf. A gentle visit from Ralph might be in order.

kathy a. said...

((( Sue ))) Cludsticks.

QWP, my my my, what a busy girl!

More AW: the neuro was really nice and reassuring about the overall quality of care that SIL is getting, and about how "kind and patient" her brother is, etc.

kathy a. said...

Remember dueling banjos? Don't be jealous, but I have dueling notepads. MIL, SIL. Yeah, knew you'd be jealous. ;)

My aunt-in-law ended one of her emails with something about "no matter how bad it is, just dance." LOL! She's a keeper.

Sue said...

Duelling notepads..... ((((;kathy))))

Your AIL is a wise woman.

Andy said...

AW: Totally shook that cold virus that had me down.

W: Then got a very mild calf injury running a basketball active treatment group. At least I'm teaching them to play hard.

W: Then it didn't just heal overnight as I expected, so I got to go into work today to file a dreaded Incident Report.

AW: The Employee Health nurse on duty is a friend of mine. Good times reminiscing. Also, they didn't make me go to the hospital for a sore muscle.

AW: Had not one, but two possible date-related program activities lined up for this weekend!

W: But both got cancelled, one due to yet more illness, and one because her friends she thought had bailed on her unbailed themselves.

AW: Regardless, phone numbers and rainchecks. Not all bad.

AW: Gained five pounds. ::flexes::

Miranda said...

Oh...this week. I'm in full anger mode at the inconsideration of others. Let's leave it there.