Saturday, November 16, 2013

Autumn Awesomeness

Here, pull up a cushion and join us for some sushi!  We had a lovely dinner last night to celebrate my beloved's birthday -- got the VIP room with tatami mats and everything -- and enjoyed a fun evening with the kids, son's delightful girlfriend, and the cool cousins.

In very exciting community news, Wednesday Whining adopted, by unanimous consent, the motto "Whatever Works."  Thanks to Liz for installing the tasteful banner.

Furthermore, we elected Ralph as the team mascot.  Ralph is the person someone else thinks you are, but you aren't; and among Ralph's responsibilities will be regular appearances with the Cluestick Posse

The Posse plans to visit conflict-ridden adults who can't behave like they're out of high school, the county drainage commissioners who left behind a trail of destruction, retailers who run out of the reasonably-priced item one needs, insurance companies, certain politicians, those mean kids, and other deserving persons or entities.

It turns out that several otherwise dignified Pixies share the ability to get stuff all over their otherwise clean clothing.  We are proud to award Sue the coveted Elevated Risk of Mullet Award, for "As for the spilling, sigh. I am a breathing, walking placemat. Seriously." 

On a related note, Liz wins the Crime Scene Fashions Award for the nosebleed that ruined her pink turtleneck.  Fortunately, Liz is also the in-house expert on silver linings and locating sales, so she swiftly found a replacement. 

Also rocking the fashions this week, Queen of West Procrastination wins the Happy Haircut Award; she is now sporting an actual pixie instead of an actual mullet!  How happy is the haircut?  "Anything is possible in a world where I have this haircut!"

The Unwelcome Visitor Award goes to Esperanza, who aquired chiggers in the course of duty, in unscratchable places.   JenR contributes the Homegrown Solution, clear nail polish.    

QWP wins the Addition to the Lexicon Award, for "mulletacular."  Runner up is Esperanza, with "albatrossi," the plural of a work albatross.

 Neighbor Lady wins this week's Parenting Challenge Award, for expertly helping Neighbor Boy through this bullying situation.  Brava!  And Kudos to NB!

The Spare Bunny Award goes to QWP, who finally found an object that lulls Lil E to sleep.

Esperanza wins a prize for Political Observation of the Week:  "Is it bad that Texas feels relieved that the mayor acting like an idiot is not from our state? Nothing against Canada, it's just a relief that they don't ALL belong to us :)" 

Sue wins the Not-a-Triangle Award, for negotiating a situation.

Sigh of relief and many hugs for Purple Kangaroo's young relative, who does not have a br@in tum0r or cyst!  Big Pixie Excitement for PK's ever-closer due date!


Sue said...

Great awards kathy a!!!! Thanks!!

esperanza said...

Thanks! It has been an eventful week in the WW administrative department, huh?

kathy a. said...

Um, the moderator might have gone a bit overboard with these incredible super-powers. We should probably give further consideration to the mascot; although I'd like to point out that this mascot offers rich lexicon opportunities.

It was definitely time to retire "new home of the Pixie Ball" on the banner, though.

Liz Miller said...

After more than 6 years??? Yeah.

Xlnt awards!