Monday, October 15, 2012

Whining of the Trivial Variety

Things I am spending too much time pondering:

* The state of my hair: its rapidly-increasing gray population (thanks, genes and too much stress) and its boring haircut. A new style? But what?

* Whether to go to a semi-important meeting. Would have to take the Baboos.

* The rapidly-increasing toy population in our household. (thanks, surgery-having Baboo and birthday-having Baboo)

* What to eat at my next meal.

* whether "niggle" is a word. I used it in a sermon, but as I said it, it sounded like I made it up.

What are your whines this week, pixies? Trivial or consequential, we take them all.


Sarah said...

Pretty sure niggle is a word. And I'll leave it to the more stylish Pixies to give hair advice. I will say I color and proudly ;-)

Whine: I have a hard time accepting when other people cancel that it is about them and not me.

AW: we're all enjoying the visit with my grandmother.

kathy a. said...

sarah -- it is about them!

esperanza -- the thing about hair is, it grows out! so a radical haircut that doesn't work will repair itself.

it's a little trickier with the gray. there are temp dyes; they eventually wash out. a little gentle lightening with maybe a spray-in can soften the emerging gray. i never was willing to commit to full dye or bleach/dye; and, looking on the bright side, i think my silver is all earned.

this is totally an individual choice -- no bad answers. (well, i keep telling myself that. a friend who was a gorgeous full silver in her late 30's recently started dying; and i cannot understand why she wrecked her beautiful hair that way.)

esperanza said...

I see I wasn't very clear. It's the increasing grays combined with the boring haircut. I'm fine with the grays. Fine = lazy and cheap. Need a different cut to liven things up, I think.

liz said...

I think you need something more like Moreena has. Short and kind of asymetrical.

JenR said...

Our car died again. At least I was at home and not in the middle of the road like last time.

I am convinced that baby boy's last surgery (2 weeks ago) is not healing right and he'll need another one. The doc says it's to soon to tell.

We are trying to convince ourselves to buy a house and move. Maybe this one will sell better empty. I am afraid though.

Other stuff is happening... Ugh.

Dear 2012: Uncle. I have had enough :-(

Sarah said...

Esperanza - good luck with the good cut.

JenR - hugs. I'm sorry. What a rough month. Cars and surgery and housing woes - and other stuff. If you feel like you need an escape Friday night, let me know. (I am kid-less that nigh, but we can hang with your kids or not.)

W: I am hosting the neighborhood Halloween party Saturday night. Which means I should be decorating Friday night rather than trying to lure JenR into going out. But maybe she wants to decorate with me ;-)

AW: some unbloggable things - but today they seem mostly good.

kathy a. said...

((( JenR ))) crossing fingers for the little guy. and that things look up for you!

sarah -- how are you planning to decorate?

combo plate W/AW: there have been these medical things the past couple weeks, which i didn't want to whine about because they scared me. especially when an x-ray turned up a possibility of a heart thing (which dr. google informed me was Not Curable, and the prognosis for which was Not Good). but YAY! it turns out everything's basically OK. haiku for the occasion --

doctor google is:
too much; too little; not an
actual doctor.

worry wort, am i.
better to know the worst, than
have a bad surprise.

now that i'm OK,
there appear to be many
things to catch up on!

JenR said...

aw: Another fuel pump - so at least we don't have to pay for it.

I will take you up on Friday night Sarah - decorating or going out, you pick. (Or decorate fast, then go out?)

esperanza said...

W: Now officially jealous of JenR and Sarah's ability to have fun together in real life.

JenR, that's way too much at one time.

kathy a., glad that turned out to be not much, whatever it was. Dr. Google is a quack.

Sarah said...

Oh KathyA - I hate the worry that you can't even name because it is Too Scary. And so happy you're still living. And Style Awards for Haiku!

