Monday, October 8, 2012

Pre-Holiday Holidays

Happy Thanksgiving to our Canadian Pixies!  And Happy Columbus Day, or alternatively Indigenous People's Day, to those on the U.S. side of the border.  Tomorrow is Lief Erickson Day, which my friend's dad insists we really ought to celebrate since he arrived several hundred years before Columbus. 

None of these are holidays in my state, so I had to go to the dentist and get my teeth cleaned gums poked.  No lectures about gum disease, this time!  Liz will be proud; during the traditional chatty time with my dentist, conversation drifted a certain way, and I talked him up about a ballot initiative.  Think I got a voter!

So anyway, holidays.  We have already gone through several jumbo bags of Halloween candy at my house.  It is possible that any trick-or-treaters who show up (there are usually 0-3) will be stuck with the candy my daughter does not like (which is otherwise popular candy).  Win-win! 

Meanwhile -- some local stores setting up their giganto Christmas aisles of decorative stuff in September.  Are we supposed to pick up a string of lights every week, when we check off the staples, so that all our homes make Vegas look sedate by the actual holiday?  Bah, humbug.

Thanksgiving is shaping up, once again, to be a favorite because it is all about food and family.

It's not a holiday, but the national election is in 4 weeks, and I am intensely interested in the outcomes (national, state, local, + ballot measures).  But I want it over with already.  This is a real pushme-pullyou situation:  the endless campaign news is exhausting, but I can't stay away from it.  And I want everybody to vote!  But make your vote informed!  

What's going on with you?


debangel said...

I vote Liz for Prezident, Problem solved ;-)

debangel said...

We should at the very least have Liz in the Cabinet. I've met her, she's tiny- she'll fit ;-)

kathy a. said...

i've met her, too. liz is powerful and smart; she'll get it done. (the gorgeous and wonderful parts are icing.)

debangel said...

Wif sprinkles ;-)

Miranda said...

Liz! Liz! Liz!!! There's a change I can believe in. ;)

Send me motivation. I am trying to be more mindful of my eating and prioritize exercise in the same week that I have four appointments with various watering holes for either networking or celebratory purposes.

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!! I always thought October made for a better harvest themed holiday and wasn't so close to kitchen so maybe I will move my celebration to match my neighbors south of me. Fun fact: Canada is actually south of me. But more of it is north. It is one of those quirks of geography I love about my hometown.

liz said...

Blushing. Gwan, you guyz.

Michelle Obama is paying a visit to my county today. I have tickets. I also have a meeting. Thus, I can not go.

Sarah said...

Another vote for Liz!

And oh, no, missing Michelle Obama...poor Liz.

And Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! I sort of like American Thanksgiving for its delineation for starting the Christmas season, if you like that sort of thing.

Am I the only one amused that Columbus Day and Leif Erikson day are consecutive this year? And my home state was the first state to recognize it, but we don't get either off :( lol.

Whine: I keep breaking glasses. And I hate drinking from plasticware.

Whine: I'm restless. A friend joked I should visit and it is impossible right now...but I actually considered just driving away.

kathy a. said...

Aw, Liz. Stoopid meeting.

Miranda -- walk to the parties? And just eat enough, then stop; if it is a meal, take the rest home.

Sarah -- sturdier glassware? Stuff breaks; you need not punish yourself with plastic.

Anonymous said...

I hab a code ib by nose!
And, oddly enough it is my back that is aching more than anything else....only slightly stuffy. just ugh.

also, aunt flo. but backache is upper back.


aw: lovely hubby is making dinner! lub him....currently from a distance

aw: my irl neighbor Phantom walked my son home from school so I didn't have to walk all the way there in the drear. (Drear should totally be a noun) for the cloudy cool drizzle that was part of this afternoon.

--Neighbor Lady

amy said...

I snorted my coffee at debangel's cabinet quip. XD

I agree with Neighbor Lady -- "drear" should be a word! I don't think I can live in a world where it's not. Ergo, we add it.

I have a suggestion for glass tumblers for Sarah and other break-prone pixies! I saw these at the mall on the weekend, and I had to take pictures of them so I can put them on my Christmas wish list. So cool! They feel really solid in your hands, which makes sense because they're reclaimed wine bottles (made in Wisconsin). They have lots of types and designs. This is just one.

