Sunday, February 13, 2011

My Whiny Valentine...

Happy Valentine's Day, pixies.

W: For us single women living alone with the furry pet of our choice, this can be an awkward holiday. People want to tell me about their romantic plans and recoil when I tell them I will spend the evening at a committee meeting where the big treat will be my nomination as (W!W!W!) the corresponding secretary.

AW: Cheap chocolate, on the 15th.

W: Committee meetings. Robert's Rules of Order.

AW: Refreshments! And this month's meeting is near my house.

How is your week going? Any good holiday stories or refreshment stories to share?


kathy a. said...

isn't this mostly a holiday for kids to make cards for all their classmates? that's the version i care about, anyway. aside from the sale chocolate!

good luck with the meeting, and may there be good refreshments!

esperanza said...

Redzils, a committee meeting and Robert's Rules are whine-worthy any day of the year.

This conversation will show you what Valentine's Day means at our house:
Church Lady: I asked [Mr E] if he was going to cancel Monday night Bible Study.
Me: Why? What's Monday?

liz said...

MM brought 24 homemade valentines to school today, and I gave him a store bought one.

Dunkin Donuts has heart-shaped boston cremes. that might be the only valentine I get today.

Anonymous said...

He drinks too much. He's an angry angry person when he drinks. I told him he needs to quit drinking or leave.

This is it. He needs to quit drinking or leave.


kathy a. said...

we got a valentine! it was from my MIL, and contained urgent health updates about her mean little dog. (actual quote: "She's still mean as ever!")

AW: i'm passing those tests, and tomorrow the stitches come out. i may look human by next weekend's conference.

W: affliction of a personal nature caused by antibiotics. AW: otc cure.

AW: the conference is where my fabulous aunt lives! we have a dinner date! W: rain. W/AW: hundreds of my closest colleagues, dozens of session options, none of it is light stuff. AW: free food at the friday reception.

kathy a. said...

(((((( anon today )))))) thoughts are with you. this is exactly why i cut most ties with my mother. [of course, i was the one who had to leave, to escape.]

if you don't already know, al-anon is a support group for family members dealing with this problem. it is free; there are [anonymous] meetings all over the place and online, and publications. even if you don't sign on to the whole program -- it exists to genuinely support, and is a good source of info.

he's going to try to look good, to negotiate his way out of it. you have made the right decision, and need all the help you can get to enforce it. xoxoxoxoxoxo

liz said...

((AnonToday)) What Kathy said. Stick to your guns!!!

W: The head of our section (my boss's boss's boss) is giving out pink roses (one each) to the women...and ONLY the the office.

He sent his (female) secretary around to give them out.

I declined.

Now I need to find a mental bathtub in which I can scrub my brain free of the skankiness that is this man.

kathy a. said...

we had an awfully rough time with my son when he was younger, trying to deal with things by drinking and using, too. the combination of substances and anger is really, really toxic. xoxo

kathy a. said...

liz -- ewwww, that's disgusting! i'm all in favor of workplace candy jars and stuff for all, but the Bx3 is a freaking jerk on several levels.

Anonymous said...


AW: had a lovely visit with mother in law this weekend in a place that was warm enough for no coat.

AW; here it is warm enough to go coatless today, shockingly. Maybe our 4 ft drifts of snow will melt.

AW: On visit, scanned literally over a thousand old family photos. Awesome!!

AW: missed my kids. happy to be home. missed my husband. happy to be home. It's nice when it was a great visit and great to be home.

Good day.

--Neighbor Lady

esperanza said...

Anon Today, many hugs and much strength to you.

Liz, that is just...ew.

NL, I'm impressed that "lovely visit" and "mother-in-law" can appear in the same sentence. You are a blessed woman.

kathy a., congrats on the passing grades!

AW: the Baboos played together, happily, for over an hour last night.

W: today, not so much.

Sue said...

(((AnonToday))) what they all said - you've set the boundaries, made your rule clear, now it's up to him. Good for you for taking a stand.

Liz - just ick. Ick.

kathy a - good news on the tests so far. Yay!!

AW: Day off today. I had a million things to do but instead I stayed home and finished a good book.

W: Tomorrow - back to the office chaos AND a million things to do on my lunch hour. I guess my Valentine wish for an entourage was a big FAIL. Oh well...

liz said...

Finishing a good book is the best way to spend a day off.

Sue said...

It was so lovely Liz, that I'm using it as my "happy place" today. I've had to make use of the happy place three times and it's only noon.

This does not bode well for the rest of the day. I can't even bring myself to think about the rest of the week because our AGM is Sunday.

JSMN - just shoot me now.

W: I could hang meat in my office today. And I left my sweater at home. Wah.

Off to the happy place.....

esperanza said...

AGM, Sue?
All Grumpy Men? Archery Gone Mad? Artichokes Greeting Me?
None of that sounds good. Glad you have a happy place.

liz said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
liz said...

I deleted my previous comment. Just realized I don't want a direct link from here to there.

Sarah at ratatat said...

AnonToday - hugs and strength for the good fight.

NL - what an awesome visit. I love when I scan photos like that.

Esperanza - snorting laughter at your what's Monday comment.

Liz - the roses are too odd.

KathyA - the school version of Vday is my memory too. Although now they get a lot more candy than I ever got as a kid.

recurring whine: VDay is my son's birthday. I can't strike the right personal balance between celebrating his birthday and celebrating Valentine's Day,a day which I halfheartedly celebrate, at best. Ugh, it just makes me whiny.

