Monday, October 3, 2011

Weather Whines for Winter

Hi Pixies!

I am swooping into this space, since nobody else claimed host privileges this week, to tell you it is snowing (snowing!) in my neck of the woods.

AW: I have new snow tires!

W: They are stored safely in the shed (I prefer them on the car).

W: It's slushy, wet, icy out there.

AW: We can all stop wondering when winter is going to get here.

What's the weather - inside or outside - like at your place?


liz said...

October 3 is too early for snow, even in Alaska.

kathy a. said...

what liz said!

report from the far side of parenting:

W: daughter got overwhelmed this weekend. the proverbial last straw was 2 light bulbs burning out -- that can't be coincidence -- but the real problems were having to re-do work that her teacher lost this summer, not hearing from the landlord about fixing her furnace, not knowing how to get tokens for the laundry machines, and also she has had no hot water in her kitchen for the 2 weeks she has lived there. (news to me.)

she did not want to hear about getting a ladder out of the basement so she could see where to unscrew the ceiling fixture and change the bulb. she wanted me to understand that IT IS ALL SO UNFAAAAAIR.

AW: i'm so glad all her problems are fixable! and she gets this learning opportunity. she felt better after food and sleep (imagine that), contacted the landlord, all is well. apparently my reputation is restored, also.

liz said...

I have a MIL whine that I can't articulate right this minute. Suffice to say that I want to throttle her.

kathy a. said...

oy. that sounds prize-worthy, liz.

Sue said...

Snow, long-distance whines, in-law dilemmas - all good whines for the start of the week.

W: Ten year anniversary at church yesterday. Seems only me and my former secretary noticed. Srsly, most congregations would have at least put forth the effort to buy a cake or something.

Nothin'. Nyet. Nope. Nothin'.

VERY awkward moment when Former Secretary made note of the occasion during celebration time. Everyone looked at each other like "What, you didn't take care of that."

It was humiliating. A real kick in the butt-ocks.

Oh well....

kathy a. said...

((( sue ))) for our wedding, my dad gave my husband and me engraved champagne glasses with the date on the back side, explaining to all in attendance that was so my beloved wouldn't forget the date.

raising a toast to you, and passing the cake in celebration! forgetting a date is very human. that doesn't erase all the devotion and hard work and caring and comfort you have brought in those 10! years!

esperanza said...

Sweet's Whine: three shots AND a blood draw (2 sticks). Not a good day at the doctor's office.

Mama's AW: Sweet is finally! on! the! growth! chart! for weight! So it's that bottom line, but hey! Height, not so much, but she's growing at her own little steady pace.

Days said...

Cheers to sue! Cluesticks for liz's MIL. Hooray for children who need only minor interventions in their problem solving! Triple boo to snowy, slushy, icy driving.

It's feeling wintry around here too: windy, rainy and cold enough to make me turn on the furnace. Good weather for the annual Thanksgiving baking marathon around here though.

Post-Thanksgiving, I am becoming a human guinea pig in NYC on a clinical trial - W? AW? I'll have to let you know. Thus, things are a little blustery inside here these days too.

Days said...

And hooray for being on the growth chart! Ice cream and pie coming your way to celebrate.

esperanza said...

Days, best wishes on the human guinea pig. What a "don't know how to feel" situation, huh? Blessings to you, and crossed fingers for wild success.

Sue said...

Bravery Under Needle Award for Sweet! Also, congrats on making the charts!

Warm gentle hugs and guinea pig good wishes to you Days!

Sue said...

W: Not even 10:00 am and I've already had my first "smiley-but-firm-holy-crap-are-you-ever-in-trouble" event of the week (I'm off Mondays).

There was a fund-raising event on Sunday night (a time when I'm also OFF thankyouverymuch). It is now an annual thing. A Chinese Dinner at a nice local restaurant. Nice.

This year, like the other years we've held it, I have bought a ticket and explained that I will be able to support it financially but cannot attend.

Why, you ask?

Extreme allergy to MSG.

"But the restaurant says it doesn't have MSG!".

When I try to explain that while a restaurant may not add their OWN MSG, I know that many of their prep sauces come pre-packaged. With MSG in them.

This morning I've been politely reminded that I should have been there anyway. I explained (AGAIN) that I feel it would be terribly rude to the chef to show up and eat nothing but white rice.

Aaaaaaaaaand, the week begins.

(I didn't mention that I felt even less obliged to attend this event after Sunday morning's - um - awkward moment of celebration. I believe the term I used when I mentioned it to hubby was "Fireplace it.")

Just sayin...

Hope y'all are starting your day off better than I have!

kathy a. said...

