Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Well, I think it's finally fall here. We are breaking out the long sleeves today, because the high is only going to be 78. Yes. Seriously. Long sleeves.

W: overworked with stuff I don't like.
AW: friend's husband is doing great, they are flying back home tomorrow.
W: she's out of the office the rest of the week anyway.

Whine of Obviousness: Sitting around on the internet all evening is not very inspiring nor motivating. Which then leads to dispiritedness over lack of accomplishments. Duh.

Any whining pixies out there to join me?


Sue said...

*snerk* Sorry, I have to chuckle. 78 degrees most definitely does not mean long sleeves here. That's more like "fire up the bbq" weather.... still, after all the heat and fires in your part of the world, I'm sure it's a relief....

Also, I'm so glad to hear that your friend's husband is doing so well!

W: Snow. It has come and gone, but the first official snowfall is in the record books here. Fall never lasts as long as I would like, but I do try to enjoy for the time it's here. This year's colours were beautiful! (I guess that's kind of an AW)

W: Woke up to the sound of Kitteh Khaos at about 6:00 am. Kitteh decided this was a good time to run across the dresser and fling the stuff on top of said dresser in every direction. She ran. She destroyed. She left.

I'll go looking for earrings and stuff when I get home. Really, who needs an alarm clock with fun like this going on????

liz said...

W: The Yarn Harlot did a book signing in my neighborhood.
W: My OLD neighborhood.
W: In Brooklyn.
W: Four blocks from my mom's house.

W: Six hours by car from where I live.

kathy a. said...

glad your friend's husband is doing well, esperanza! boo on the overload.

sue, that kind of snow would have us all excited around these parts. [we are so not snow-worthy.] i wonder if the shorter days dictate cat-madness, because there is some of that going around in my house. spotty, however, bows to amazing achievement of your cat.

aw, liz. so close, and yet so far.

W: zits. totally inappropriate for my age.

AW: zits are no longer on my list of things to be devastated about.

KLee said...

W: We have a barking phenomenon going around in my classroom. Had 3 kids out yesterday with it, and 3 again today. I DO NOT want it to make its way to me. No fun at all.

AW: Had lots of wonderful friends wish me a happy birthday on Facebook.

W: That made up for the fact that mostly everyone in my real life either forgot, or played it so low-key that they didn't even say "happy birthday."

AW: Husband and daughter remembered, but were not allowed to buy me a gift as the iPad I got in May was a combined Mother's Day/Birthday gift. Had two nice dinners out over the weekend to celebrate.

W: 41. Eh -- it's better than the Great Dirt Nap, I suppose.

Anonymous said...

Hey KLee,
I am vaguely remembering from past years that your birthday might have been the same day as mine, and we are the same age too!
Happy birthday!!!!!!!!
And, your last line made me laugh!
:) Neighbor Lady

Anonymous said...

W: Today is my anniversary (13 yrs) and I am spending the evening at a lecture about how to keep your kids safe on the internet, while Neighbor Guy takes Neighbor Girl to sign up to play basketball.

AW: Neighbor Guy sent me flowers at the middle school where I work, which were beautiful and a COMPLETE surprise.

W: mouse in the house
AW: cat got it so I didn't have to
W: still had to get rid of it
AW: we have a tidy cat without a taste for mice, apparently. whew.

AW: had a nice birthday cake and a delicious nut torte cake with an old fashioned vanilla frosting made by Neighbor Guy and our daughter. YUM!!!!!!!!

W: I think I ate a full half-cake myself.
Umm, it was so good that's also an anti-whine.

That's enough from here.

Hugs to you all!

:)Neighbor Lady

Anonymous said...

Umm, my sentence about cake got all messed up. Actually, I only had one cake, and it was delicious.
Am suffering from the fizzle of brain neurons that apparently comes with 41.
--Neighbor Lady

KLee said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Sister Neighbor Lady! (I'm the 15th -- you too?! Awesome!)

Glad you like the Great Dirt Nap quote. It is stolen shamelessly from my father, who has said it for YEARS. It's true, then, that as you age, you start sounding more like your own parents.....:)

Sue said...

Birthdays! Anniversary! Happy times here in Pixie world.

Well, mostly. Sorry about the low-key IRL wishes KLee. Please know that everyone at the Pixie Ball this week is wearing a virtual tiara to mark all the celebrations.