Sue said...

Yay Liz for Cabinet! I can't vote South of Here (except for Miranda - how cool is that???), but I can Pixie Vote!!

I nominate Liz for Epic Whine of the Universe for missing Michelle. That's harsh.

Sorry for code ib the nobe,broken glasses and that whole "Calories In, Calories Out" calamity. Design flaw in humans, for sure. Why can't I just love gluten-free butter tarts without thinking about, you know, working out? Ick.

Yay for Phantom for helping out an NL in need!

AW: Beautiful fall day here. I love this time of year. Also, our book club started this morning with a smudge. I can still smell the sage and sweetgrass.

W: Same old. Insomnia - check. Knife in head - check.

AW: Made appointment for treatment in early November.

liz said...

To add insult to injury, the minister of the UU church I attend did the invocation. And I missed them both. MISSED THEM BOTH.


Sue, I am so sorry about your pain coming back.

NL, codes are no fun. So glad to hear about Phantom, tho.

kathy a. said...

NL, hugs, tissues, soup, and sympathy. those weird aches? that's when i know i'm sick. tell phantom we miss her.

also, drear should totally be a word.

yay, sue -- about beautiful day, book club, and the appointment! oy, about the insomnia + knife in head. xoxo

Elizabeth said...

Whine: went running in the dark this morning, stepped in a ditch, fell, ripped up my knee. Feh. Virtue is its own punishment, apparently.

I share Kathy's whine about being exhausted by the campaign.

Definite commiseration to Liz on missing the O event.

Whine/antiwhine: I got offered tickets to today's playoff game, but couldn't take them because of work, but the Nats got hammered.

kathy a. said...

elizabeth -- a runner after my own heart. and kneecaps.

debangel said...

Hi Pixies!

Liz..sorry to hear you missed the Big O. I hate it when that happens ;-) (On the plus side, not seeing Michelle Obama means not having to suffer Upper Arm Envy. Amiright? If I had arms like hers, I'd never wear sleeves again.)

Sue- I'm so sorry to hear that the Ginsu knife commercials are running in syndication in your head again :/ This is a weird long shot, but have you ever tried a Paleo-type diet? I had bad headaches 6x/week for almost two years (starting around when my ex hit me), and when I went on the Primal Diet, my headaches went away in 3 days and have never returned. Form my reading, grain-free diets are starting to be used in people with inflammatory conditions, such as RA and MS, and my theory is that not eating them brought down the inflammation in my soft-tissue injury. Anyway, it's rather a healthy diet, and I'm actually writing a cookbook for it now, so if you ever do try it, hit me up for recipes ;) In the meantime, though, just feel better! I'm sending hugs and cold caffeinated drink vibes ;-)

Three smallish whines this week: 1) after three weeks, got a phone call from the attorney and have to play phone tag again. (They called the home phone instead of my cell. Le sigh.) 2) ShowerSac Ex kept the munchkin out past her bedtime, OUTSIDE, without warm enough clothes. His other daughter is a senior in HS and they had a PowderPuff football game. He asked his ex-wife (other mom) to watch her while he took photos! They hate each other, but luckily she loves and knows Ari, and sent me a photo and text so I could be in the loop. 3) Blood tests and Pap Friday, first in 3 years. Having troublesome symptoms and am nervous, and have to be tranqued for my exams even on a good day ;-) (Antiwhine: sympathetic nurse and Xanax!)

Huge anti whine: writing this from a romantic B&B in Estes Park with my hot hubby. (Hey, I had to give him a breather!) We are Christmas fanatics and spend the day shopping for cool ornaments for our tree. We found the prettiest ball of white mistletoe berries with a crystal attached. He says he's going to hang in in the kitchen, since I am always in there and that gives him the excuse to smooch me more often. Love my Moose! (You may now throw up a little in your mouths.)

Hugs and bandaids and chocolate to the rest of the pixies I didn't name, for fear of winning the "War and Peace" award ;-)

Sarah said...

So sorry for the code in the nob, NL. Getw ell soon - chicken soup all around?

Sue - not the knife in the head??NO!!!

DebAngel - the ex just sounds too tiring for words. And crossing fingers for luck on the pap & such. And xanax is good.

