Friday, May 18, 2012

Late Edition -- Awards

Here's to the little goofballs who bring us joy, present so many problem-solving opportunities, and leave so much mysterious stuff behind in their wakes!

Sue wins the Domestic Goddess Award for failing to adequately clean the stove-top drip pans,  wondering what she was thinking, and deciding to buy new.  Voila!

The coveted Elevated Risk of Mullet Award goes this week to Esperanza, who says:  "Sue, how many times do we have to tell you? Stay out of the kitchen."  ;)

The Style Award goes to Purple Kangaroo's 6 year old, for her fabulous card:  "i'm Going to send you to haiiwii to stay for a week to get away from your anoying kids. i love you. love E."   (I believe there is consensus that E is not even in the running for the annoying kid award.)  And PK, we are sending lots of love and hoping you feel better.

Liz wins the Friend In Need Award, for being there when and old and dear friend needed someone.  This is no surprise to any of us, since Liz regularly has such thoughtful and caring advice.  The Cluestick Posse is saddled up to pay a visit to the "therapist" who mistook emotional abuse of a patient for something helpful.  We have some strong opinions about that, buster.

Amy wins the Remembering What It's All About Award, for being cool with her kids being kids, even in the sadness of a family funeral, and even when her Tater felt a sudden need for the comfort of Mama's breast (long after he was weaned).  Everybody needed comfort about then, is my guess.  Much sympathy on the loss of your Grandma.  xoxo

To Sarah, much love as your family struggles to say goodbye to your Grandfather, and to keep him in comfort.  You win the Grace Under Pressure Award, for also juggling child care and divorce stuff and big work stuff.  We adore your mantra:  you are not unreasonable, you are not unreasonable.  xoxo

JenR wins the Mensch Award, for offering to pitch in to help Sarah.

The Light at the End of the Tunnel Award goes to Miranda (whose divorce is aided on the amicability scale by her ex's decision to move seven states away) for offering hope and hair-pats to Sarah.

The Queen of the Insurance Wranglers Award was earned by Esperanza, who persuaded the snakes to pay for something needed.  Victory!

Sue wins the Where Angels Fear to Tread Award, for tackling some of that mysterious stuff that just piles up over the years.  Butt-ugly?  Gone.  Don't know who it belongs to?  Gone.  Should you ever run out of the accumulation, you are welcome to visit any number of friends who lack these amazing skillz. 

Thanks for playing!  Additional clue-sticking available ala carte, as needed.  Hugs and chocolate all around.


liz said...

Awesome awards, as usual, Kathy A!

kathy a. said...

On a more personal note -- many thanks for the love around the sitch with my sweet daughter. Y'all are the best.

esperanza said...

Lovely job. I love clue-sticking ala carte. Nice innovation, there.

Sue said...

Great awards kathy!!! Many thanks....