Friday, October 14, 2011

Good day, sunshine!

Whining works! We lost our gray, cold gloom! And Esperanza got RAIN, after this long, dry, fiery summer!

Old Skool Awards to: JenR, for a comment lost in the black hole of the internet; Sue, for a shaving accident; and Esperanza, for a lapse in the overall potty-training victory.

Elizabeth wins the Weekend? What Weekend? Award for a marathon of driving driving driving, fasting, and sorting things. With kids! In the middle of the single-parenting gig! Followed by a metro meltdown on the way to kid pickup! Oy. We all vote for you to have a day off to collapse and recuperate.

Laundry Fairies to JenR, Esperanza, and heck, everybody who could use one. Kudos to loved ones who play the role of the Laundry Fairy.

JenR wins the Emily Litella Award ("if it's not one thing, it's another") for a passel of woes, which she had to type one-handed due to the other arm being occupied by a tiny one. Most chilling are the rogue underwires -- two of them in one week! That's got to put a dent in one's ability to be a superhero at all times.

Hugs, gluten-free treats, a stress-free zone, and a Magic Wand to Sarah, who has something unbloggably stressful going on. And this thing that's making her lose weight, a product of the stress. The Cluestick Posse is happy to help; just give us the nod. 'Cause this isn't right.

Liz wins the Squashed Award, for ye olde mam. And Kudos to her employer for arranging this to happen at work, so as to avoid the Joy of Traffic.

Cluesticks to Aunt Flo, who keeps annoying the membership and showing up at inconvenient times.

Much love and warm thoughts for Sue, whose headache demon crawled back from banishment; Medical Anon, who has thrashed her way through the red tape to get a scan scheduled for next week; and Days, who started a clinical trial far from home this week.

Thanks for playing! See you next week, when the fabulous Esperanza will host!

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