Friday, September 30, 2011

On Top of Spaghetti.....

Many worthy entries this week, my friends!

The Style Award goes to Liz, whose son and hubby found this animated masterpiece to share!

There were some other long wiggly things in PixieLand, which we do not recommend for dinner. By general acclaim, Esperanza wins the prestigious Medal of Honor for Parental Performance Above and Beyond, for dealing with a fireplacing snake in the pool with her baby. Ack! Showing great courage, Esperanza demonstrated the grab, whack, and toss technique recommended by experts: grabbing a hoe, whacking that sucker to bits, and tossing it over the fence. Esperanza shall henceforth be known as The Mighty Slayer of Snakes. (hat tip, Elizabeth.)

In other heebie-jeebie news, Liz wins the Shower Scene of Horror Award for facing numerous spiders, including one up close and personal, in a small enclosed damp space. Ick! Kudos, too, for explaining her philosophy so clearly: "Better the dead spider you can see than the living spider you know is there somewhere hiding waiting to jump out and scare you. "

Despite this host's (minority-view) preference for vacuum disposal, even she must admit that the shower presents special challenges, not suited for the Hoover method. I confess to using the popular "smash" method as well, in crisis situations.

The shower is a dangerous place this week. Genevieve wins the Fireplacity Fireplace Award for slipping in the fireplacing shower and aggravating her fireplacing foot injuries. This award comes with hugs, a no-slip mat, and a prescription for putting the feet up, and having people fan you with palm fronds and deliver bon-bons. Glad that other things are better!

The coveted Elevated Risk of Mullet Award goes to Neighbor Lady, whose digestive complaints resolved but left her with unexpected weight gain: "And, also, curse you, you irresistable dark-chocolate-covered-pretzel-balls!!!"

The Three Dward Day Award goes to Sue, who not only experienced Sleepy, Grumpy, and Dopey, but also coined a new addition to the lexicon! (hat tip, KLee.)

Sue is also the recipient of the Belushi Award, for kinda looking like the Samurai Minister after that last treatment. But yay on vanquishing the headache monster!

Weather Whine Awards to Esperanza, who is looking for a big drop in temp, all the way down to 89 degrees; KLee, who is "ready for weather that does not involve so much sweating and icky-gross feeling"; and JenR, who reports rain rain rain wind, and "I just let my 3 year old play in a puddle until he was drenched anc cold because I simply could not stand staying in the house any longer."

Elizabeth wins the Best Anti-Whine Award: "My dad's coming to visit for Rosh Hashonah. And bringing NYC pastrami!" Happy Rosh Hashonah to all celebrating!

The Cluestick Posse is saddled up to pay Sarah's doctor a visit, for sending test results that included numbers and no interpretation, so she still doesn't know exactly what's going on. Many hugs from the group, since either way, it looks like a trial of gluten-free diet. Thanks to the Pixies who weighed in with encouragement and ideas.

More Cluesticks to facebook.

Time Machines to all Pixies feeling the crunch, including but not limited to Elizabeth, KLee and Sue.

Rooting through the Lost and Found here at Pixie Central, looking for everybody's misplaced energy, enthusiasm, get-up-and-go, can-do attitudes, etc.

Thanks for playing! See you next week!


liz said...

Awesome awards, Kathy A!

esperanza said...

Thanks! Now my whine is going to be that no pixie will ever want to visit me, because we have hot weather and snakes.

Sue said...

Thanks kathy a!! Great awards as always.

No worries esperanza. If I'm ever in the 'hood, I'll totally visit you because I know I will be safe from any snakes. If I catch sight of one, your SuperSnakeSlayer Powerz will protect me!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for these awards!
Glad something good has come from those pretzel balls after all!
:) Neighbor Lady

Days said...

Sounds like it was a busy week at WW. I cannot deal with snakes on any level with squirming, including reading esperanza's tale of courage.

Hubby, and the vast majority of my in-laws have wheat or gluten intolerance, so I may be able to share some advice - later, when my brain's no so mushy. We spent the week at MSKCC and are quite overwhelmed ATM.

kathy a. said...

((( days ))) MSK in NYC? sending much love. another friend spent a long time there this summer, and was back this week for a check. xoxoxo

Elizabeth said...


And fabulous awards, Kathy.