Liz: sorry about the book signing distance problem. That's harsh.

Kathy: zits - icky for sure, but I totally understand how it falls down the list when greater whines prevail.

NL: yay for cake! And my uber-troublesome Kat (who is presently snoring because she is tired - she was up all night creating mayhem) can only dream of being a Fabulous Mouser like yours. She sends a Yawn of Genuine Awe your way.

W: Colleagues (retired and otherwise) who simply cannot play nicely with others. Really - there aren't that many of us 'round these parts. Where's the love people????? Argh.

AW: no GNP so far this week. As a friend often says "The day isn't over and I'm still on the right side of the grass."

esperanza said...

Happy Birthday to NL and KLee! And I'm totally going to use "Great Dirt Nap"

The whiners have been busy today!

W: Sweet is of the "naps leave me grumpy" species. Grr.

W: Physical therapist was out today, so Sweet had a substitute. This did not go over well. See "nap" whine, above.

AW: (this is going to sound curmudgeonly) kids showed up for a thing at church tonight, so I didn't have to lead it.

kathy a. said...

happy birthday, KLee and Neighbor Lady!!! happy anniversary, Neighbor Friends! passing the cake, raising a toast over virtual flowers. xoxo

KLee, hoping that bark isn't going around.

NL, ze cats bow to the prowess of yours. the only mouser we ever had just liked to bring them inside and play with them. it kinda sucked to chase wounded, limping mice around.

sue, the posse is up for colleagues etc. who don't play nicely.

kathy a. said...

ok, so. i am of a feminist bent, always have been. my high school caught up with my address a few years ago, and i could live with that. but today i got a newsletter addressed to "Mr. and Mrs. [husband's first name] [my last name]."

this is just so wrong. don't even know how they got my husband's first name. i didn't take either of his names, he didn't take mine, and he does not have anything to do with this school. i was polite but firm. it is beyond me why they would go with a "mr/mrs boyz name" format over the name i have used my entire life.

esperanza said...

Grr, kathy a. I wish our databases could catch up with our culture.

I've tried to give up being steamed about "Rev. and Mrs. Hubby's Name" I earned that Rev. too, dangit. Of course, the "proper" way to do it is "The Reverends Lastname" (we do share a last name) which sounds dorky, I admit.

kathy a. said...

i don't think "the reverends lastname" is dorky; it is respectful. also, emily post backs you up on dual reverend couples.

esperanza said...

oh, I know it's correct, I just think it sounds...pretentious. I'd take "Rev and Rev LastName" over "Rev and Mrs" anyday.

kathy a. said...

there is always the option of addressing you each in the way you prefer. not hard. always welcome.

i've been with my beloved for about ever, and i suppose there is no hope his mother will ever stop addressing stuff to [my first name] [his last name]. even though that combination is my evil SIL's name. and even though i have always used my own name.

kathy a. said...

i sound so stuck up. in real life, i answer to about anything, then warmly correct if necessary. i introduce myself with my real name. but man, my high school and my mother in law ought to be able to get this right.

Sue said...

Double grrrrrrrrrrr on the feminist name thing. I'm right there with you kathy. Drives. Me. Crazy.

Same with the double reverends. So many of our friends go through this all the time.

Esperanza - not curmudgeonly at all. I've had the same thing happen and come home (early!) and happy. No guilt. The church gets enough of our lives. A bonus evening is a gift.

W: Insomnia and headache pain can seriously bite me. I've finally given up after tossing and icing my head for an hour. Now I'm going to try reading something boring.

Double super turbo Whine: on nights like this I really envy other migraine sufferers I know who cannot work because of their pain. Most are on disability so can still live and have food and shelter.....some struggle with money and I do feel really badly for them.....


After a miserable night like this one, they can just sleep the next day. I, on the other hand, don't hurt quite enough for the insurance I have about four hours to get into a gravol-induced stupor, sleep for a few hours and haul a*s to the office in the morning.

I said it was a big whine, and it is. I know I'm fortunate to have work in these hard economic times, but .....well, crap. Tomorrow is already pretty much of a right off as of now.

I feel like a complete cad for feeling that envy when I know how much my migraine friends hurt so much of the time.

esperanza said...

