Monday, November 5, 2012

Let's Do the Time Change Again

The true seasonal whine has been lost amidst all the electoral angst and prognosticating, but I hate with a burning passion the fall switch to non-daylight-savings-time.  Pretty soon, it will be dark here around 5 p.m., and that makes me grumpy and sad.  Harrrumph.  (Although I have got nothing, compared to those Pixies located more northerly....)

So, let's return to the other big events of the week and/or season.  First in our hearts are those affected by Sandy the Menace.  Please share news affecting you and yours, and any tips on relieving the suffering of those afflicted and affected.  

Next, that thing that is ALMOST FINALLY OVER (hat tip to Miranda).  In a decent world, there would not be several straight years of insanity surrounding an election.  And yet, this one is important to many of us.  So, here are my 2 cents; please add yours.

* VOTE!  Protect the ability to vote.  Celebrate voting!  Remember, you can't complain if you didn't vote.

*  You can't vote responsibly without finding out about the things you are voting on -- right down to those ballot measures and local contests.  With the right, comes the responsibility.  Pass it on.

*  Care for one another.  That is the basic obligation of living in a society. 

*  Listen. People do have different points of view.  (Caveat:  "you're stupid" is not a reasoned argument, even if it is said loudly and often.) 

 I'm thinking we need to be passing the comfort food for the duration.  Suggestions welcome!

What's it like over your way?

ETA:  Red Cross donations -- where to send what you can.  This won't be over soon for a good many people.


kathy a. said...

Dang. This post did not include a lot of light notes, or small notes -- which make the Whiner's Ball what it is!

W: Senior cat, Persephone, has decided to celebrate fall by sleeping in my hair. My HAIR!

AW/?: I saw a young man today, whom I've known since he was in about K -- and now he's 25. So, I hugged him in a public place. Does that make me a weird old lady?

W: The oven works, but the food processor doesn't. AW: No fingers chopped!!

esperanza said...

AW: Sweet gets her cast off Wednesday. Please send calm and cooperative vibes in her/our direction.

AW: Had a great time doing something that used to be my job, back when I got paid. W: I miss it.

Sarah said...

KathyA - on your hair?? And not a weird old lady, no!

Sedating thoughts for Esperanza. And sympathy for not doing the work you miss.

Whine: spent the night angry at a person with a long unbloggable story. We will discuss today. But grr. I hate that. Note to the Universe - save bad news for the morning, please.

W/AW: election day is here! It makes my teeth hurt. la-la-la can't think about

liz said...

AW: Election Day!
AW: I'll be at the polls handing out sample ballots!
AW: I'm starting at 0900 instead of 0530 for the first time in SEVEN YEARS!!!
AW: It's going to be a beautiful sunny day.

W: Baby, it's cold outside. I predict whining from Muffin Man.

liz said...


kathy a. said...

esperanza -- yay for the good time! crossing fingers all goes smoothly with the cast.

((( sarah ))) hope things are a tad better today.

yay, liz and muffin man!

i did my last shift of voter outreach on my issue this morning! a lot of people have voted already, but we have a bunch of ballot measures -- so people are still wondering about those.

kathy a. said...

i just made a bunch of dolmas. want some?

Miranda said...


I'm dying to ask for a Pixie intervention but it would involve an explanation which I can't give on the internet.

AW: My kids have no idea there are cable news networks but are totally into projecting electoral vote scenarios for tonight.

Miranda said...

AW: And the kids are talking about how important this election is to their future.

Today, I waited two hours (one in sub-freezing weather) to vote at a Arab Christian in a largely non-white precinct. The man in front of me was excited to vote in his first US election. I felt so patriotic around so many who made a commitment to vote. They took off work. They had small children. They are often people that pundits forget about but we were all bonded by our commitment to US democracy.

It was so awesome.

kathy a. said...

miranda -- the posse is always at your service. ;)

yay, for voting! yay, for kids at the polling places, and kids making predictions!

my grownup kids both went to vote today. they both consulted the voter guide. all those trips to the voting booth rubbed off.

tonight is going to be too darned long, i can tell already...

