Thursday, September 22, 2011


Elevated risk of mullet to Sue for her description of airplanes as "Large tin petrie dishes from hell" and to Neighbor Lady for "Aunt Flo(od)."

Old skool award for Days and her wet dog, and for me and my ripped pants.

Cluesticks to the church ladies who don't think that Sue is working enough, to her airplane seatmate, and the supreme court.

A warm welcome back to Genevieve, and sympathies for the sadness and the physical issues. Wishes for healing of body and soul.

Wishing everyone more hours in the day, more sleep in the night, less time schlepping in the car and if we can't all have cleaning fairies, may we at least have friends who don't care about the dust bunnies.


esperanza said...

Loving your last sentence. May it be so.

kathy a. said...

what esperanza said. thanks, elizabeth!

Genevieve said...

Yes! Thanks Elizabeth, and thanks KLee and Esperanza and everyone else who said something kind.

And I will be using "large tin petrie dishes from hell" whenever the next time I fly might be.