Friday, October 28, 2011

Thanks for all the birthday wishes, Pixies! There was lots of cake and I am feeling well feted, but I would like to request a special Cluestick Posse for the guy who asked how old I was, heard the number, then demanded to know when I am going to start a family (dude, I have a family – I just don’t have a kid yet. Human beings aren’t known for unassisted reproduction so Back. Off.).

I am posting these awards a little earlier than my usual, since I am headed to the (Western) Land of Mouse-themed Theme Parks for work tomorrow.

Liz gets the Postal Problem whine for the snafu caused by needing her mammo films from the mobile mammo unit, which apparently exists only in place you can’t pick things up. We hope that the follow up goes well, Liz, and whatever they saw was something harmless.

The Good Night’s Sleep Award to kathy a. to help her catch up after a night of cat snuggling and insomnia; to esperanza as she handles Baboo Tag Team Waking, and to the other Pixies in need of rest.

Many Good Wishes to amy as she deals with a childcare problem for poor Tater. We are all hoping things get better fast, so he is happier and you are happier and can like your job again.

Happy early birthday to Elizabeth – I wish I could come to the party too (but doubt you want to hold it in April, when I will be in your neighborhood next).

Sue, we hope you are feeling better as you get further from your concussive impact from the freezer door. That sleep / bark routine is a rough one.

May the unbloggables referenced around the edges of the last post resolve quickly and well (or at least quickly – I hate waiting for the other shoe).

The Cluestick Posse will be tracking down people displaying “arrogance and its comeuppance and not much learning from the situation,” childcare providers who don’t like children, and others who invoke Pixie Wrath.

Check back next week to join Host To Be Announced and the gang for our weekly party! See you then!


kathy a. said...

the dude asked WHAT? lemmee at him.

lovely awards, redzils! say hi to the mouse for me!

liz said...

I'm pulling out my spiked clue stick.

kathy a. said...

in extended whining -- remember daughter and the burned-out light bulbs? her smoke detector is beeping because the battery is running low. my problem, this is not. i think she's a little ticked that i told her to go find a ladder in the basement, and go buy the right kind of battery. and also that this is a problem she will have every place she lives for the entire rest of her life.

esperanza said...

Rude, rude, rude. Cluesticks for that guy, for sure.

Fun awards, redzils!