Monday, February 6, 2012

Post-Superbowl, Pre-Valentine's Day Whining

W: The plagues of sickness whines continue. We are slowly getting better. Energy levels are lagging behind, at least for me and Sweet. Mini is back to her usual antics.

W/AW: We got some good news from Sweet's testing, but are no closer to any answers. More testing to come.

AW: I got to get away for the weekend to hang out with friends from my pre-Baboos life. The break came just in time, as I was about to run away and join the circus. Or the Snot Olympics. My mom came to stay with the Baboos, which was good since hubby ended up working most of the weekend.

So what's with you, pixies?


kathy a. said...

yay about the getaway! and also good news on sweet's testing -- step in teh right direction, anyway.

AW: progress on the giant project.

W: strange administrative snafu on something, requiring phone calls and emails and paperwork. AW: was nice even though i cannot figure out why the paperwork they settled on was needed. picking my battles.

Sarah at ratatat said...

Esperanza - getting away with pre-kids friends are so good! And hope the kids get well. And the testing gives you some answers (hopefully easy to fix things).

KathyA - Battle on bureaucracy!

Whine: I feel suspicious and negative nancy. And unbloggable. But this too shall pass.

Antiwhine: have gone to yoga twice. I missed yoga.

liz said...

Sarah, pay attention to your suspicions. Better to check them out and be priced wrong than to not check and find out later that there was something you could have done if you'd acted earlier.

Esperanza, so glad you got a break!

Sue said...

Sarah - what Liz said. Also - yay on the yoga!!!

esperanza - yay for getaway time with friends. Yay for not joining the circus (*shudder* all those clowns...) and skipping the Snot Olympics.

Kathy a - yay on the Giant Project!!

W: After two weeks of study leave, conducted Sunday worship.

Service was fine.

Children's story tanked as per usual. I seriously suck at children's time. Thankfully, our most precocious 3 year old took over for me and it all turned out really well. I think she has a weekly job now..... so adorable.

The Whine? Coffee time. Went home feeling like I had been pecked to a near-death state by a flock of needy ducks.

Seriously - two weeks and there's a line-up to bring me either news of people to visit or committee work to do. All this immediately following a service in which I reminded the congregation that I would be away for almost five months beginning in April, so they have lots of time to dig deep and bring out their own gifts - and USE them.

I'm pretty sure I sound like Charlie Brown's teacher when I preach. Good thing I only put 8 or 10 hours into those garbled words.

Anti-Whine: massage this afternoon.

kathy a. said...

prop 8 unconstitutional. i am so pleased! need to read the actual opinion, though.

liz said...

Kathy A. YAY!!!!

Sue, sending hugs and courage and a stack of note cards that says, "That is a great idea. Thank you for volunteering to shepherd that project for the next 12 months, and especially while I'm gone for 5 months starting in May."

kathy a. said...

oh, liz for style on those cards...

Sarah at ratatat said...

Oh Sue - that sounds so frustrating. I like Liz's idea of cards - I think in some ways, I'd love to have business cards that said that (minus the sabbatical part).

And my suspicion may be correct, but it is mean-spirited. I have made myself a note and if I prove to be correct in time, I will try to do more with the information. If nothing else, I like being right.

And the Prop 8 news is cheering. Need a little cheer these days.

kathy a. said...

well, it is hard to assess a mysterious suspicion from afar. it is not mean-spirited to wonder about something, though.

so, i asked my daughter to unload the dishwasher. she said, "why don't you do anything around here?" it's a really good thing one of us no longer has PMS. this does not seem like an unreasonable requested contribution toward her room, board, etc.

Sarah at ratatat said...

Wow, KathyA. Is it the day of children not understanding how life and our households work? My son tried to argue with me about his playdate friend going home and my daughter tried to weasel out of setting the table. Because what was I do except cooking dinner? And why should she have to share the computer with her grandfather?

I will say, in my whining voice, I privately see her point that he has said computer available to him for 8 hours while she is at school and why can't he check his email during the 20 minutes she chooses to play a game?

I am ready to run away from home, but sources suggest that is not an option. ha!

Hmm - no analogize my suspicion - a friend is missing an item from his/her household. it could be misplaced. Or purposely moved by his/her spouse just to mess with him/her.

esperanza said...

Oh, Sarah, you don't have to have snot to join the Snot Olympics with me! You can be a judge.

Sue, I used to tell people that if they wanted me to remember things they were telling me after worship that they would have to go leave a note on my desk. Brain is made of swiss cheese after worship. Funny how few things seemed important enough to leave a note.

Sue said...

Good ideas both Liz and esperanza!!!

Oh kathy - how awful. It's especially hard when "children" still live at home and cannot be sent to their rooms.