((( days ))) hugs and many good thoughts on the clinical trial. how long will you be there? xoxoxo

Elizabeth said...

Good wishes to you Days.

W: Starting on first of three weeks of solo parenting due to T's new job.

AW: T is happy with the people he's met so far, and the boys are happy with the before and after care.

kathy a. said...

sue -- cluesticks to mr/ms bossypants. is there someone who attended (and is trustworthy) who could tell you if something happened at the dinner that you should know about?

good luck, elizabeth! sounds like a good start!

W: i emailed a sib to find out if she heard anything about a memorial service. (back in july, she said it would be in september, and appointed herself the person to inform the rest of us.) she said she hadn't heard, and i said thanks.

late last night, she sent 2 nastygrams saying i had made another sib call her because i didn't trust her, and a few other choice remarks about my deficient character. i know nothing about that phone call. am so very sick of even the most innocuous contact degenerating into midnight festivals of anger.

please cross fingers that the other sib gets the job, so she stops using her spare time to micromanage everybody else.

p.s. -- took my sweetie coffee this morning; accidentally set it on something, and it tipped and flooded the nightstand. way to go!

KLee said...

OHmigoodness! What happened to those sweet little four year olds who walked in my door barely 3 weeks ago?!?! Have their parents all been feeding them rock candy and frappachinos?! Who in h-e-double hockeysticks are these wild little people?!? How can I switch them back?!?

Who replaced my sweet babies with demon spawn?

On a side note, why do parents today think I have nothing better to do all day than dream up lies to tell them about their children? If I said little Johnny hit somebody, dammit -- little Johnny HIT SOMEBODY! I would not tell you that he did something that he didn't do! What, am I LYING?!? Take some responsibility, people! Your child is not an angel all the time. They ALL get in trouble eventually! It's not a problem until you accuse me of lying, and/or excuse bad behavior because you don't know how to parent!


Okay. I think I'm done now....

kathy a. said...

got the cluesticks ready, klee! for the parents, not the kids. hopefully everybody will just settle the heck down soon. it is not bad to point out when a great kid's behavior is unacceptable.

Sue said...

Kathy a - I suspect that I was not missed until the time came to offer the pre-supper grace, but I'm not entirely sure.

Cluesticks all around for midnight anger-fests via email and parents of demon spawn!! Ack!

AW: I really do understand that I am so blessed to have a job, and that 99% of churches are not as good as mine.

W: I really have been taking some b*tch-slapping lately. I'm not being too sensitive. Sometimes people are just really mean. I don't get it. Did I miss a chapter in the bible or something??

Elizabeth said...

Hey, there was snow in Virginia this week (in Shenandoah park). And 9 inches in West Virginia.

But it's sunny and nice here today.

W: Second day of after school care, first day of late fees. Metro delays. Clearly need to leave office no later than 5pm to be sure of making 6.30 pickup. Sigh.

AW: The staff were very understanding and we can afford the late fees.

W: Tire warning light on. Probably just low pressure due to sudden cold snap, but (embarrassed to admit) I've never actually filled a car tire.

esperanza said...

KLee, replace 4 year old with fourth graders (and their respective parents), and I'm right there with you. Luckily, just one afternoon a week. Having a "come to Jesus" talk with them tomorrow. I think they may be related to Sue's people.

Sue said...

Well bless their hearts Esperanza. And I mean that in the true Southern sentiment that it implies. Hee hee.

esperanza said...

Yep, God love 'em (same sentiment and tone)

Sue said...

It is only 9:30 on Wednesday morning, and I have already broken a nail.

As you were...

Elizabeth said...

W: I was woken up at 5.30 this morning by the cat puking loudly next to my bed.

AW: Next to my bed, not on it.

kathy a. said...

elizabeth -- next to the bed is definitely the anti-whine portion of the program! boo on metro delays.

i forgot an AW! won a $25 gift card in a mystery photo contest run by the little local paper! tres exciting since i never win anything.

liz said...

Days, I hope that it is more AW than W, but I'm sorry you have to go through any of it.

Sue, I've got my cluestick out and rarin' to go.

KLee, Ditto for your little angels' parents.

Esperanza, Ditto Ditto.

W: My son got "light-headed and queasy" during FLE (AKA sex-ed) yesterday at school. I brought him home, but had a long heart-to-heart with him and he won't pull that again anytime soon.

AW: Got a flu shot.

W: Took three tries to spell flu correctly. I kept fireplacing it up. In more ways than one.

kathy a. said...

it is raining raining raining here. guess this is good for drought and that we need not worry about a bad end to fire season. (a big urban wildfire happened locally 20 years ago, a bit later in october.)

liz, that's a good heart to heart.

esperanza said...

