Monday, November 12, 2012

Quick picks

Which do you prefer?  Discuss those that catch your eye -- and feel free to suggest additional choices!

Bonus points for whines and antiwhines addressing one or more theme.  We expect strong competition in the Mullet division this week. 

Maxwell Smart or James Bond
pig or cow
scrambled, fried, or poached
gelato or fro-yo
Mystery, non-fiction, or Sci-Fi
purple, green, or orange
chocolate mint or apple cinammon
bathroom flood or kitchen disaster
cat or dog
mountains or ocean
morning or night
spring or fall
robocalls or attempting to reach customer service
coffee or tea
white glue or rubber cement
cloth bandaids or cute bandaids
short or long
turtle or hare
flash-mob or parade
comedy or drama
comic section or sports section
science museum or art museum
potty training or driver's training


debangel said...

It's Mad Libs, Whining Edition! Sweet! :)

kathy a. said...

Oooh, Mad Libs would be a GREAT idea! but kinda like that.

I am totally Maxwell Smart, for reasons too plentiful to discuss in full, but my war wound to the knee is healing, thank you. And that confirms my devotion to flex fabric bandages, which are not nearly as cute as Dora the Explorer, but YMMV depending on the wounded one.

esperanza said...

I will out myself as an egg-disliker (with the exception of pies, cakes, and cookies); a dog person (sorry, all you cat people); and a cute bandaid person (they all give me a rash, so might as well go cute). The last question is scaring me, so I refuse to answer.

W: "Gentle" horse that Sweet rides got scared about something and jumped around today, with Sweet on her back.

AW: Sweet is a genuine cowgirl, held on through the whole bit, and didn't even cry. She admitted later that she was scared, but was happy to get back on the horse. She is a tough cookie.

AW: Accomplished things on the to-do list today, like yard work.

W: my aching back

liz said...

Duh, MYSTERY. Followed by Science Fiction.

debangel said...

Wow, this list makes for a pretty good "getting-to-know-you-better" discussion amongst the Pixies!

Whine: I had no idea who Maxwell Smart was until I looked him up.
Antiwhine: right up my alley!! Definitely him over Bond. Bonus: he has a Cone of Silence! I vote we make him an Honorary Pixie :)

Pig+ cow= bacon cheeseburger. Mmmmm.
Eggs: any way but fertilized, please.
Frozen dairy products: yes!! Gelato in Italy, fro-yo at Costco. Happiness for a buck thirty-five :)
Sci-fi geek to the core, followed by mysteries and then mostly non-fiction about food, honestly ;)
I grow a chocolate mint plant every year to use in fruit salad. Apples and cinnamon are soul mates.
I never have kitchen disasters. Seekrit Sooperpower.
I love cats and dogs almost equally. I tend to own very dog-like cats, and cat-like dogs, however.
Morning is like fire. BAD. Not a night person, either. I'm crepuscular.
Fall! But not the fake fall sh*t we have here in Colorado, where it's summer and winter attempting to duke it out all year. New Jersey red-leaves-and-deep-blue-sky fall.
Like dogs and cats, I love coffee and tea pretty equally. I'm weird.
Robocalls would have turned me into a Democrat if I hadn't already been one..the Republicans called me about 6 times a day! Thinking of changing my number to 976-LIBERAL for 2016.
White glue is more fun to peel off your hands, but rubber cement is better for sniffing. OR SO I HEAR.
Cute bandaids is a perk of having small girl children.
Short or long WHAT? I'm gonna go with "long", just in case ;)
I'd love to see a turtle flash mob.
Definitely comedy, and I always read the comics in the paper first thing, as a buffer :)
I love museums, period.
And, I don't know what I'm dreading the most, potty training, or driver's training. I plan to sh*t myself in fear the first time I have to sit in the passenger's seat with one of my girls behind the wheel..does that count as both??

liz said...

Debangel for Mullet! Debangel for Mullet!

Sue said...

Great start to the whining for the week. Thanks for the early discussion material kathy a!

Glad your knee is healing up too.

Yay for Sweet, the toughest cookie we know.

Maxwell Smart for Honorary Pixie!!

What I love about Maxwell is that he's clumsy, often mistaken, occasionally bumbling, but still manages to get the job done every time. My hero!!

Definitely scrambled. Mystery. Purple!!

Cat person here. Not because I dislike dogs, I've just never owned one. I love my friends' dogs.

My biggest dog issue is with people who think it's cute when Fido sniffs the crotch of a guest in their home. This happens all too often when I do home visits.

