Saturday, October 20, 2012

Awards of Consequence

Such a week of award-worthy whines, pixies!

Sue gets the Bucket Brigade Award, for catching raindrops in the church. (I have so been there. Blech.)

JenR gets the Too Much, Universe Award, for post-surgery worries about baby boy, a car breakdown, and the fireplacing house that won't sell.

kathy a and debangel get the Take That, Dr. Google Award for some medical things that turned out not to be as big as Dr. Google thought they were. Glad you are ok, you two.

JenR and Sarah get to be friends in real life, which is an award in itself.

The Style Award makes a return this week, to kathy a, for her medical haikus.

The Cluestick Posse is gathering all of its members to descend on debangel's ex. For being horse poop. And I know whereof I speak on horse poop.

And, our very own Liz gets the coveted Elevated Risk of Mullet Award this week, for this heartfelt sentiment: . "Take his ass(ets) to court and make them give you his nut sacks full of retirement funds."

We shall all pretend that we are neighbors, and are partying together at Sarah's neighborhood Halloween party, introverts taking breaks as necessary.

'Til next week, pixies.

ETA:  Hosts are not allowed to prize themselves, so I'm using my superpowers to recognize the Amazing Esperanza, who signed off thusly, winning our hearts: 
"Stinky and Sweaty Esperanza and the Baboos who Played with Horse Poop." 

~~ k.a.


kathy a. said...

beautiful awards, esperanza!

esperanza said...

haha, thank you. I think I'll start a band and name it that.

debangel said...

I second that! And if not a band, at least an illustrated children's book! LOL

Wonderful awards..I am going to remember the Dr. Google one every time I am tempted towards Teh Internets while waiting for a doctor's appointment ;-)