And awww for the ornament - you give me hope I'll marry again - and better :)

W: I hate taking my kids to the therapist and having them insist there is nothing to talk about.
AW: I adore their therapist and wish I had snagged her for me before I found her for the kids.

Sue said...

I love pixie hope!!!

Sorry about the ripped up knee elizabeth. Ouch.

debangel - I have heard of the Paleo diet, but haven't tried it. How great that it worked for you! My diet is so Migraine-friendly already that if I remove anything else I fear I may not eat much at all.

I'm eating Gluten-free, as Tyramine-free as I possibly can, and I can't eat onion or garlic. Add in old cheese and MSG and I'm pretty limited. I also don't drink alcohol or anything with aspartame and I have one measured cup of coffee in the morning.

It feels like a bit of a Migraine Food prison, but it does seem to edge out the monster a bit.

My pain docs have determined that my Migraines are at least partly myofascial, but I think the diet helps a bit with the other mysterious part.

Sorry, long answer - I'll keep the Paleo diet in my tool kit for sure.

AW: Sleep! Sweet beautiful sleep!!

JenR said...

First world whine: I am typing this from my iPhone while my son plays on my iPad in a waterpark hotel... And I'm whiny because the pools don't open til 10. We are early risers and we're bored.

kathy a. said...

debangel, how romantic! mr. ex, however -- he's going to keep the posse busy for a while. crossed fingers on the exam.

sarah -- at least you like their therapist; that's something! she must see this with other kids, though, and have strategies.

jenr -- hope the pools are everything your son wished for!

my son's neighbor died a few days ago, after a long struggle with cancer. which really sucks, because he was only in his 30's, and his baby is only a toddler.

son's broken finger is healing up well! now he has this apparatus that has wires going into 3 places on either side of his finger; some kind of splint. freaky. he is still trying to get disability -- frustrated by the usual paperwork, delays, lost items, etc., but hopefully it is moving along.

awards tomorrow. keep whining!

Sue said...

JenR - hope the pool was awesome!

AW: Kitteh slowly covering more and more of the keyboard to absorb computer warmth. I adore the sheer bliss on her face when she finds a warm spot to sit.

W: It is clear that I am dismissed from said keyboard.

Night everyone!

Sue said...

debangel - I'm wondering if you have any recipes that already fit the gluten, garlic, onion-free criteria, I would love to try them. I also can't eat any nuts at all because of the high tyramine levels in them.

I'm not so good at finding alternative ingredients, but if you have a recipe that already fits...hey, I'm game!

Don't go to any trouble - REALLY - even just a few hints would be good. My email is suecan at geemail dot com.

My apologies if I sounded/came across as Whiny Crabby earlier. Food is a struggle for me for a gazillion reasons...........but I didn't need to bring it to the pixie party.

anyway, thanks.

debangel said...

Poor Sue!

I will PM you privately but wanted to give you a huge, gluten-and-tyramine-free hug right here! Food difficulties are IMHO one of the most valid reasons to whine (in a close second to Eveel Exes). I mean, you have to eat every single day, several times, so it's something that's going to constantly be on your nerves! Back me up here, Pixies :)

BTW, I'm sort of a culinary savant- everyone has to have one good talent, right?- and there's nothing I like better than feeding people, so if anyone needs a recipe or cooking tips for any reason, and feels like utterly making my day, PM me at ddebangel at gee mail. :)

debangel said...

Almost forgot my last-minute anti-whine! I got crabby and stressed out with Moose earlier while cooking dinner, and between that and the SS and my doc appt looming, I skipped dinner (I *never* miss a meal.) Not only did he not get upset with me, but he went out to do an errand and came back with take-out from my favorite sushi joint. I'm thinking that not only should I keep him, I should probably figure out how to clone him. Hey Sarah, do you like blue-eyed, muscular blonds? Pixies get a discount.

liz said...

AW: This community makes me so happy. I don't know how I'd get through some weeks without you all.

I love how we look out for one another.

Sarah said...

Wow, I think I want DebAngel to cook for me and find men - I think the sweetness is more appealing, but the blue eyed muscular blond sounds easy on the eyes ;-)

Liz - you're making me smile.

