Monday, February 7, 2011

A Whine Re-run

A whine post in which I try to think of some new whines:

* The Baboos have runny noses. Wait, you've heard that before.
* Mr. E is working way too many hours. Oh, that one too.
* I try to let Mr. E get some sleep and the tag-teaming Baboos have bad nights. That one too, huh?
* My inner introvert is overwhelmed, leading to bad sleeping on my part. Whew, this is harder than I thought.
* The church-owned house is blessing and curse, all on the same day. I've told you that already too?

What's happening new with you, pixies? Around here, it's the same ol' same ol'.


liz said...

AW: I had lunch with Jo(e).

W: Sore throat. Minor fever last night which is gone today, so I am at work.

AW: Brought a thermometer w me. First sign of fever, I'm going home.

esperanza said...

Oh, no, Liz, not again! (or is it still?) Take care of yourself.

Sarah at ratatat said...

Liz, hope you are resting comfortably or feeling much better.

Whine: My son's 7th birthday party is Sunday. At my house. I am deeply unprepared. At least it is only 7-8 boys from school.

Sue said...

Liz - totally jealous of your blogger meet up! I'm sure you had a great time. (Did you take your clothes off???? I'm going over to jo(e)'s place to find out. hee hee)

Wait, is that how you caught Teh Plague again? I hope you feel better really soon.

Hats off to you Sarah @ r - if you can say the words "only" 7-8 boys from school and not break out in a sweat, you are a far better woman than I. I'm sure all will be well.

AW: Great spa day last week!!!! I left the spa feeling all warm and noodly, despite the -30 temps.

W: The next day, I had a code id my node. Seriously, I had so much gunk flowing out of my nose I was pretty sure I was losing brain matter. Maybe the massage loosened up years of Le Snot I had been saving for several years. Not. Pleasant.

AW: A snotty face will get you through the border crossing at break-neck speed. The woman barely looked at my passport, then handed it back as if it were covered in ebola virus. It wasn't.

AW: Funny border crossing on the way down there. Guy in the little booth simply could not understand why I was heading South of here all alone for three days, despite my description of the spa, the need for a few days to relax etc. He still opened every knook and cranny in my car. All he found were a few marshmallow chocolate hearts, just like I told him. Whatever...

W: Back to work. A metric butt load of emails to answer. Don't. Want. To.

liz said...

Sue, yes I did.

And I think the illness may be something I picked up from co-workers. I'm still at work.

liz said...

Temp = 101.7. Have 40 minutes of work left to do, but need to wait for co-worker to come back to do it.

As soon as that is over, I'm out of here.

kathy a. said...

LIZ! you wild woman, you!! now you'll be anonymously famous! the photos are so lovely, but i am so body-shy. sorry about the yuck.

sue -- sounds like a fabulous break! it's just killing me that you were mistaken some terrorist threat at the border. sorry about your yuck, too.

does anyone ever have fun at the oral surgeon's? me, neither. he did a biopsy inside my cheek [probably an amalgam tatoo, or age spot], and removed this spot on my lip [probably pigment change due to sun exposure]. but the stitches don't look too frankensteinish, and the pain is manageable.

this comes in the middle of wads of care from my new provider -- some routine [pap, mam], and some not [uterine biopsy last friday; referral to high risk breast center]. and you know the colonoscopy will be next up. it's good to be on top of things, but i've spent an awful lot of time thinking about cancer and gettng medical care this past week, for a civilian.

Sue said...

Liz - that photo is simply gorgeous. I hope you have one to frame! Seriously, it's a work of art. I love the way the sheets make a star pattern around you! Sorry about the ick and the fever. Bleh.

kathy a - OUCH!!! The very thought of that biopsy makes me squirm. Sorry about the onslaught of scary cancer-related tests. I hope everything goes well.

esperanza said...

yee-ouch, kathy a. None of that sounds pleasant in the least. I hope it's all much ado about nothing.

Sue, sorry the email mountain is so towering. Don't lose the spa mojo, if you can help it. And don't get me started on border crossing shenanigans. A bit different on this side of the country.

New whine for the day is that I have failed to appreciate how tough Sweet is regarding pain. And now that Mini is teething in earnest, I realize how easily that went with Sweet. Seriously, nothing is making her happy. She's not sleeping. I guess all babies do this, huh?

liz said...

Oh, Sue, that's not me. That's jo(e)'s roommate. Gorgeous photo, gorgeous roommate.

kathy a. said...

(((( esperanza )))) poor mini!

esperanza said...

oo-la-la, Liz. Nice photo.

Mini and Sweet are both sleeping. Mini has been waking up juuuust as I turn out the light and relax into my pillow. Apparently I'm a very noisy relaxer. Disturbs the force field in her room *across* the house. I'm off to try to do so veerrryyy quietly now.

Sue said...

So Liz, where's your photo?????? We must see it!!!

a. noony moose said...

check again, sue. is my guess.

Sue said...

Thanks a noony moose!!! Liz - your picture is even better than the other. I truly love it. The light, the pose, it's all pure art. You are a wonder to behold pixie friend!

Morning Whine: which, btw, is a daily event in my world. Not a morning person. Anyway, I looked in the mirror this morning, and even with my ever-failing eyesight, I spotted something new.

An eyebrow so big and so unthinkably overgrown that it looked like an alien antenna.

Oh my.

