Friday, February 11, 2011

Fuzzy Headed Awards Ceremony

I'm on the upswing, I think, but evidence (some seriously dorked-up laundry this afternoon) shows that my brain is still being crowded by way too much snot. So here are the awards; I hope they make sense. (Thank you for the helpful nominations)

The Week of Risque Award to Liz, for not only posing naked for the famous jo(e)'s blog (really, nice photo, Liz), but also introducing the phrase ni**le hair to WW (I'm a little worried about googlers--if I'm being too cautious, just let me know and I'll fix it). All this excitement, despite strep throat, and Aunt Flo--we are impressed.

The Week of Bravery Award to Sarah @ Ratatat for the tremble-inducing "only 7 or 8 boys" invited to her son's birthday party this week. (Happy birthday, dear Sarah's son, be nice to your mommy).

The Week of Too Many Medical Procedures to kathy a., who has been poked, prodded, and otherwise manipulated, all in the name of preventative care. Fingers are crossed for uneventful results, kathy a.

The Jesus Would Be Barking About Border Crossings Like That Award to Sue, whose (heavenly, wonderful, relaxing) introverted vacation plans flummoxed the agent. Jesus would also be barking about mornings and all morning-related whines, I'm convinced, Sue.

Old Skool Award, by popular demand to a deserving Sarah @ Ratatat, for the battery-requiring mouse. Who knew? Mice should change their own batteries, I say.

Elevated Risk of Mullet Award. Sigh, this was difficult this week. Liz was pretty deserving, but the award goes to...kathy a., who made me giggle with this gem: "don't want to stretch the lip stitches, so I clamp those sends of my lips together and do this chuckle/snort thing, which I'm sure is very attractive and has caused only minor swelling" Sorry to be so mean as to laugh at your disfigurement, but that was a darn funny image.

Get Well Soon to JenR, Liz, Neighbor Boy, and stair-tumbling amy.

Antiwhine of the Week to amy's tot, for her unprecedented weight gain and introduction to the new pediatrician. May this be the beginning of things looking up!

Tune in next week, when redzils will host another whining extravaganza.


Sue said...

**applause applause***

plus tissues for Teh Snot, which I hope will be gone by next week esperanza. take care.

kathy a. said...

thank you! a mullet!! lovely ceremony, esperanza!

liz said...

Awesome awards!