Sunday, October 7, 2012

Awards! Zen Through ClueSticks

This will be brief since I have a kitty in need of love and we all know that kitties rule the roost.

It seems like all of will feel calmer with some proper rain attire (Liz), some peace and quiet (esperanza, Sarah in the very near future, Sue), a little less alone time (debangel), and Cluestick Posse to intervene in our professional lives and to encourage a higher caliber of discourse and evidence of greater compassion among a certain subset of political candidates.   

Wished we all lived closer because debangel has great blankets to snuggle under while we all sip tip and Tater's special chock-watt cupcakes wiff sprinkles.

Hope everyone has a great week!  Happy long weekend to those of you who follow the federal holiday schedule (like me!). 


kathy a. said...

lovely awards! mmm, cupcakes...

debangel said...

Wiff sprinkles!

Sue said...


Our holiday is Thanksgiving this weekend!! Turkey day!! Yaaaayyyy!!!