Old much?

liz said...

I get those, too, Sue. They seem to pop up overnight. Like nipple hair.

Thank you, Sue and Kathy for the compliments on the photo! Jo(e) is awesome.

liz said...

W: Strep.

kathy a. said...

mullet for liz, about things that pop up overnight! ~snort~

had breakfast with a longtime colleague, someone about to flee my former workplace. this is the third person recently expressing those sentiments; another really senior person quit in a flaming blaze of glory, no notice. mmm, mmm, mmm, but the management types have lost track of the core mission, and of genuinely listening to and supporting the people doing the real work.

i may make no money and have an all-feline staff, but i remain gratified that i no longer have to deal with that stuff.

Sue said...

Boo on the strep!

?nipple hair? ~looks down~ hm....

kathy a - I totally agree on the all-feline staff. I would totally love that. The only grief they would give you would be the eternal question: "And where exactly are my special treats?" And of course there would be the occasional bark and pook - but what's that compared to office politics?

esperanza said...

Isn't "bark and pook" a synonymn for "office politics"???

Sorry about the strep, liz.

Sue said...

Most definitely esperanza. I think it also works for church politics as well. I've often been heard to whisper at our Presbytery meetings - "Isn't that Jesus over there barfing (barking)in the corner?"

This usually happens during the looooooong financial reports......or when people argue for twenty minutes about the wording of a motion and whether the word should be "a" or "the" (hey, it's happened....)

Sarah at ratatat said...

Sue - Jesus barking in the corner has be giggling. A good start for the day.

Oh Liz, hope you feel better. And bravo on the Jo(e) pic.

Kathy - how tiring. All preventative and precaution, right, right, right? Am going for my first physical in a long time in 2 weeks. Can't say I hope she isn't thorough, but maybe less...

Esperanza - good rest. I've noticed that if I roll over after 5, I seem to wake someone up. My oldest was the crankiest baby, but teething didn't bother her, so it was surprising when the other 2 fussed. Ambasol - that numbing stuff?

Whine: Yesterday my mouse wouldn't work at work. Turns out it needed a new battery. I didn't even realize it had a battery (I use a corded mouse at home). Made the morning interesting. I didn't throw the mouse out the window at least.

JenR said...

I have been reading along this week, but my brain is having trouble focusing enough to actually post anything back to anyone. Sorry {{hugs}}

I am tired, and sick with a head cold. There's nothing pregnancy-safe I can take that would actually help.

Sue said...

((((Jen R))))

JenR said...

Oh! The furniture store is coming to repair my son's bed - at bedtime tomorrow.
(AW - I don't want to deal with the crying that will undoubtedly happen. He's sleeping at Grandma's house.)

kathy a. said...

hooray for furniture repair! boo on the crying. what terribly inconvenient timing...

Anonymous said...

Hate it.
Can't deal with it very well, and am really sucky at being a comforting mama when it happens.
Poor Neighbor Girl.
AW: My husband (Neighbor Guy) is apparently unfazed by bark, and is also very comforting, and I'm sure my daughter will have nice memories of getting daddy's TLC.
Am very grateful for him.
AW: I'm fine dealing with colds?

--Neighbor Lady

kathy a. said...

liz, may your antibiotics do the trick quickly.

sarah -- yes, all prevention and precaution; just lots of it. i nominate your mouse story for old skool!

NL, hope that NG is better soon. giggling a little at the marital division of illness duties!

Sue said...

I'll second the Old Skool mouse nomination. Who hasn't wanted to toss a computer (or part of one) out a window at least once?

NL - I hear you on the not-so-great-with-the-bark. Hubby and I used to flip a coin on that one, as neither of us were very good at it. Hope NG is feeling better soon.

kathy a. said...

oh, sarah -- also sending virtual valium for the "only" 7-8 boy birthday celebration! on the up side, the boys will reach critical mass and entertain themselves.

my son once wanted to take all his friends to hawaii for his birthday. ha! and i went way overboard on the theme -- borrowed a fake palm tree, made yellow balloons into pineapples, set up a lei-making activity, found tacky aloha music, planned a hawaiian-ish menu, made hawaiian punch, thought of games. the kids each ate about 3 bites of food, and spent the entire rest of the party running around like wild critters.

esperanza said...

keep on whining, pixies. I am fuzzy headed from this fireplacing cold, and in the same spot with meds as JenR, due to the continued breastfeeding. Blech, cough, cough. Awards later.

liz said...

AW: Strep all gone!


Sue said...

Yay for no strep.

Oh Aunt Flo. Timing is everything and she's not very good at it. She tries I think, moon cycles and all that, but still....

amy said...

W: I fell down the stairs yesterday. I feel like I got trampled in Pamplona.

AW: Tater discovered (after declining to try it all this time) that dipping your french fries in ranch is teh YUM. Finally. Sheesh.

AW: Found a new ped for the Tot, and when she got weighed in, we discovered she's gained a pound and a half in the last month. That's a record! Yay!

Big love to the pixies this week!

kathy a. said...

amy -- ouch! but yay, tater! yay, tot! yay, new ped!

some people have been making me laugh these past few days! and i'm such an enormous goof -- don't want to stretch the lip stitches, so i clamp those ends of my lips together and do this chuckle/snort thing, which i'm sure is very attractive and has caused only minor swelling. but i'll take the laughs!