Really, if your dog does that, find a room where pup can comfortably rest during our visit. It's fireplacing embarassing to have dog slobber on your crotch.

End of rant.

Cloth bandaids. Turtle.

Sue said...

Lol debangel!!

kathy a. said...

scrambled mystery purple -- my kinda pixie, sue!

turtle flash mob is like the best thing evah...

for the greater education of all: white glue is what one needs for wood projects. but rubber cement is THE superior adhesive for paper projects. plus, it is self-cleaning: a little ball of dried rubber cement will pick up any bits that run out from the edges, and cleanly. you are not supposed to sniff it. (this PSA brought to you by a former yearbook editor, from back before all that stuff started happening in pixels. i also recommend the exacto knife and a steel ruler, for cropping photos.)

kathy a. said...

sue -- crotch sniffing means the dog likes you. lucky you. ;)

Sue said...

Oh yay! My apparent doggie pheromones might explain my cat's general displeasure with me (unless I have a fuzzy blankie over me). :)

scrambled mystery purple! I think that's my new superhero alias! My cape is purple. Of course it is.

And turtle flashmob? yutube sensation - if you ever see one - film it!!

kathy a. said...

postal service or delivery service?

i'm going postal! and i feel so much like santa, taking packages of cards (holiday and blank), paper, stamps, pens, + envelopes for delivery to folks who need them.

Sarah said...

Ha! debangel made me crack up. And if I could ever find the time, I'd go through the list too. Thanks for the choices, Kathy!

Whine: My son has been sick since the weekend. Seemed like a cold and I tried to be good and think, viruses are annoying. But took him in to day because he's not getting better. STREP throat. Blankety-blank, fireplace.

He did not complain of a sore throat. He's terrible congested.

AW? No one else is sick. And it better stay that way, please??

esperanza said...

Strep is a puzzle, Sarah. Mini had it, and her only symptom was congestion. No fever, no sore throat, no reduction in crazy energy, nada. Strep test was positive.

Fingers crossed that no one else gets it. (You got the launder everything in hot water and get new toothbrushes recommendation, right?)

kathy a. said...

oy, sarah! and -- no sharing towels, everybody gets a clean cup, plus the wipedowns of all common surfaces. and hand-washing!

germies are common. but i'll urge you to pay attention to the congestion and/or wheezies. for kids who are maybe oriented toward asthma -- it really doesn't matter if it is a cold, or a virus, or allergies, or too much gunk in the air -- they get triggered easily. catching that early, and treating the breathing, is best.

i might be reading too much into these whines... xoxo

Sue said...

Oh Sarah, sorry to hear about the strep.

kathy a. said...

i'd take 10 robocalls before expecting anything from customer service. hey, i get the robocalls, anyway! my stupid stupid main email is suddenly refusing to attach documents. even little ones. my work is all about documents. if i have to change my internet provider (and main email), i will be way more cranky than usual.

wednesday is not ending for another day or 2, so sally forth!

kathy a. said...

i've had a couple of fabulous contacts with my ISP. the first misunderstood my problem, and tried to sell me internet phone service so i could send txts to email. HONK! srsly, if you ever see me texting, you may as well shoot me, because it is probably rabies.

so, then i got another perky email rep, who opined that my documents might be too big to send. (nope. and seriously, i know from big docs.) and then she recommended calling the phone help, known to experienced customers as "the phone tree of dooom". HONK!

i'm really finding the email customer service experience a lot more entertaining than being on terminal hold and listening to all the perky things i could add to my internet thingy for just dollars and dollars more than the outrageous amount i am already paying. :)

kathy a. said...

Well, in the spirit of telling it like it turns out to be, I was kinda mean to the customer support people. Because a little experimentation makes it seem like a browser issue, not an ISP issue. I sent an apology, but figure that will only go to a random customer service person. Sigh.

Sarah said...

Kathy - I hate that. The whole process where you can't figure out what's broken and the paid professionals can't either. I freaked out at work yesterday because my boss uses Hotmail, not the office email and we got a message saying Hotmail had placed our ISP on a spam list and our emails were being refused. And WTH??? And then I talked to my boss and she said, oh, it's better. That just hiccups some days.

Good luck with the giant document mailing.

AW: the antibiotics are helping. And good point on toothbrushes.

Miranda said...

I would like to know why my back hurts and my leg is numb. So would the docs here at Swanky Hospital.

kathy a. said...

((( miranda ))) xoxo

sending virtual everything -- books, cake, chocolate, flowers, company....