Aw, Sue, hope you got some sleep and today won't be too bad. Go away, headache, go away.

AW: cold front! (ok, cooler front)
W: with lots of allergy-inducing pollen. And sneezes. My goodness, the sneezes.
AW: it's almost worth it to hear Sweet and Mini say, "Bwess you, Mommy"

liz said...

Sue, you don't envy them their pain, you envy them the ability to attempt to recover the next day.

It's not the same thing at all.

Sending healing thoughts, hoping the headache packs its bags and leaves.

Happy Birthday, KLee and NL!!

MM's been saying "Cough zundheit" when we cough. "Bwess you, Mommy" is cuter.

Sue said...

Thanks Liz, that makes me feel slightly less horrible for feeling so ungracious and unkind. I try to convince myself "That's the Headache talking" but I still feel really mean.

Today tried really hard to get up and haul myself into work. Hubby took one look at me and sent me back to bed with new ice. I called the office and my wonderful office admin was very understanding. Not much going today anyway, she said, "You just get some rest".

So I did. Now I'm going to get some more as the Great Brain Explosion of 2011 still threatens. Ouch.

W: this screen is bright.

AW: imagining Sweet and Mini saying "Bwess you Mommy"

kathy a. said...

((( sue )))

esperanza, those baboos are the cutest.

liz said...

I feel off today. Put salt in my coffee, knocked things over, tripped over my own feet, have a headache that won't go away. Wish I could just start over.

Elizabeth said...


W: brief power outage at 4am made various devices beep, which woke me. I almost never have primary insomnia, but often have secondary insomnia when woken early...

AW: Starting to finally understand that my organization will never listen to my complaints of understaffing as long as I get the work done anyway.

kathy a. said...

oh, big award nomination for elizabeth. which she somehow wrote up as an antiwhine, perhaps for reaching a new level of understanding about how totally messed up her organization is, when they figure "no problem" so long as she is driving herself nuts to cover what needs doing with a bigger staff? boy, do i have a cluestick itching to do justice with this one.

also vote for a do-over award for liz, with bonus advil and time off.

liz said...

Oh, Elizabeth. That is rotten.

On the very petty whine front:
I'm not feeling the love for my campaign contributions project this period.
I've added some new information to it, and tried to make it more...exciting, but I've lost the passion.
So it's going very sloooowly. And the next reports may be out by the time I'm finished.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to everyone for the birthday and anniversary wishes!

The image of pixie-dom in virtual tiaras is SO wonderful!
I am passing the virtual chocolate, cake, and also advil for those it will help.
Sorry about the headache Sue!!! Hope you feel better soon!

Kathy a: I totally thinnk your school and mother in law(!) ought to get this right by now! Also, why can't each person just be treated and addressed *as* a person?!?!?! After all, there are plenty of Mr and Mr.; Ms. and Ms. couples out there too, not to mention all the professional designation combinations! And those who kept their original names! Come on society, it's not that hard!!!

*end rant*

As you were....

:) Neighbor Lady

Elizabeth said...

It's an anti-whine because I'm doing much better at not driving myself crazy since realizing this.

amy said...

It's 1:15 in the morning. Why am I not in bed, sleeping? *sigh*

Much cause for celebration in our family today. A tooth that has been hanging forever finally fell out! Yay for the tot! Also, the tot didn't wake up when Toothetta (our personal tooth fairy) came, so her belief is intact. My whine for the day is kids who want to wreck it for other kids.

The tot told me tonight about the kids in her class who have been insisting that there is no tooth fairy, that parents are the tooth fairy. She is 7 and wants to believe in Toothetta, and I am a-okay with that. It took a looooong time for her teeth to start falling out, and I feel like she's in danger of missing out on one of the fun parts of being a kid, just because they've got a chip on their shoulders, or something.

I'm not going to request a cluesticking for the kids, because they're kids after all, but maybe for the Universe for the cruel twist of fate -- for a kid who is a believer in the tooth fairy but had to wait so long to have her that she won't get to enjoy her for very long.

kathy a. said...

amy -- my kids were clued in fairly early by their peers, but they decided to keep believing in the tooth fairy, santa, and the easter bunny anyway. i think that even now, they'd fall over in shock if they didn't get a full stocking or an easter basket; that would be a sure sign i was suffering dementia or something.

the tooth fairy's run is limited. enjoy it while it lasts.

