Saturday, October 8, 2011

Pie for all!

A Boatload of Pretzel Ms (the second M is optional) to JenR as she embarks on the craziness of family travel with family members too little to roll over, much less negotiate.

Happy ten year anniversary to Sue and her church (but not to the parishioners who forgot to celebrate it).

Best wishes to Sarah Squared and their minister, on the big day. I do love me some good weddings…

The Bandaid Award goes to Sweet for surviving two sticks and making it on to the growth chart for weight! Esperanza gets a bandaid too for her glamorous Clunk+Zit – ow!

The Good Parenting Award goes to kathy a. for supporting her grown up little one in solving her own problems, Esperanza for her “come to Jesus” with the fourth graders, and liz for teaching her small fry that bailing out of sex-ed is not the way to go. The Not-So-Good-Parenting Award goes to KLee’s twins’ mother – yikes!

The Flying Solo Award this week will be awarded to Elizabeth, for three weeks of solo parenting due to her partner’s work travel (complete with childcare late fees and the inevitable car issue).

Sympathy to Andy for his “Cryptic Metaphor Whining” – we hope whatever it is, it gets better soon.

Cluesticks to burned out light bulbs, MIL’s behaving in whine-worthy-ways, MSG pushers and deniers, sibling nastygrams (any nastygrams), spilled coffee, and parents who won’t believe their angels have the occasional demon-spawn moments. God Love ‘Em (since somebody has to) and Bless Their Hearts (in the true Southern sense), even.

Days wins the Ambivalence Award for “becoming a human guinea pig in NYC on a clinical trial - W? AW? I'll have to let you know.” All the Pixies will be rooting for you, Days, and you are welcome to whine or celebrate with us any time.

A Big Hug to amy, who is dealing with thyroid woes, childcare issues, and the craziness of Tot crying and money disappearing.

Have some pie, everybody, and please join us next week when the lovely kathy a. will be hosting!


Sue said...

Thanks redzils - the Sarah Squared wedding was simply beautiful. One of those great moments that make up for all the whineable ones.

kathy a. said...

sweet awards, redzils!