Sunday, February 26, 2012

Awards: Pink Cake Edition

Happy “Family Day” to all our Canadian Pixies! We wish you much family time, laundry doing, and Angry Birds!

kathy a gets the Unlikely Pink Cake Award for her energizing, wonderful conference. Congratulations on finishing the project too – what a week!

Much Pink Cake Sympathy to kathy a’s Wonderful Aunt for the Pedestrian Walking Into The Car.

esperanza wins the Pink Cake of Forgiveness Award for her covert bush removal. May your curtain sheers fall apart in the wash very soon.

Sarah at ratatat gets the Bonus Yoga (Pink Cake) Award, for squishing her whines out with yoga. May they stay gone!

Much Sympathy (and Pink Cake) to Miranda, who is returning to work after surgery. Cluesticks to the coworkers who seem to think abdominal surgery is just a piece of (pink) cake.

Bon Voyage (and Pink Cake) to Jen R, who is traveling solo this week.

Greetings (and a slice of Pink Cake) to Neighbor Lady!

Sue, we are all glad you were able to identify a problem and are working on finding solutions with your doc and your Hubby. We are rooting for you (and sending Pink Cake!).

This wraps up our Pink Cake Awards Edition. See you next week, when the fabulous kathy a. will host!


Miranda said...

That is a very PINK!!!! cake and you used it to create a very beautiful awards ceremony, Redzils.

kathy a. said...

yay! cake!

esperanza said...

Thank you for a much needed giggle, redzils. That is a very, very pink cake, and I'm so glad to get a little slice of it.