Elizabeth gets something for cat bark.

AW: After a "come to Jesus" talk with the fourth graders, they are much improved. The director said "you must have scared the you-know-what out of them." Yes, yes I did. And it felt good.

W: Sweet and Mini are both escalating their tantrums. What gives, littles?

Andy said...

Hi again all. Sorry for my bit of absence of late, but

Whine: I'm in a whirlpool at the moment. I can see where I'm headed, and I can see out of it where I should be, but for some reason I instead let myself spiral in all the while telling myself, "Isn't this fun? The most fun trip I've ever had, yes."

Bigger whine: When I have minor problems, I whine in funny (to me at least) anecdotes. When I have more serious problems, I am apparently limited to "Cryptic Metaphor Whining," a genre with so much less entertainment value. My apologies to you all.

Anti Whine: This wine is delicious!

Whine: Not really.

Anti Whine: But it is effective!

esperanza said...

That doesn't sound so good, Andy. Whine however you want, whenever you want. Hugs to you.

kathy a. said...

oy, andy. in case you are wondering, you've got the cryptic part down. xoxo

Sue said...

No need to apologize Andy. Whine in whatever manner you like.


Votes for Cat Bark Award for Elizabeth. I've been there. Way too often. There's nothing quite like the momentous build-up to the puke, the intentional movement onto carpeted area (or bedding) and the grand bark finale. Definitely award worthy.

JenR said...

I have baby whines and baby-acne whines (due to timing with baby's first portrait session) and whines about crazy 3 year old behavior (it must be a national problem with all the littles huh?). But here's the big one: my secret stash of pretzel M & M s is almost gone.

Hope you all have a better week. I'm off to pack my munchkins for a long weekend Up North in the land of grandparents and fishing boats. Yes, I'm crazy enough to travel with a 6 week old.

kathy a. said...

pretzel m's to jenr, stat! hope you have a good trip!

Sue said...

Pretzel M&Ms - STAT!!!!! JenR, hope the rescue M&Ms appear soon! Have a good time!

AW: I know not everyone will agree, and that's cool, but I SO excited about a wedding I'm conducting on Saturday. It's being held deep in the woods about 1/2 hour out of town at a retreat centre on Lake Superior. The brides are both named Sarah. Days when I get to marry Sarah and Sarah make up for all the nonsense of the church version of the 3 year old tantrums. Srsly. :)

kathy a. said...

sue -- i don't even have to guess about this one -- the happy couple is known to all as "the sarahs." :) cheers all around.

i actually ate some m's last night -- don't usually do candy much any more. and it took me back to the day, when i kept a candy jar in the office, attracting hordes of interns and colleagues alike. (the interns trotted up as soon as they heard the m&m's going into the jar. the lawyers were more stealthy, grabbing a few as they came to talk about something, and then pilfering them shamelessly on late nights.) anyway, my jar's long relationship with candy led to shorthand: m's.

Sue said...

Kathy a- hubby and I have been referring to them as "Sarah squared". :)

AW: they are one of the most committed, loving couples I've worked with in 13 years of weddings. These two are so perfect together. It really is a delight to behold.

AW: I love the candy shorthand.

amy said...

My thyroid disease continues to be completely out of whack. My levels have been bad for at least a year. I'm an anxious, depressed, insomniac mess right now, and I'm fed up, but there's nothing I can do except take my meds. Which I am, but they don't seem to do anything. Every time the doc re-tests me, my levels are still outside normal ranges and he jacks up my dose again. At this point, I'm on a dose so high that it takes two pills (of different dosages) to hit the mark. Judging by how not-different I feel, I'll wager that next test will reveal that nothing has changed and I get to keep paying two prescription co-pays and the bills for continuing blood tests.

Which leads me to the thing that kept me up all night last night -- money. I'm not sure, but I think someone is siphoning off cash from our checking account. Well, not exactly, but the thought that *we* are spending it all is saddening. I don't want to give in to doing a formal budget (barf), but I know we oughta. (Barfy barf barf)

Meanwhile, my childcare situation for Tater is a mess, and I inadvertently made the Tot cry this morning just as her school bus pulled up, leaving me feeling like feces all day for sending her off to school sobbing. Blech.

kathy a. said...

((( amy ))) oy oy oy! too much!

[a] can you get a medical consult about the thyroid thing? i know nothing about thyroids except it sounds like the current plan isn't working.

[b] not sure if you think there is siphoning, or if the cash flow is just generally out of control, but if it is keeping you up -- you already know what to do.