Miranda said...

I'm going to bed as soon as they call Ohio. The intervention is for me for unbloggable issues.


Sue said...

Yay for cats sleeping in hair (a clear sign of kitty loooove)

Sending good thoughts for Sweet

Good pixie energy for unbloggables and things that keep one awake in the night.

Aw: Monday visit to pain clinic

W: I lost count after 27 needle pokes in my skull and right occipital.

AW: good results! Not completely pain-free, but close enough!!!!!!

AW: beautiful view of Toronto from my hotel window last night. Apparently, once the hotel knows you, and knows you will stay on the 13th floor, you get upgraded to the most awesome room ever!

kathy a. said...

hooray, sue! pain relief, AND the hotel loves you! xoxo

kathy a. said...

i'm glad the election is over!

but sad that my issue lost, narrowly. i had gotten my hopes up. it still was a great campaign.

debangel said...

Ouch, Sue! I'd say you needed that like a hole in the head, but if it's working, hooray!! (Also, I have recipes for you, I just got behind while I was sick!)

Miranda, I'm pretty sure the Pixies can provide a blanket intervention for all of your unbloggable needs. As in, let's wrap the offending party in a blanket and beat it with cluesticks.

(ahem. Obviously, Mama needs more coffee.)

Overly Obvious Anti-Whine: OBAMA FTW!! Sorry if I've offended any Republican Pixies- it's not like I think all Democrats are perfect, and all Republicans evil, but nobody who wants to take away the rights of women or my LGBT friends is ever going to get my vote. Hopefully we'll have better bipartisan cooperation in the next four years than we've had in the last.

Whine: Stoopid tonsillitis. Doc said I could wait a couple of days before seeing if they should do a strep test, since I didn't notice the HUGE WHITE PATCHES in my throat till after I was on the mend. And they are shrinking rapidly. Ever since I moved to CO and stopped getting bronchitis/pneumonia ever year (my less-than-perfect lungs definitely prefer the air out here), tonsillitis is what I get whenever I get sick. This morning, though, I woke up from a nightmare that I was checking on my throat in the mirror, and saw a spider perched on my uvula. AND IT STILL FELT THAT WAY WHEN I WOKE UP. Please tell me there's a special award for Most Realistically Gross Nightmare?

Hmm...not may more whines, really, other than Geriatric Barbie demanding that I drop the baby to her at the grocery store rather than the house. Pretty sick of the game-playing, which is why I am starting to look forward to court. I get to tell ShowerSac tomorrow that I'm filing without him, and that he can play nice with the mediator or face the judge. Heh.

Passing the hot tea and spider-free Paleo Banana Walnut Bread to all my Pixie Peeps!

kathy a. said...

nobody can mess with our miranda. that is all.

deb, hope you get the good stuff for the throat. and, ima still ready to cluestick jerkface ex, while waiting for the court to join in on harmony.

Sarah said...

All the best to Miranda.

And Sue - awesome for the hotel. Hope the shots in your head work as well as can be hoped.

DebAngel - wow - when I started allergy shots and my allergies stopped causing sinusitis repeatedly, I started getting tonsillitis. My allergist thought I was a freak, I mean unique. (And totally embarrassing, but he & I discussed whether a certain $ex act that goes near the throat, if you get my drift, might have been an exacerbating factor. And I did notice a connection. I can't believe I am even typing this, but in case it helps...)

AW: I like the national results. The state results were less pleasing.

Kathy - sorry for losing on an issue that was dear to you.

liz said...

W: My feet, and calves, and knees, and thighs all hate me.

AW: My guys won. Including my guy in California, A1an L0wentha1 (his campaign manager managed Mr. Spock's two campaigns).

AW: Marriage equality won in Maine, Maryland, and Washington.

(Kathy A) I'm sorry your ballot question lost.

liz said...

