Friday, February 3, 2012

Awards Show

This presentation is brought to you by Cranky, Sleepy, and Sickly, three of the popular house dwarves, who have managed visits to several Pixies and are now in residence chez moi. Let's hope everybody is feeling better, STAT.

The coveted Elevated Risk of Mullet Award goes to our Sue, for this gem: "Unsolicited middle-of-the-night Pixie advice: Playing Angry Birds is not conducive to relaxation and sleep." Runner-up is Liz, who adds: "Angry Birds is nothing NOTHING compared to Plants Vs. Zombies on the not conducive to sleeping front."

Sarah brings the fluids, and also wins a triple-header Old Skool Award for this: "Last night the 3yo peed in my bed, the 7yo had a nightmare and the 10yo had an ear infection. All in the course of 2 hours."

But wait, there's more! Sarah wins the Grace Under Awkward Circumstances Tiara because this happened on soon-to-be-ex's night, while he slumbered on obliviously, with a Kids First Sash for trying to work it all out in the least disruptive way for the young ones.

Esperanza wins her Own Medical Clinic; this is about week 43 of the sickness festivities, and this week featured her own lingering illness, Sweet's visit to the pulmonologist, and -- ta da! -- hives. Listen up, Universe! Enough!

The Running on Empty Award goes to Purple Kangaroo, whose hubby could use a little retraining on matters like finding a gas station at the appropriate time. Our Best Wishes in thrashing your way through the insurance jungle, too.

Days wins the Excellent In-Law Lottery, with three of her kids headed off for Ski! Week! with Grandparents! Hugs and crossed fingers about the trip back to NYC. xoxo

Happy Birthday to Liz's Muffin Man, who has achieved double digits! How did that happen??

Congratulations to Sue, whose head is so much better, and who has a sabbatical coming up!

Good Luck to Sarah, with the interview today!

Cluesticks to the K0men people, who failed to persuade us of their commitment to health when they defunded cancer screening for poor women.

Thanks for playing! See you next week, when the lovely Esperanza will host!

ETA: JenR wins the Walkin' Pneumonia and teh Boogie Woogie Blues Award, for her late-breaking tale of pediatric medical sorrows. May the antibiotics be with you!


kathy a. said...

Cluesticking works!

Sue said...

Yay for effective cluesticking!!

Great awards kathy a!!!

liz said...

Komen has lost me forever, I fear, back-pedalling or not.

kathy a. said...

me, too, liz. there are lots of other ways to fight the fireplacing cancer. direct giving to PP is one. various other groups directly support research, or advocacy and resources for those facing the fireplacing cancer.

i also fail to see how buying pink products "for awareness" does much for anyone but the sellers of those products. the fireplacing cancer is not a cute disease. a pink spatula will not cure it; pink-ribboned products won't, either.

getting checked -- especially when there is a new development -- is vital. i am ever so lucky to have health insurance, especially since i am in a high risk category due to my sister's aggressive breast cancer. many women don't have insurance, and don't have the money either.

a couple/few years ago, during followup on a lump after my sister's diagnosis, i was switched from the normal screening place to this fancy-pants breast health center. this place had the works -- lovely seating and design, gorgeous custom cabinetry and tile work, soothing music and artwork, a meditation space, embroidered bath robes that did not leave one's private pieces hanging out. and it was right in the middle of a city with a huge amount of poverty and underemployment. so we fortunates got the spa version of breast care, and literally right outside the door were all these women would couldn't even get an exam.

i think all this was mainly funded by donations, but it made me feel ill -- who knows how many mammograms could have been provided for the cost of the upgrades? a LOT, was my guess.

JenR said...

Hi pixies, sorry I'm late this week. Just took the kids to the doctor. One with walking pneumonia that he may have had for many weeks already, and the baby with a bad cold and two ear infections. Feeling guilty about the pneumonia. He was acting fine except for a stuffy nose. Still mad I didn't take him in earlier:-(

kathy a. said...

Oh, JenR. uck! Hope everybody's on the mend. Awards have been edited to reflect recent developments. ;)

Purple_Kangaroo said...

Great awards, and hugs and congrats to everyone. I had about a 2-day window between one virus and the next. Lovely.