Friday, October 26, 2012

Stormzilla Edition

Yikes!  Sending love, umbrellas, sandbags, and emergency supplies to East Coast Pixies who might be affected by Sandy the Superstorm.  Crossing fingers that it turns out to be less than feared -- but Pixie Central recommends preparing anyway.  (Before everybody else shows up to buy the last of the TP, flashlights, food that does not require cooking, gasoline, and jugged water.  Don't forget the duct tape and batteries!  Keep those cell phones charged!)  xoxo

Other parts of the continent have been testing out this "rain" thing.  Esperanza chose to avoid the wet T-shirt contest when rain showed up during a walk.  Debangel recommends industrial-strength workout undergarments for such occasions.  Amy notes that rain means "puddles and damp spots" in her ancient car, which has some of us nodding knowingly.

But the Mop Mop Mopping on Heaven's Floor Award goes to Sue, whose sanctuary has a bit of a leakage problem even though "the roof was patched just a few years ago."  Yes, my friends; she did bucket duty this week.  And no, she did not return to re-position the buckets in the dark of night.  We agree with the basic proposition that to every thing there is a season, and it looks like this (paraphrasing Monty Python) is an ex-roof.  Therefore, the Cluestick Posse will have a few words with those who need to see the light about [or through!] the roof.

Sarah wins the Insomniac Award, joining other distinguished members of the club.  This award includes a dignified toast all around, since she discovered a certain boost in restfulness from a tad of gin.  ;) 

The coveted Elevated Risk of Mullet Award goes to Amy, who complains:  " Omg, my daughter will not stop talking."  And Cheers, too, on the sudden progress of the Tater regarding potty training.

The Rosie the Riveter Memorial "We Can Do It" Award goes to Liz, for local political organizing in a time of need.  As previously mentioned on this program, the Pixie Party strongly supports Liz to clean things up in government.

Amy wins the Grace Under Academic Pressure Award for diligently meeting with her students in a hallway -- because the highly inconvenient conference room was already taken, and she's got students, dammit! -- thus exposing her to hallway conversation even more depressing than anything her students might turn in.  Sigh.

Esperanza wins the Marital Travel Challenge Award, with her astute observation that "There is no activity that makes me like my spouse less than packing for a car trip. Sigh. We will make it."  Hear, hear.

The Let There Be Peace on Earth Award goes to Debangel, who is setting off on a family trip that includes her new hubby, her two kids, and the father of one child -- all to visit the Good Ex's extended family.  Woot!  Kudos to the lawyer who is moving things along with Jerkface Ex (who for some reason, is not invited on the outing).  Once again, Jerkface has earned an all-expense paid Cludsticking, which we anticipate will be supplemented by the Court in due course.

Much love to Amy, on the loss of her grandmother-in-law.  And many hugs about the family dynamics.

May everyone's unbloggables resolve.  May all the colds and other ick go away.  Cupcakes to everyone!


esperanza said...

Thanks, kathy a. Great awards! Now that we are home, and Mr E is not going on the next road trip, we have restored marital harmony.

Sue said...

Great awards kathy a!!

Sending good Pixie thoughts to anyone in Sandy's path. Be safe and well.

Sarah said...

Cupcakes for all! I love it!

kathy a. said...

boy, that storm is not looking very fun. thinking of the east coast pixies and friends.