Saturday, March 15, 2014

Amazingly short ceremony, updated

Passing the pizza (vegan and gluten-free choices available), and everyone gets a sparkly green hat so nobody gets pinched on Monday.  As you know, we are all about style around here.

So many excellent whines and anti-whines this week!  Your host ran into something of a wall, though, and so is wishing everyone well, encouraging hugs as needed, and deploying Ralph and the Cluestick Posse to deal with the miscreants. 

Cheers!  Feel free to keep whining and anti-whining, should the mood strike.
ETA, some actual awards!

New Toofie Award to QWP’s E!  Kudos for the Or@jel warning.

Queen of West Procrastination herself wins the Talkin’ It Out Award, for repairing a friendship in danger of wreckage because of loose comments online. 

The Let’s Do the Time Change Again Award goes to Sue, who finally persuaded the auto clock to get with the program. 

Liz gets the Super-Classy TMI Award!  We don’t think you’re ready for the d3p3nds just yet. ;)

Andy wins the coveted Elevated Risk of Mullet Award, with his description of Diesel (the hunk-of-maniliness doxie) making his best moves on Luca (the chocolate lab in distress).  OMG!  Yay for Andy’s patients, giving him an ovation on the return to work – we like ‘em.  Congrats on the 5 K!

Cluesticks, obviously, to Andy’s friend, whose big problem is too many women falling all over him, and related issues.  Seriously?  Also, we just don’t know what to say about the ex-ish and her antics, but Siberia sounds like a good place for her to sort it out.

Miranda wins the Chunky Train Wreck Award, for a combo plate of threats to remove her great kid from an organization for which she has worked hard, and a speaker who has retrograde ideas about women.  This award comes with a special Crochet Rage sash, which we think was a fabulous way to deal.

The Posse
is also off to gently visit Sue’s friends, who just can’t seem to schedule a get-together except the night when she can’t go.  Phooey on that. 

Liz wins the Fighting the Demons Award, dealing with both MS w0rd and stupidjerks involved with the crap she is trying to fix.

Speaking of w0rd, although Clippy has some fans, it is probably to the good that Clippy has gone into hiding.  Except for the occasional friendly appearance here.

Neighbor Lady sadly wins the Finding a Creepy Person Award, because a person who has been in her house and met her kids is also on the Official Creep List.  Gah!  Xoxo

Esperanza’s Dad wins the Fred Astaire Award, for taps on his shoes!  We wish Esperanza the best with sorting the mountain of dusty dirty furniture. 


Sue said...

Kathy, you get an award for using the word miscreants!

Thanks for hosting!

esperanza said...

Thanks for hosting, kathy a. Walls are certainly understandable.

kathy a. said...

AW: son and his sweet GF came over for corned beef and etc. Son and dad went to the dog room to talk trucks and whatever. Daughter and son's sweet GF are having this long talk with lots of laughing!!!! The get along, but it has mostly been more distant until now. Yay!

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Kathy, thanks for hosting, and what a lovely awards ceremony!