Sue said...

Agreed. The Tooth Fairy had a short run at our house too. I wonder why that is....

Sorry about the seemingly contagious insomnia Amy.

W/AW: mammogram this morning - a three month check because the radiologist didn't like the navy-bean-sized thingy he saw last time.

I'm sure it's nothing, but still....the waffle iron and ultrasound has to be done. The AW is that it can be done easily and close to home.

Elizabeth said...

Some old school whines:

W: Woke up with my left eye sore and irritated. Can't quite tell if it's a sty, allergies, or what. (Don't say pinkeye, I don't want to hear it.)

W: Guts acting up a bit. Not enough to really feel sick, but enough that I feel like I need to make sure I stick close to facilities...


liz said...

Sending clear Mam thoughts to you, Sue.

Amy, a kid told Muffin Man about the realities of Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy, and MM was so disappointed. I told him never ever to tell other kids the truth about those things, and if he hears other kids telling, to take them aside and tell them not to be That Kid.

kathy a. said...

fingers crossed, sue.

elizabeth -- bleah on low-level crud! hope you are feeling better.

liz -- good work, mama!

AW: had just a lovely time last night at a college alumni thing. had a nice long chat with someone i haven't seen in 30 years!

this was at a local museum that we love -- daughter would really like to work there after her internship. the museum director turns out to be an alum of my college. (yet another thing one can do with an english major!)

amy said...

Liz, ABSOLUTELY! In fact, I told my husband last night that when she does give it up, I intend to enlist her as my chief elf/fairy assistant, and her job will be to help keep the magic alive for Tater -- because she is definitely not allowed to be That Kid in her own home.

liz said...

My sister was my tooth fairy, 5.5 years older than me, and we were in a 50/50 shared custody arrangement, so she was the only one guaranteed to be around any time I lost a tooth.

I'll always be grateful to her.

kathy a. said...

aw, liz. that is the sweetest sister story.

i told my kids from very young that we all are santa's helpers -- that he can't do it all, and that some kids are not so lucky as them. they always chose presents for someone close to their age whose family did not have much. we donated food and clothing. we passed change and bucks to the bell-ringers, and to homeless people. for several years, my lovely aunt's present to them was a donation to some charity of their choice -- and she made sure they considered worthy choices.

i never did rat out santa and the rest, and they never did push it very hard. being elves themselves.

Liz said...

I told you folks I would be called back for a comprehensive, right? Well, I've been called back for a comprehensive. Me and Sue, sailing in the same boat.

kathy a. said...

what? did they have your earlier films?

special awards for sue and liz, enduring too much squashing again.

kathy a. said...

i'm such a bad person. am on this committee, and bugged out of today's conference call after 1 hour, 15 minutes. 10 people on a call with a fuzzy agenda = just too much.

Sue said...

Oh Liz, here's hoping for a good clear comprehensive.

My tests went as well as can be expected when being squashed. Seriously, what they can do with that machine doesn't even look possible until it's actually happening. I love the part where the tech tells you to hold your breath while they shoot the film. Ya, like I was breathing! Not so much.....

Anyway, then she did the ultrasound, and pulled another machine with another computer on it over to the table. It was my last ultrasound from 3 months ago.

I know they aren't allowed to say anything, but this woman could win some serious poker. Now I wait for about a week to hear from my family doc re: the results. I'm not too concerned, but I will definitely feel better once he calls.

esperanza said...

I think I've ranted about ultrasound techs on another occasion, so I'll refrain. But Sue, you have a great idea for the next reality tv hit: Ultrasound Techs Poker Championship.

Seriously, hoping for clear results for you and Liz both. And no more squishing for another year.

Awards manana, pixies.

JenR said...

two weeks in s row with disappearing whines from me. Urg.

Anyway... least favorite person from work resigned yesterday. That will almost make going back at the end of the month less paiful.

liz said...

Am waiting on hold with my doctor's office. 21 minutes and counting. Been disconnected once.

Weird, because I've usually had a great experience with this office.

kathy a. said...

that's a terrible wait, liz. cluesticks! hope you finally got the info you needed.

jenr -- such a grand antiwhine when somebody who is painful to deal with moves along to other pastures.