Also, the Midwest Rape Caucus lost --- big time.

kathy a. said...

the rape caucus did indeed go down! legitimately!!

liz, you list of maladies gave me the sillies for a minute, because it reminded me of that kiddie exercise song (head and shoulders, knees and toes). :)

debangel said...

Sarah..ROFLMAO! If that's the case, I'd better buy stock in Luden's and Celestial Seasonings ;) I tease Moose that *he's* allergic to *me*, because, you know, redness and swelling..

(Ok, you can smack the back of my hand with a Cluestick, just as a warning. I done earned it ;)

In all seriousness, I have either a wheat or gluten allergy (yet TBD by the allergist, when I am done being sick and can schedule an appointment), and wheat allergy especially is known for the whole gross mucous-y thing. I barely ever eat it anymore, but on our long road trip before Halloween, I jumped off the wagon and ate rest-stop food. And the best caramel rolls ever, courtesy of our host, but I probably should have stopped there. Hence the reluctance to whine overmuch, since I brought this on myself! Pretty obviously, too, since nobody else in the family caught it.

Liz, I wish I could send you to my old pedicurist in San Diego. He used to give me a 15-minute foot and leg massage, and I used to give him a 25% tip ;) Thanks for everything you did and do- your devotion to our political process is very inspiring!

liz said...

I'm sure Kathy will agree with me that canvassing and working the polls can be addictive. Once you get started, it's hard to stop!!

debangel said...

Can I post a cute kid funny in lieu of another antiwhine?

So, Ari calls James "Daddy", or "DaddyMoose", since Brian is "Papa". The other day, she was sitting at the kitchen table and passed gas rather heartily. She got a huge grin on her face and proudly announced, "I fart! I fart LIKE DADDY!" ROFL

kathy a. said...

well, i did have that war injury, tripping on the sidewalk. /falldowngoboom/

i'm forced to rethink my internet policies, which have involved hiding my work. i want to keep work and personal separate, but i'm not sure that is as important as it used to be. something to ponder.

kathy a. said...

debangel -- what you've got there is a true family. :) and she even knows the correct word for fart jokes!

Sarah said...

Kathy - good luck with the pondering.

It is dreary and dark here and I couldn't focus on anything and it isn't even like my candidates lost...I feel a bit bored. That seems so strange.

Sarah said...

I think I feel bored because I am doing things like closing Gmail in the hopes that when I reopen it, I'll have a reply to any of the number of emails I sent to friends today. Because a watched pot never boils...

kathy a. said...

junior dog brought daddy a present: one dead bird.

liz said...

I don't remember if I told you about my former friend who said that her brother and niece had been wounded in Aurora, and it turned out to be a total lie?

She's now lying about my husband.

I hate her. I hate her. I hate her. I hate her.

kathy a. said...

what what what what???!!!???
((( liz ))) that is hideous!

whining is open at least another day, so go for it.

Sarah said...

Oh yuck Liz. That's reprehensible. Hope you can cut this toxic person from your life for good. (I know, easier said than done.)

liz said...

Thank you Sarah and Kathy.

W: Am starving. Have a fasting blood test scheduled for 1:30. Should've gotten up at 5:00 and had some breakfast.

W: Also, pap smear.

AW: Good timing though because of the four periods since Sept. 1.

debangel said...

Poor Liz!! I am a chow hound and rather insisted that my doctor make my blood test appointment first dang thing in the morning. Definitely take yourself out for a very yummy treat after your appointment. Or make the hubs do it!

Speaking of which, AARGH GRRR HULK SMASH. Your former friend needs her head examined, maybe even with a dull Cluestick.

Sue said...

Oh Liz, how awful!

Sending good pixie vibes for your appointment later today.

W: Remember last week's friend/parishioner/former colleague whine?

Situation worsened. I, it seems, am a very very bad person. My friend is very weak because of spinal deterioration, refuses to use a cane, and has the whole congregation gasping every time she walks up the three (concrete) steps up to the choir loft. No rail (I'm working on that) and she will not let anyone help her.

