Friday, September 16, 2011

French Fried Awards

Pixies, I am a little French Fry right now. But it's now or never for awards, since tomorrow and Sunday are full.

Get Well Soon Award to Neighbor Lady, with the crud.

Get busy, cluestickers, we're having a busy week: Cluesticks to Days's flooding dishwasher, kathy a.'s daughter's smell-impaired landlady, Elizabeth's no-show babysitter, and Sue's appointment-canceling clinic.

Old Skool Award to Days, for waiting all day for the courier to arrive with the package that was still sitting in some warehouse somewhere.

And kathy a. gets the inspiring Elevated Risk of Mullet for this hotel dweller's whine: "my travel deodorant committed sewercide--jumped right out of its tube and into the commode."

Honorable Mention Mullet to Sue for her clarification: "I should add that my black-circled eyes are the result of no opposed to, you know...crack."

"Do They Have Nothing Better to Ask Parents to Do?" Award for all those packing school lunches by picky rules. And for all those children and parents asked to sell fundraising junk for even junkier prizes. Seriously. Just ask me for a donation.

An Award of Competency to Elizabeth and everyone else who has ever felt like an imposter. Ahem. I'm guessing that's everyone.

Best Wishes to Gary and his family, as they adjust to grandpa in the house.

Let's just give a prize to everyone this week: lots and lots of that thing that happens when you close your eyes and breathe slowly and deeply and act like JenR's sweet baby. You know, that thing we're not saying.

Be sure and come back next week, when Elizabeth will host our whines large and small.


kathy a. said...

lovely awards, esperanza! best with your weekend.

Liz Miller said...

Awesome awards! And an even awesomer lunch. Is awesomer a word? Can I use it?

esperanza said...

Sure it's a word. So sayeth Dr. Seuss.