W: it's uber-cold here. I know Canadians are okay with snow and cold and all that - but it's this time of year when it all gets a bit old.

AW: Butt-warmer in my car seat is pure heaven.

W: No sleep. Again.

W: Busy day. Must. stay. awake.

AW: It's Wednesday!

AW: Gentleman from our book club who had a stroke in September is up and walking around and well enough to be here with his group today. Yay!!!!!!

kathy a. said...

sue, such great news about your friend who had a stroke! with you on not sleeping well...

i often ask people to send me an email about something so i don't forget -- and also carry pads of post-it notes + pens in my purse (which are handy for passing to people for them to write info).

oy, sarah. the arguments about friends leaving, setting table, and sharing computer are definitely old skool!

maybe an intergenerational contract about computer time? like, she gets a slot at X time, assuming she has done Y -- and grandpa and everyone agree to that?

esperanza said...

W: Ran out of time on my Day To Myself and had to eat chain restaurant food instead of real food.

AW: Did you see that??? Day To Myself!!! (Baboos at preschool)

Sue said...

Yay for Day to Yourself esperanza!!!! Definite gold star day. Even with take out food.

W: Shaving incident on the right shin has left a veritable blood-bath on the bathroom floor. It's official. Bath-time is now CSI time.

AW: Going to bed EARLY in the hopes of getting some solid zzzzzzzzzzz tonight.

kathy a. said...

sue demonstrates why shaving is a dangerous thing. unless emergencies like weddings or summer parties interfere, it is best to go with tights or long pants. (also, sleeves of some sort.) that is all.

Sue said...

Agreed. The people at the gym will just have to cope with the leg stubble.

liz said...

AW: Washington State.

Sue said...

AW: Good sleep last night.

AW: Productive morning so far. Go figure.

kathy a. said...

yay, washington state!

sue, may i borrow a quart of productivity?

have not heard yet if i'll get more time on the big project. am melting into a puddle of distracted anxiety.

i'm trying to remember how i used to manage fat deadlines all the time. coffee, chocolate, frequent walks. small meals that i did not cook myself. breaking things down to do-able pieces. breaking it up with other stuff.

times like this, i really miss being in an office with supportive colleagues -- they helped me find my drive. the cats just do not cut it.

kathy a. said...

however, in lieu of funny jokes by the water cooler, i can imagine my future retired self doing this. that cheers me up considerably.

kathy a. said...

or this, which is what i meant to say -- but the first one is a righteous and inspiring link.

Sarah at ratatat said...

KathyA - if you can make distracted anxiety into a song, I think it would be my theme song. Hope you got some good answers.

Esperanza - a day without Baboos! And a little fast food probably won't kill you ;-)

Whine: a friend's iphone battery dies every time we talk. So annoying!

esperanza said...

AW: weeks, no months, no years of patient waiting have finally paid off. Sweet said today, "I need to go poop." This is a break in her usual habit of telling me after it's too late.

W: she is treating me (and only me) like the aforementioned poop. Many, many, many time outs in the last few days.

Miranda said...

Hi Pixies! Today's whine is brought to you by the ever thoughtful insomnia. I blame my hysterectomy three weeks ago.

W: Work is breathing down my neck to return.

AW: But I still have another week of medical leave so they can suck it. I am still available by phone/email.

W: My younger crew has the same unruly, unhelpful virus that many of the other mini-Pixies have contracted.

AW: I can blame the hysterectomy when they complain. "You know mama is not allowed to lift, carry, sort, etc. until cleared by her surgeons. In March."

W: Younger Son has a variety of behavioral issues that mean I spend a LOT of time with school officials.

AW: His wonderful therapist is doing extensive testing on Sunday and wants to help us get YS additional support at school.

W: The next battle will be with the school personnel to get an appropriate IEP drafted and implemented.

AW: His therapist's other job is school psychologist in a neighboring district. He knows what he is doing.

W: Other unbloggable stuff related to not being divorced and not actually dating.

And now let me conclude with some hot flashes that I am going to blame on my, you guessed it, hysterectomy. I thought if I kept the ovaries, I would not gain instant personal summers.

Lots of love and support to all the Pixies as you all wrestle deadlines, relatives, pook and bark, along with cranky parishioners and reluctant offspring household helpers.

kathy a. said...

((( miranda ))) you are wonderful! xoxo

i recommend blue ice under a small pillow, and flipping the pillow in times of heat. also, keep the sheets and blankies ready to toss off, and your toes outside, or close. and cotton jammies. darned defective internal thermostats...

Sarah at ratatat said...

Hugs Miranda and hoping the therapist can make the system respond appropriately. An advocate is such a good thing. Get well soon!

Sue said...

Lots of hugs Miranda. Take good care of yourself......