Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Fuzzy Duckling Awards - Winter Edition

It’s been quite a week in pixie world, friends but we have each other and limitless unfloggable chocolate flan for solace. Grab some flan and a refreshing beverage and take a moment just for you – you deserve it!

Liz wins the Snow Day, Again? Award. You know it’s bad when you have more snow days than Middle Earth Canada. It’s a dubious honour, but you win Winter! And a happy birthday too!!

kathy a wins the All the King's Men award for her unfortunate bookcase. Here's hoping it can be reassembled. We’re so sorry about everything going on in your family and hope your people are doing better soon. 

QWP gets the Excellence in Parenting in the Trenches award for dealing with the first big tantrum so well. Nicely done Mom!! 

Elevated Risk of Mullet goes to kathy a because her home is “a spider’s idea of Tahiti.” *shudder*

Miranda wins the If I Tell You I’ll Have to Kill You award for unbloggables that we understand even without knowing the details. We’ve got your back, friend. Let us know if Ralph needs to be deployed. All this in addition to a schedule that resulted in spontaneous nappage among the pixies – don your superhero cape and tiara proudly Miranda!

Andy wins the Master of Physics award for knowing that if you put the drink ABOVE Diesel, Diesel will not knock it over. Sheesh. Poor pup. Oh, and nice tie. :)

Esperanza wins the Old Skool Award for putting conditioner in her hair instead of shampoo.Try to think of it as a new sleek look.

To everyone who is overwhelmed with Things to Do, caring for grieving colleagues, trying to gain weight, parents who overdo every silly holiday, heavy furniture, body-sized heating pads, food stubbornness, unbloggable lost worm-holes of doom, and procrastinating….take a bow. Take a bow with an extra flourish if I missed your whine (sorry).


kathy a. said...

Sue! Very excellent ceremony; thank you!

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Lovely ceremony! Well done sorting through the whines, and thank you for hosting this week.

Miranda said...

Fun awards, Sue!! Thanks for offering up Ralph. I think the situation is past the point where Ralph can be of use. Unfortunately.

kathy a. said...

Ralph has special skills. Ralph is not scared off by the impossible. xoxo