Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thankful Awards Show

First, a parade in the streets of New York! With giant balloons! And cheerleaders! Because kathy a. is seven weeks smoke free! Hooray for you!!

Sue is rocking the great ideas this week: slothing about, getting a bit of fresh air, husbands who shoe-shop, and best of all...earning her the Mullet..."Spouse-Be-Gone!!! Just spray liberally around the kitchen and those pesky helpers will be gone in no time."

Hugs to everyone who is missing someone special this holiday season, anyone dealing with sick kids or annoying relatives, and vertigo sufferers.

Hooray for found diamonds, relief of spousal stress, and leftover stuffing (my Southern self says "dressing," but whatever).

Apologies for the brevity of the awards ceremony, hugs to anyone who feels left out, and a round of thanksgiving for such good friends. Come back next, probably, for more whining with kathy a.


liz said...

Terrific awards!

W: The holiday star donuts at Dunkin Donuts have garish green frosting on them. The picture on the drive-thru showed it as being chocolate frosting.


Sue said...

Thanks esperanza!

I grew up saying "dressing" as well. My grandmothers and my mom never referred to it as stuffing.

kathy a. said...

thank you, esperanza!

we don't actually stuff the bird with it. but dressing sounds too much like "salad dressing," which is likely to be on the same table...