Friday, February 25, 2011

Mishigas Edition

This week's awards are brought to you by all the craziness in the universe. Hat tip to our own Liz, translating from yiddish, which has some claims on kvetching, but the language of the whine-o-sphere continues to evolve.

Case in point is this week's winner of the coveted Elevated Risk of Mullet Award, Amy, weighing in with this gem: "On the one hand, I have a clean tub now. On the other, it was because Tater pooked in the bath." Experienced Pixie linguists will know the distinction between pook and bark, and be clutching their bleach bottles in solidarity. (At least metaphorically; that stuff wrecks clothes, and dog knows, we do not need the stress of shopping right now.)

Esperanza sweeps the field with her submission for the Old Skool Award, a multi-part tale of laundry left in the wrong place, which ended up not passing the "definitely clean" test, and therefore became yet another load. Even if in retrospect, it might have been clean. Have we not all been there?

Busy Busy Award to JenR, reporting when she "only" had 3 more meetings AND a toddler birthday party. Makes us tired, just thinking of that!

Marital Questions Awards to those unnamed Pixies who questioned whether somebody might be replaced with somebody with different skills, and then decided it wasn't worth it.

There is stiff competition in the Anti-Whine category. Trophies to: Esperanza, whose Mini-Baboo giggles like crazy on the swings! Liz, who had a PJ snow day with her son! Neighbor Lady, who was having a great vacation week with board games! Sue, whose niece is back from duty in Afghanistan!

The Comfort Food of the Week Award goes to Neighbor Lady, whose fresh-baked bread has us all drooling. Yum!

Big Things Count Award to Sue, for being there when a family she has known her entire life is suffering loss.

Hugs to all, and hope everybody's feeling better! And I will send along the virtual thin mints when my order comes in tomorrow. See you next week, when the fabulous Esperanza will host!

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amy said...

Oh, thank you for my mullet! Lovely awards all around, and I am very honored for mine, as this group always brings teh Funneh. :) I will wear it with pride this weekend, while I'm scrubbing the toilet and sink in that bathroom. (Hey, if the tub is clean, might as well clean the rest of it.)