Whine: My daughter had such a temper tantrum in the therapist's office yesterday...the therapist was taken aback. Sigh. And the psychiatrist said she's gaining weight at an alarming pace. Any Pixie experience with whether Z0l0ft can cause weight gain? (She's never been tiny, but she eats pretty normally and exercises)

Sue said...

Oh kathy a - I'm so sorry about your son's neighbour. Cancer. Sucks.

Sue said...

What Liz said - the Pixies are beyond awesome.

kathy a. said...

sarah -- think you should talk to the psych about the meds. some people do gain weight with antidepressants. and it is possible that the med is contributing to irritiability (instead of helping).

this is not the time to pressure her about weight; enough is going on already. is it possible for you to spend some special time with daughter, and see if you can get a handle on how she is feeling and why she is so upset? there are a lot of changes going on in her life, and kids might view them completely differently than we expect...

for what it is worth, my family had a whole series of difficulties when my son was going through a bad patch. i tried to involve my daughter in therapy -- and she was hugely resentful of the suggestion that something was "wrong" with her.


liz said...

Zoloft definitely DOES contribute to weight gain:

kathy a. said...

p.s. -- we were trying really hard to support our daughter; to be sure she knew that these were stressful times for everyone, and not her fault. what we intended as safe ways to talk about her stress, she took as one more thing going wrong -- and something she perceived as reflecting personally on her.

all of the rest of us found relief talking about it all with peers -- group therapy for son, parent groups for me and my beloved (and i talked the ears off of certain friends). daughter eventually found some close friendships with young women who had similar things happen in their families. for what it is worth. xoxo

Sue said...

I tried but reacted to that particular antidepressant. By reaction I mean hives and such - ick.

Other antidepressants have definitely been almost immediate mood shifters. It's hard to describe, but it's like watching yourself being irritable or grumpy and not being able to stop it.

Or, rather, being too darn tired and low to bother doing anything about it. The good news is that over time (if the med is a good fit) that feeling of disconnect lifts.

I wonder if your daughter's tantrum is part of her frustration with all that the med is doing in her body.

debangel said...

Ooh, I've had friends react that very same way to Zoloft. Nothing like trying to get help of your depression and adding to it instead by being plump and grumpy :/

Speaking of medicinal side effects- I took my prescribed one Xanax an hour before my exam and lurched into the office like Stoned Frankenstein. (Luckily, Moose was there not only to drive us but to watch Arianna.) My new ob/gyn was the sweetest and gentlest yet (I'm totally fascinated with anything medical but am a baby about my yearly exam, which I was 3 years late for), which may or may not have been due to the large container of oatmeal cherry chocolate-chunk cookies I brought for the office). 1/2" polyp and several tubes of blood were removed from my body, and I went home afterwards and took a nap. FOR OVER FOUR HOURS. Did they get the dosage wrong, or is my liver on vacation??

esperanza said...

Checking in late this week. Ack for the return of Teh Damn Headache, Sue. And, my usual advice: stay out of that kitchen. If debangel sends a recipe, *please* pass it on to someone who can remain safe in ~whisper~ that room. ;) Love you.

Re: Columbus Day: our town puts out the U.S. flags for Columbus Day. Explain that to me. Even if you like Columbus, it makes NO SENSE.

I was (gasp) away from Teh Internet this week. Sweet had the pin removed from her foot and a (praise the heavens) smaller cast on her leg. MUCH easier surgery/procedure/anesthesia experience this time around. Much shorter, as well. She was climbing on the playground that same afternoon.

W: overstayed at the grandparents house.

debangel said...

Woohoo for Sweet! And maybe all the climbing and playing will help her sleep better this time around :)

Awful, heart-breaking last-minute whine: Jessica Ridgeway, the missing fifth-grader from Westminster, CO, was confirmed dead. That park is less than a dozen miles from my home. You'd better believe I'm going to be even more of a "border collie" with my girls that I normally am. I am just shattered for her family :(

JenR said...

Sarah - I have at least 50 pounds I can directly blame on that drug. The transition off might be tough, but I would definitely ask the doc to switch

kathy a. said...

obviously, awards will be tomorrow. but i want to echo liz -- this is a GREAT community. xoxox