I suggested that she join another choir member who sits in the choir loft prior to worship and waits while the choir processes in. That way she can take her time getting in place and not feel rushed.

She is furious that I would ask her to do such a thing.

See what a bi*ch I am??? Imagine, trying to keep a friend from breaking a hip, or worse. The Nerve!!!

*eye roll*

Seriously, my partner has been disabled for most of his adult life and has been through some tough transitions, including the final move to the wheelchair full time. He hasn't taken a step in six years. He has NEVER been so unreasonable and ornery.

AW: I have ZERO guilt about how I handled this. I was kind and professional. I would have felt guilty if I had seen her struggling and then watched her fall when I could have prevented it.

liz said...

Sue, rock on with your bad self trying to protect your friends from injury.

We've got your back.

kathy a. said...

ugh, liz. i do my absolute best to schedule med things in the a.m., as early as possible -- even the ones that do not involve starvation, but especially them.

and aunt flo FOUR times? ugh. likely, this is another iteration of "changes that happen as we approach M." but good to check it out.

sue -- what liz said, rock on! this is about where her head is, not about you being a bitch.

she's fighting the lessened mobility, and perhaps that caused her to hear your *offer* of an alternative as something else -- as the bad news. she has not yet reached the grace of understanding that accepting small accommodations does NOT mean she is no longer herself, no longer a viable human.

i think we all struggle to adjust when changes happen. your beloved -- he has dealt with so much of that kind of loss, and with extreme grace. and i suspect there have been many adjustments on your side, too. you do NOT smother him; for dog's sake, he is the only reason you live in a place with a kitchen and have not yet seriously harmed yourself!! ;)

the two of you have worked out how to preserve each other's dignity. even though your own church has not become accessible to him. i think, perhaps, your friend is in a pit of worry about her dignity?

debangel said...

Antiwhine! Antiwhine!! My brother the Lt. Colonel just called me, and..he just bought an engagement ring!! And I'm the first to know!! His intended is an Italian national (red tape on its way, ugh) and arriving in D.C. tomorrow and has NO CLUE he's gotten her a ring this soon. We love her to pieces and we're so glad he's not letting her get away! I CAN HAS ANOTHER BABY SISTER, YAY!!

Oh yeah, and I'm not allowed to breathe a word, LOL. Pixies are exempt, so long as nobody accidentally mentions it on Facebook ;)


Sue said...

Yay debangel for great news!!!

The pixie cone of silence is securely in place... (is anyone else old enough to remember "Get Smart"?)

kathy a - you are right about my friend. I understand that she is hurting and depressed. I've given her the contact information for a great (and cost-free) counseling service in town that I have used myself. She thanked me for that and told me I was a good friend for seeing that she needed to talk to a professional.

That's partly why her reaction to this suggestion was so surprising. She was okay with seeing a counselor but will not use a cane.

She will come around. Until then I am Darth Sue.

kathy, you were also correct about hubby being the reason my kitchen has not yet killed me. :)

btw - a few weeks ago it was a full year since the Freezer Door of Doom knocked me out. No long-lasting concussion symptoms! The ringing in my ears lasted about six months, after that, nothing. Yay!

debangel said...

Last-minute Moose has a hernia, and needs surgery!! Supposedly outpatient and not a big deal, but I am freaking out anyway because I had to stay home with the baby and couldn't go with him.

Antiwhine: He's a retired veteran and has excellent medical coverage, AND it happened at work, so we shouldn't go broke over it (a real concern in a one-income family).

I love medical stuff, all the shows, etc, but this makes me feel queasy :( My poor sweetie :( Also, now I feel really stupid for telling him "you're going to get a hernia!" every time he lifts me up a couple of inches to crack my back.

(Small, niggling side-order of whine: you know how when you have your hands full, your nose itches? Well, I need my back cracked! LOL)