Saturday, February 18, 2012

Awards: The Sleep for Tired Pixies Prize

There were so many good whines and even more amazing anti-whines shared this week. However, my own lack of sleep and sudden pain from trying to resume normal life is going to cut short the expression of my appreciation of the community this week.

Liz, enjoy your trip!

Kathy A, enjoy your conference and I am assuming your project was a presentation to this august audience. Knock em dead, friend.

Sue, I often complain about my family but the one thing I appreciate about them is the way they still try to make sure Ex is welcome at family events and that they always, always check with me first before they invite him. I wish your family members had just a smidgen of that when they invite you to functions that Beloved cannot also attend.

Esperanza, my crunchy mama collective sends "sticky baby vibes" to those women who are in early pregnancy so I'm sending sticky baby vibes to your SIL. Also, some gentle vibes to your brother who may be so wrapped up in his own grief and fear that he isn't reaching out to his wife appropriately.

Sarah and Ratatat, I am sending you gentle vibes too as you navigate doing the right thing even though it will make the short term more difficult. It's hard to think long term when the short term is so awful. Hugs.

Miracle skin salve to the seasonally chapped, massages to all the sleep deprived, and all the girl scout cookies and/or chocolate a pixie could want to all for the next week.


Sue said...

Thanks Miranda. The words "crunchy mama collective" made me smile tonight.

kathy a. said...

lovely awards! i also like the crunchy mama collective.

no, my big hairy project is for The People Who Decide [usually not my way], not a presentation for My Esteemed Colleagues. but i'm having a wonderful time. and helping to advance the cause -- a political tangent to the work.