[c] many hugs on childcare woes, and inadvertent things that make people cry. xoxo

Sue said...


What kathy a said.

Because I spent a bunch of money over the summer on various ventures, I've started a "Spending Fast" - inspired by Anna Newell Jones on her blog And Then She Saved. I've got my spending journal on the go, using cash for most purchases etc.... so far, so good.

Ya, it's a pain at times, but those numbers on the bank statements are looking good already!

esperanza said...

W: I have a huge knot and scab on my forehead from hitting it on the car door yesterday. Embarrassing, no?

AW: Even worse? There is now a zit growing right next to it. Mutually enhancing.

kathy a. said...

oh, esperanza wins. clunk + zit is totally classic, both parts and the "all together now" chorus.

Sue said...

I'll second that clunk-zit vote for sure. That's harsh!

amy said...

Oof! I'd send a cluestick for that zit, but it sounds like one already got there!

I think the money woes are fairly easy to pinpoint -- the purchase of a motorcycle in March and a used car in the summer, several $1000+ car repairs, the $1000 deductible for the furnace/air con repair, and so on and so on. We've just had a lot of out of the ordinary expenditures this year, and they've eaten through our cushion. That has me worried because the holidays are coming, and I need to start shopping. Things are probably going to be fine. I'm just stressing out.

Days said...

We are also suffering from hemorrhaging of the bank account. It's going to get worse before it gets better. Birthdays! Christmas! Guilt presents for being away so much! I may need to cluestick myself.

We're only anticipating my needing to be in NYC two weeks of every six so long as everything goes relatively well.

W: Made pie crust for 4 pies so now I need to make 4 pies. Need suggestions beyond pecan, apple, pumpkin.

kathy a. said...

quiche? then you've taken care of dinner, too. ;)

well -- 2 weeks on, 4 weeks off doesn't sound very fun, but it does sound kinda do-able. have you thought of skype? you can see and/or talk to everybody back home for FREE, and as often as you like!

let me know if you could use a goodie box, to keep or dole out as needed. xoxo

liz said...

Custard? And I second the quiche. Or maybe sweet potato?

Chicken Pot pie?

The NYT had a recipe for a seafood pie that was delicious...but it was 20 years ago. Lemme see if I can dig it up.

liz said...

God, I love the internet.

Recipe for Seafood Pie, Published: January 26, 1994.

It's toward the bottom of page three of the article and continues onto page 4.

JenR said...

Non-pie suggestion.... Take the pie crust and cut into cookie- sized pies, brush with egg white, sprinkle with cinnamon sugar, and bake until they look done. Yum. (done depends on if you want them crispy or not... You'll have to judge that yourself.)

kathy a. said...

oh, yeah -- my family would definitely eat those, jen!

which reminds me of other tiny pie-crust yummies! mini-tarts made in mini-muffin pans -- you can put anything in there, and it's great, just a couple of bites. or fold-over mini-tarts with a little something in the middle (like jam, or it could be something savory).

KLee said...

I had a cute recipe for mint ravioli -- pie crusts with half an Andes mint inside that were REALLY yummy...all chocolately and minty. Mmmmm.

I think if you have one of those serrated pastry wheels, you could probably just lay them out: pie crust - mint -pie crust, and then wheel them into pinked-edge ravioli and brush them with a little butter or egg wash, and bake until flaky. That might be a project for my next 3-day weekend!

KLee said...

BTW, the kids are marginally better, but the parents are still asshats.

I have one mother who habitually (meaning 3 times or more a week) signs her twin sons out of school early. This in itself is annoying because they miss instructional time that they both REALLY need, but also because she's just picking them up, not signing them out through the attendance office. We had a message from our principal not long ago that ALL STUDENTS must be signed out in the office, and then they in turn would let us know that Child X's parent was there and would be leaving early. We are not to let them go if the office didn't call us to let us know.

The reason for this is that we had a non-custodial parent try to pick up a child without authorization, and we do not want any child to be placed in an unsafe situation like that. Most times, everything works out fine, but do we really want to be the 1% that works out badly? No, and most parents not only understand that, but are grateful for our efforts. Not this lady. She moaned and bitched because she did not get to circumvent the rules.

I tried, very nicely, to explain that it was for the safety of the children and the peace of mind of the parents, but she wasn't having any of that twaddle.

She went to the office and complained that she wanted the twins moved to another class. Suits me just fine. Her children are as ill-mannered as she is, and if I never have to deal with her and her colossal attitude again, it will be no skin off my nose. Jerk.

kathy a. said...

oh, klee. i hope the office let her know that this is SCHOOL POLICY, and there are good reasons for it.