AW: the birthday party was exhausting, but it is over!!!!

kathy a. said...

woooot! sarah survived all those boys! i'm all in favor of keeping birthdays and etc. separate from any events/holidays that might coincide.

stiches are out, and mmm doggies, did that hurt in the moment. and then it was over. i can laugh again!

esperanza said...

W: simultaneous tantrums is not my favorite sibling bonding activity.

esperanza said...

AW: early supper, early bath, early to bed for the tantruming baboos.

kathy a. said...

oh, hugs to the entire baboo family. maybe a good sleep will help.

oy, but i am whiney. this really stupid, mean, crappy thing arrived via email re some stupid work thing, and a number of hours and units of angst washed right down the drain. note: if you messed up and try to blame me and try to pressure a quick result in your favor, i WILL be so seriously unkind to your efforts. but with more professionalism (and more cc's) than you bothered with.

Sue said...

~holding big L on forehead~

I am SUCH a loser. Went to visit a friend/parishioner (sometimes those lines blur) 7:30. We got talking about some really good stuff, I tried to do some good active listening and I think I did all right.

My BAD - we talked so long, it was after 10:00 before we looked at the clock.

Ugh. I have NEVER done that before. I feel like such a loser. What kind of minister overstays a visit by almost two hours? Sheesh.

I apologized but still feel like a complete fool.

liz said...

Sue, it sounds like you gave your parishioner a gift. If she didn't look at the clock either, then she needed that break.

esperanza said...

Sue, no biggie. Really. What Liz said, too.

Sue said...

I feel better about this morning. I think she needed to take a lot of conversational twists and turns before she could really get to the meat of what she needed to say. That took some time.

Still, I have never taken that much of someone's time at a visit before and I just felt awful last night - especially knowing that she had to work today.

AW: Booked the rest of my study leave for this year (it has to be used by June 30th). WooHoo!!!

Anonymous said...

Sue--How nice to have clergy who would give so much of *their* time. You are truly a gift to your parishioners.
--Neighbor Lady

JenR said...

I spent the whole day thinking it was Thursday. Now I have an 'extra' day to deal with tomorrow.

kathy a. said...

old skool to jenr!

hugs to sue -- what everyone said. what a friend you are.

W: mam this morning. they have the old-style machine at this new provider place. i didn't squeak as loud as the stitch pulling, but yeeps. [and then, as always, it was over!]

AW: oh, did that email response with copies to everyone work. first, an apology from the aggravating person. then, a telephonic status conference in which things went the right way.

Sue said...

Yup - Old Skool for JenR. Good one!

I heard from my friend/parishioner that I visited last night. She told me in ever-so-kind Newfie fashion that I "ought not to worry about such silliness."

She really is pretty remarkable. She is the woman whose husband was found drowned in a nearby river last spring. The anniversary date is coming up - that is what took her two glasses of wine and lots of chat to get to. Now that I think about it, it played out as it should have - only way later. I might have been better to see her on a Saturday, but now I know for next time.

Big learning curve this week.

W: I was reading in the bedroom just now, and I could have *sworn* I saw something black flying by me in my peripheral vision. I went running out of the room, shut the door behind me, and told hubby that there was a bat in his bathroom (the ensuite is his).

Double Whine: No bat. Except the ones in my belfry.

I need some serious sleep.

amy said...

The tot's world is crumbling this week. Just got an email from the teacher, who had to talk her off the proverbial ledge. *sigh* Where in the baby book does one put the "first note home from school"?

Sue said...


liz said...

Unbloggable fury. RAGE.


kathy a. said...

((( amy ))) i'm going to take a silver lining view, which is that the teacher's in touch! and also, you are already on top of trying to help her. more people caring is a good thing. xoxoxo

i never quite got to the baby books -- is it too late? looking at the process from the far side, a realistic baby book ought to include things like barkiness, ability to blow out an average diaper, baby's first death-defying trick that caused an emergency call to the ped, baby's personal invisible monsters, baby's invisible friends, baby's funniest song lyrics, baby's first teacher concern, baby's first bad friend, etc. i think parents become the personal scrapbooks of such information.

Sue said...

Sorry about the unbloggable rage Liz.

HUGE Anti-Whine: My nephew delivered his own daughter this morning. Baby was in a hurry to be born, so she didn`t wait for the paramedics. My nephew was awesome and his wife (who is a complete sweetheart) did wonderfully.

Little baby Kyla is beautiful.

kathy a. said...

woooot! baby! xoxo

and hugs to liz, too.

Sue said...

Here is the baby story if you're interested. Click on the video part, wait for the short commercial, then the news piece is on. I'm such a proud auntie today. I can't help thinking of Jonathan as a wee baby himself.

liz said...

Pence bill passed House (no surprise).

kathy a. said...

liz -- i'm so angry at these disgusting fools.

Sarah at ratatat said...

Old Skool for JenR - I feel like most Thursdays are Friday.

Congrats to Sue's nephew and family! What happy news.

Annoyed politically. Feeling whiny. Just finished the Windup Girl, which showed a fascinating future in SciFi (fiction, I hope) and it isn't making me feel better. And I know I will be mad at myself for wasting this day - we're doing nothing at all. I keep trying to reframe it mentally as a break day, but it feels like a waste.