Monday, September 12, 2011

Awards, belated due to computer melt-down edition

Posting this from work, because my computer is still down for the count. Turns out that Windows 7 Starter is even less flexible than I previously thought.

Remembering What It's All About goes to JenR for the awkward dance most newborns and their moms go through to get the nursing to actually work.

Kathy A. gets the That Sums it Up award for "seem to have misplaced the overdrive feature on my motivation gearshift."

Sue wins the This Whine Brought to You by Acme Mail Order Supplies award.

Kathy A. adds a whole new chapter to the Bible with "[yes, i have a close personal relationship with the gospel according to looney tunes.]"

Gary gets the coveted Elevated Risk of Mullet for "My whine is that individual eyebrow follicles have become ambitious colonialists.", and continues a theme with "..."I pluckerated it with extreme prejudice before its nefarious plan to make me look like a brunette version of Yosemite Sam could come to fruition."

Andy goes Old Skool with his whine about the Houston Chronicle's online comics page re-design. Needless to say, I hear you on those computer woes.

Esperanza's Dad gets the Good Samaritan award for taking one for the team and volunteering for a lay-off so others may continue to work.

The Vinnie Bobarino Award goes to Gary and Elizabeth. Welcome Back. We missed you.

The Cluestick Posse is being sent out to KLee's neighbor, who is just about the most deplorable human being I've ever heard about, ever, short of committing an crime. Who DOES that?

Elizabeth, we are all thinking of you in your time of loss. Remember, what you do does matter to many people.

Hugs and love to everyone, and I'm sorry if I missed anybody!!

Tune in...Tomorrow! When our host will be Esperanza.


esperanza said...

Lovely awards.

Sure glad you added that last sentence! I would have forgotten and wondered why someone didn't put up the post so I could whine!

Sue said...

GReat awards!

Love the Vinnie Bobarino award - excellent choices!

kathy a. said...

fabulous awards!