Saturday, November 10, 2012

And the times, they are a-changing...

Apologies for running late again with the prizes.  We still have some Halloween candy (even some chocolate!), and I just saw some home-made pumpkin cream cheese frozen yogurt that I think we'd better taste-test, for the greater good of humanity.

The long ordeal is over at last.  Congratulations to all who participated!  We won't be doing a full postmortem here, but I'm not the only one who is very very pleased that so many strong women were elected to this and that. And, what a night for LGBT rights!

The Doorbell Queen Award goes, of course to Liz the Unstoppable, beating the pavement for what she believes.  This prize includes a courtesy pedicure and massage, and some brand new walking shoes for next season.

Future Voters of America Awards for Muffin Man, who helped Mama at the polling place, Miranda's kids, who discussed how important the election is and projected results, and every other kid who went to the polls with the parents, talked about issues and candidates, or otherwise paid attention.  Yay!  And yay for first time voters, and all voters

Rounding out our election coverage, Liz wins the coveted Elevated Risk of Mullet Award for observing, "the Midwest Rape Caucus lost --- big time."

But other things happened this week, too!

First of all, Congratulations to Esperanza's Sweet Baboo, who finally got her cast off!   

The Rock On With Your Bad Self Award goes to Sue, whose effort to protect a friend from injury was met with bad spirits.  She should know that you, of all people, mean only to help keep her body safe and strong.  (Hat tip to Liz, for the prize nomination.)

The Kids Say the Darndest Things Award goes to Debangel's Ari: "The other day, she was sitting at the kitchen table and passed gas rather heartily. She got a huge grin on her face and proudly announced, 'I fart! I fart LIKE DADDY!' ROFL"

The Addition to the Lexicon Award also goes to Sue, for invoking the "Pixie cone of silence" -- a promise that what's said here remains secret.  Congratulations to Debangel for the secret, an impending new sister-in-law!

The Cluestick Posse is saddled up.  Recipients include but are not limited to:  the jerk[s] messing with Miranda about unbloggable things;  the person/thing that made Sarah angry at night, also unbloggable;  Geriatric Barbie; and Liz' former friend, who is now lying about Liz' beloved -- that one calls for a double visit.

Best to all who are suffering from crankiness, boredom, tonsillitis and other medical maladies, excessive visits by Aunt Flo, sweeties who need medical procedures, the cold, and/or other afflictions.

Thanks for playing, and see you next week!


Sue said...

Thanks for the awards kathy!!

debangel said...

Kathy, beautiful job on the awards, as usual!

Sue- the "Pixie cone of silence" is a truly inspired and welcome addition to the lexicon!

liz said...

Terrific awards!