Friday, February 10, 2012

Blame it All on the Hysterectomy Awards Show

That's right, pixies, let's blame it on the hormones or lack thereof. They can take it!

Gentle hugs and recovery from all assorted hormone shenanigans wishes to Miranda. Kudos to the Super Therapist Who Understands the System.

Cluesticks to governmental people making kooky decisions, and kudos to those actually using their brains for once.

Elevated Risk of Mullet to kathy, for this funny, yet pathetic whine: "Sue, may I borrow a quart of productivity?" (who knew it was measured as liquid volume?)

Cluesticks to offspring who do not wish to pull their own weight. And to other assorted family members who need to--ahem--think of the other people in the household every once in a while.

I seemed to forget that I was hosting this week, so apologies for the abbreviated awards ceremony. I have two rebellious non-nappers demanding my attention.


Miranda said...

Awards are never late nor abbreviated. They are always on time and just right.

Maybe the Sleepy Fairy can visit Baboos as well as me today?

kathy a. said...

lovely awards! thanks, esperanza!

i'm all for the sleepy fairy -- got 5 solid hours last night, then another 1.5. which is a miracle.

Sue said...

Thanks esperanza! Here's hoping the nappage happens soon!

esperanza said...

A 30 minute nap is worse than no nap at all. Heads up, Sleepy Fairies.

Also, perhaps the jelly beans after lunch were not such a good idea. They've been practicing "J is for Jellybean" without any idea of what a jellybean is. Now they know--Nap Preventative.

esperanza said...

And Miranda, while I'm sorry that you're stuck at home recovering, it's fun to have you around here more often.