Monday, February 7, 2011

Oh, Pixies, what a week!

A Mutual Whine Award to Liz: I missed our hypothetical lunch too, and think work should stop being so darn worklike, when it interferes with Pixie Socializing.

esperanza gets the Words of Wisdom Award, for her house guest summary: “Nice to have them here, nice to have them go.”

Sarah gets The Lexicon Award for her fabulous new typo, “the bureacrazy. “ Thanks for recognizing its serendipitious perfection and sharing it with us, rather than hitting backspace.

I am jealous of kathy a and her mystery book manuscript, Sue’s spa days, and the snow that y’all are getting south of here (everybody is south of here, unless they live above the Arctic Circle).

Liz, we hope The Coffee Machine At The End of the Universe starts producing something drinkable soon. Have you tried negotiating with it like the sentient being Douglas Adams would tell you it is?

Beware the cold germs and cold weather! Beware leaky roofs and endless snow!

Hooray for adorable winter hats getting a chance to come out in the south, new snow blowers, birthday cake, and picnic dinners. Hooray for the Menopause Fairy making a much anticipated house call!

amy’s recognition that “Women's fancy pants have too many fasteners. Last night, I nearly peed my pants because my black dress pants have four (4!) fasteners to open*, and when you are standing in the bathroom doing the pee-pee dance, your ability to focus and get those fasteners open quickly? Not so much.
*To open my dress pants, I must unbutton a button, unclip a clip, unzip a zipper, and unbutton another button (on the inside)”
makes her this week’s lucky Elevated Risk of Mullet recipient, and my soul sister. I mean, really? Are my slacks four times more likely to fall down than jeans? I am not convinced.

May this next week be filled with watertight roofs, cupcakes, and sunshine for us all.


kathy a. said...

oooh, lovely awards, redzils! thank you!

esperanza said...

Thanks, redzils!

My problem with multi-fastener pants is that by the time I get all the hooks and eyes and buttons and snaps done, I tend to think I'm finished and forget the--ahem--zipper.

liz said...

Awesome awards!