Well Jen - I'll email you - but I think probably both :-)

And Esperanza - JenR is the only thing I got out of my ex's graduate degree. Well worth it :-)

kathy a. said...

yay, party decorating party! and, i nominate sarah for an award, for "JenR is the only thing I got out of my ex's graduate degree. Well worth it :-)"

ALERT: political rant -- pls. disregard if this is not what you want to see. dog knows, it is time to get this election over with, already.

so, "binders of women." this was what, 8 years ago? not a century ago. and he couldn't find any qualified women? (and he also was fibbish about initiating the effort to find those invisible women.) sure sounded like his motivation was to get some token gals on board... (all the better if he doesn't have to pay them the same as dudes.)

bonus cluesticking for assuming that women all need flex time (and men don't, because tending family is girl stuff) -- and for blaming single mothers for societal problems such as gun violence. seriously? also, wtf about birth control?

for more than 35 years, i have strongly believed that women can do anything, that barriers to our accomplishments need to be dismantled, and that we have earned respect and equal treatment. this shit depresses me; it angers me. i thought things would be different for my daughter; but she is an adult now, and still, there are powerful people who consider it acceptable to trivialize, blame, and control women. /end rant/

liz said...

I am dressing up as a binder full of women for Halloween.

kathy a. said...

man. i broke the blog...

Sarah said...

I want to see a picture of Liz on Halloween.

esperanza said...

W: Blogger ate my whine

As I was saying (ahem)...I want to see pictures, too, Liz.

W: Baboos and I went horseback riding today. We chose the hottest day of the week (93 F). Same thing happened last time we went (95 F). Tomorrow's high is supposed to be 80. Go figure. Signed, Stinky and Sweaty Esperanza and the Baboos who Played with Horse Poop

esperanza said...

Come to think of it, we were also there on what ended up being the hottest day of the year (107). It was only 100 while we were riding.

kathy a. said...

93, 95, 100 F? /faint/

esperanza -- i double-pinky swear that i heart "Stinky and Sweaty Esperanza and the Baboos who Played with Horse Poop," which is about the most prize-worthy sign-off evah.

liz -- in case you haven't seen this, binder reviews. we will need photos. ;)

esperanza said...

the binder reviews are genius. And hilarious.

That sign off was 100% accurate. Also cow poop. And I don't want to know what else.

Sarah said...

There has to be a prize for Experanza's signoff which made me giggle and for being around horses in over 90 degree temps!

W/AW: job interview. I think the commute would kill me. But always good practice?

kathy a. said...

job interviews are always good practice. and -- who knows, for a good enough job, one might find ways to make a commute tolerable.

Sue said...

Checking in late. Hugs for all the pixie whines and happy dances for the good stuff!

Liz - post- Hallowe'en pictures plse.

AW: This is a much better week than last, in about a gazillion ways. Long story.

W: Heavy rain today means I've spent the first part of my morning placing buckets around the sanctuary to catch the water. This poor old building is limping.

liz said...

Pictures WILL be posted.

debangel said...

Hi Pixies!

In a hurry so sending my love and passing the virtual caramel apple pops ;)

The TMI/Anti-Whine of the Century: Cervical polyp, a good-sized one. No cancer, and no more, uhh, intimate pain! (Yes, Nurse Practitioner, I know they're not supposed to hurt. Please don't make me explain why my husband's nickname is "Moose".)

Whine/Anti-Whine Combo..the current suspicion is that since my thyroid is fine, my hair loss is due to..dum sum DUM..STRESS! Getting a referral to an endocrinologist just in case, but also stocked up on some Bach's Rescue Remedy (I was a skeptic, but that stuff works for me) and scheduling some yoga. Time to put my health at a priority!

'Nother Anti-Whine: got an appointment with the low-cost attorney on Tuesday. Please cross fingers that this goes smoothly and the new parenting plan is put into effect before SeƱor ShowerSac ruins the holidays. Or tries to, anyway.

Slight Whine that is almost worth the pain..ShowerSac is going out of state on theater business, and wanted me to cover the 57 hours that he is supposed to have our daughter that week. (Keep in mind that this is the jerk who likes to snark at me for not working enough, when I am a childcare provider by profession therefore cannot afford to work just to have someone else care for our daughter.) Oh, but his live-in GF is going to take care of her the first day he's gone, because he wants to all ride to the airport together. I was not offered the extra time with Ari, probably because he doesn't want to "owe" me the time. So you know what I did? I scheduled work on those days. He wants to play house with his GF, she can take the days off and cover his butt. Heck, if she is going to be the stepmom, then she is going to have a relationship with Arianna anyway. She may be shallow and I don't like her, but that's the case whether or not I let her take her share of parental responsibility. So, she's going to have her for a 36-hour stretch of time. I get that kid back dirty or traumatized, though, and her tiny blonde head is going to roll ;-) (Seriously, though, I trust her, I just don't care for her personally.)

Eek, back to erranding! Wafting crisp autumn breezes and sunny blue skies in all Pixie directions :)

kathy a. said...

debangel -- glad that the thing turned out benign, and that it is gone! sorry about all the stress, and especially the games el jerko is playing.

i find it troubling that your daughter seems to be some kind of playing piece. i'm glad that you trust the girlfriend -- but there needs to be an agreement about how scheduling conflicts will be worked out, and it needs to be a plan that is healthy and safe for your daughter. xoxo

kathy a. said...

sue - -glad this week is better! well, except for the bucket brigade, which is prize-worthy. ;)

debangel said...

Thanks for the sweet thoughts, Kathy :) We don't have scheduling conflicts, really- I have Ari 70% of the time, and it is understood that we "cover" our own time when we have a work conflict. However, it normally ends up as me covering for his "work", which is willful underemployment at what comes to $2.50/hr, which also gets him out of paying child support. That in turn keeps me from taking paid work, and then he threatens to crush me with a "fancy high-priced lawyer" that he pays for out of his retirement fund that he's been living on. (He has an Ivy League MBA, and is not disabled.) This is the only time I have ever not dumped work to take over his "shift" with her. Oh, and he just now told me the GF won't be doing it after all and now he needs me again. Now you see why I am requesting help from the court? And losing my hair??

kathy a. said...

deb -- you do have records about that fancy retirement account, i hope? (and any other fancy assets?) in my state, that part put in the account during the marriage is community property; not sure if that fits your circumstances, but it's an asset in other states, too. willful underemployment is also taken into account in the courts. just saying. time to give your lawyer a fun case.

you have 70% of the care, and he wants to pay -- what, $50/month, while he hires fancy-ass counsel? I Don't Think So. (just my opinion to a friend; not legal advice.) just on fairness -- compare the hourly cost of fancy-ass lawyer with what mr. jerk wants to pay monthly in child support.

kathy a. said...

really, his lawyer will "crush" you? nice way to speak to the mother of his daughter. but more importantly -- this is how bullies speak when they want to bully people into giving up. fireplace that.

debangel said...

Kathy A., I love you :) And if it weren't from the support I get from my family and friends (that means you too, Pixies!), I might roll over and give up. He is utterly ridiculous..he'd rather threaten me with the expensive lawyer but if I call his bluff, he'll blame me for making him have to spend "Arianna's College Fund". Which is more like his "sitting on my worthless rear-end fund" ;) And yes, I have his financial disclosures from the last time he pulled this crap. He's about to be very sorry he decided to be such a bully.

Arianna anti-whine..she finally started eating again! She went three days barely picking at her food, after having the sickies from her booster shots. Now she's slamming Goldfish crackers like she's an apex predator great white ;)

kathy a. said...

take notes of these conversations. date them. seriously.

esperanza said...

So. Tired. Cannot catch up on sleep. Yes, I've had iron level, thyroid, etc checked. So tired.

Hey, here's an idea. I think I'll go to bed.

debangel said...

Esperanza, sounds like an acute case of "cast-itis" to me! Sweet dreams :)

liz said...

I didn't get to go to today's rally either (dumb deadlines) so I missed seeing the "Romneysia" line live.


liz said...

Hugs to DebAngel. I'm so sorry you're going through this. Take his ass(ets) to court and make them give you his nut sacks full of retirement funds.

kathy a. said...

retirement, and anything else to which you are legally entitled. you definitely should not be frightened off about the "college fund," since he is more interested in using that fund as a weapon, than the actual care and feeding of his daughter. xoxo

Sue said...


esperanza said...

Liz, you're getting Mullet for that. Awards tomorrow, but there's the spoiler. Debangel, sorry your whine is a Mullet inspiration.

debangel said...

ROFL My pleasure! Go big or go home, right? ;-) (Does this mean I have a binder full of whines?)